If you want ramen at Nagoya Station, go to Dai Nagoya Building.5 individualistic cups to choose from!



I want to eat ramen today!Ramen, the Japanese national food, may be number one on the list of days when people crave it.In the ramen battleground of Nagoya Station, the 1 bowls that can be tasted at the Dai Nagoya Building are as unique as they are.Ramen is perfect not only for lunchtime, but also for “dinner alone” on the way home from work.There is no loss to remember the ramen of Dai Nagoya Building.Now memo memo.

Extravagant white pork bone (1,060 yen)

B1F | Dai Nagoya Ichibanken specializing in aged tonkotsu ramen

Tonkotsu is Hakata ramen.If you are like that, go to [Aging Tonkotsu Ramen Specialty Dainago Ichibanken] for the straight-forward tonkotsu ramen.24The cloudy soup, which has been slowly cooked for hours, is rich yet sharp.Basic bowl of "white pork bone", burnt garlic "black pork bone", spicy and rich "miso spicy pork bone", rich seafood pork bone soup "tsukemen"4types are available.In addition, Hakata ramen is familiar with "Kaedama".In addition to low-water thin noodles (Hakata noodles), standby with many water noodles (Chinese noodles).

As the name suggests, the luxury finish "Zeitaku Mori Shirotonkotsu" (1,060Circle).In the case of Hakata noodles, the hardness of the noodles is ``hardness'', ``bari'', ``hard'', ``normal'',5You can choose from types.

Authentic Sichuan dandan noodles (979 yen)

B1F | Chen mapo tofu

If it's ramen, I have a crush on dandan noodles.For those who like spicy food, [Chen Mapo Tofu] where you can enjoy authentic Sichuan cuisine at a reasonable price.890yen).The authentic taste of Sichuan Province is finished in a “spicy” dandan noodle with the unique spiciness and flavor of Sichuan pepper (Hua Jiao) in the creamy sesame flavor and richness.While working up a sweat, fully enjoy the charm of “Szechuan spiciness”.How about the strongest combo with the specialty "Authentic Sichuan mapo tofu"?

``Authentic Sichuan dandan noodles'' (979Circle).For those who prefer spicier food, try the Shiru-nashi Shinumer Dandan Noodles (half 473Yen) is also checked.

Seafood saury noodles (990 yen)

B1F | Creative Chinese Flower Star

Do you know the local gourmet "Sunmar noodles" that originated in Yokohama? "Sunmar Men" is a "warm" ramen that is perfect for the cold season, with soy sauce-based soup ramen topped with meat, bean sprouts, Chinese cabbage, carrots, and other sauces. [Creative Chinese Huaxing]'s specialty "Sunmar noodles" is a derivative menu "Seafood Sunmar noodles", the soup has been changed to a salt base to match the seafood sauce, and you can fully feel the umami of seafood. .Enjoy the taste that continues to be loved in Yokohama at least once in Nagoya.

"Seafood saury noodles" (990Circle).There is a theory that the name is derived from the Cantonese words “san” meaning “crunchy texture” and “ma” meaning “to put on”.

▶For a detailed article on [Creative Chinese Huaxing] Click here for more information.

Niku soba soy sauce (830 yen)

B1F |NEW OLD STYLE Meat soba Keisuke

Char siu is the romance of ramen.The char siu that covers the bowl has a big impact! The basic form of ramen at [Meat Soba Keisuke] is “Niku Soba Soy Sauce”.People tend to focus only on the char siu, but the chopped onion and grated ginger are a great accent to the texture and flavor.There are many female fans of Niku Soba Soy Sauce, which is hard to replace once you try it.For those who want more char siu, try the Niku Soba Soy Sauce Special.

"Meat soba soy sauce" (830Circle).Char siu with different parts2"Meat soba soy sauce special" with additional toppings (1,128Yen) is a good idea to enjoy the best luxury.

▶The article on [NEW OLD STYLE Meat Soba Keisuke]'s Nagoya limited "Meat Platter Tsukemen" is Click here for more information.

Grilled champon (968 yen)

3F | Kyushu Hakata Cuisine Motsunabe Sachi

Finally, we introduce a super unusual noodle menu. [Kyushu Hakata Cuisine Motsunabe Sachi]'s specialty "Beef Motsunabe" comes with "rice porridge" and "special champon balls"."Yaki Champon" using the Champon noodles is "umami noodles" known to those in the know.As a motsunabe restaurant, we use boiled beef offal, which has the condensed flavor of the meat, for a sweet and salty seasoning.It is a highly satisfying dish that can be enjoyed as a side dish after drinking, as a side dish, or as a main dish for dinner. At [Motsunabe Sachi], we serve yakichanpon instead of yakisoba.

"Yaki Champon" (968Circle).We use champon balls from a noodle factory in Nagasaki Prefecture, the home of champon.Champon's unique chewy texture, which is different from ramen.

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  • If you want ramen at Nagoya Station, go to Dai Nagoya Building.5 individualistic cups to choose from!