A popular Japanese restaurant in Tokyo debuts in Nagoya. What is “Yakiniku that is not grilled” at [Yakiuo Ishikawa]?



The founder of the Edomae sushi restaurant [Tsukiji Aozora Sandaime] on the B1F of the Dai Nagoya Building spent seven years devising a "non-cooked yakiniku".The Japanese restaurant [Yakiuo Ishikawa], which has attracted much attention in Tsukiji and Roppongi, Tokyo, has finally landed in Nagoya for the first time.Private rooms are also available in the store, and it is a high-class Japanese restaurant that can be used for entertainment and anniversaries.What is "yakiniku that doesn't grill meat" that guarantees a premium time?

The idea of ​​"grilled meat without grilling" was only possible because he was the founder of an Edomae sushi restaurant.

The inventor is Taishin Ishikawa, the founder of [Tsukiji Aozora Sandaime].Following “Tsukiji Yaki Uoi Ishikawa” in Tsukiji, Tokyo and “Yaki U Oishi River Roppongi Rinkaro” in Roppongi,3[Yakiuo Ishikawa Nagoya], which is the first store,7A Japanese restaurant where you can fully enjoy the charm of "yakiniku that is not grilled", which was devised over many years.The ``special kalbi'' on the menu is ``tuna big toro'', and the ``upper kalbi'' is ``tuna chutoro''. .There is no beef or pork on the menu.After the fragrant aroma of grilling, the sweet fat of the tuna overflows, giving it a melt-in-your-mouth texture. As for the impression of eating "Special Kalbi", "This is definitely yakiniku".

It's best to lightly sear only one side and one side, leaving the beautiful pink color of the sashimi tuna.For the grilled fish menu, the staff1Pie1It is carefully grilled.

Pursuing the satisfaction of grilled fish instead of meat

It is not just fish instead of meat that pursues the satisfaction of “yakiniku = grilled fish”.7The reason for the years. After the special ribs are marinated in sauce and grilled, they are served with soy sauce-pickled young garlic leaves. What goes well with "special ribs"?After a lot of trial and error, I arrived at the ``soy sauce-pickled young garlic leaves'', which is neither wasabi nor ginger.With the refreshing scent of garlic and the umami of tuna, [Yakiuoi Ishikawa] is waiting for you to experience a new “yakiniku experience”.In addition to tuna's "special ribs" and "top ribs", there is always a grilled fish menu such as "nodoguro", "torafugu green onion salt", "red bream", "winter yellowtail", "hokki shellfish spicy miso".15Kinds are available.

From the grilled fish menu, "special short ribs" (1Pie 990yen), “red vinegar sushi rice” (330Circle).Today's Omakase including Special Kalbi7"Yakiuo Omakase" which is a set of types and rice with red vinegar7seed"(1人 前 5,500Yen) is also available.

There are also table seats where you can see Nagoya Station through the glass, and private rooms for four people.

Inside the store, in addition to table seats on the first floor near the entrance, there are table seats in the back where you can see Nagoya Station through the glass.4private room for one person2Rooms are also available.10The floor structure can accommodate a wide range of events, from banquets for just a few people, to entertainment, anniversaries, and dates.The lunchtime menu is "Tsukiji's Strongest Broiled Rice Bowl" (4,280Yen) and "Tuna Don Special" (3,080Yen) and other rice bowl menus1,650Yen ~, "grilled fish set meal" where you can taste grilled fish2,160yen.At dinner time, in addition to various single item menus, course menus for special occasions (8,250Yen ~) too.For that special night, enjoy the best grilled fish experience at [Yakiuo Ishikawa].

The table seats on the window side overlooking Nagoya Station through the glass are special seats.You can spend a relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A private room for 4 people is ideal for dinner time with a special partner, such as entertaining or dating.

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