When you want to eat steak, go to Dai Nagoya Building.There are beef steaks that you can choose according to your budget and mood



I want to eat meat today.Besides, I want to eat beef.I want to eat steak!When such a “steak craving” is at its maximum, definitely visit the Dai Nagoya Building.We have steaks that you can choose according to your budget and mood.You can enjoy it in a special course, or you can enjoy it casually at a cafe, and we will deliver the satisfaction and luxury of eating steak.

[Nikuya Daizen] Steak Course (from 8,800 yen)

3F | Meat and Daizen

When you think of "beef" in the Dai Nagoya Building, the first thing that comes to mind is [Nikuya Daizen].All over the country50This is a Japanese black beef specialty store handled by a butcher shop in Chiryu City, Aichi Prefecture, which handles the above brand beef. "Let's have a luxury today!" If you decide so, order the "steak course".You can taste the “steak among steaks” that can only be tasted at a specialty store.steak meat2type(11,000circle),3type(13,200Yen) can be changed.A special time to simply immerse yourself in the unique flavor that only branded beef has.

The photo shows the "Steak Course" (8,800yen) from the steak (1type) image.The difference in the quality of the meat that you can see will stimulate your appetite.Savor the luxury that is allowed only today.

[RHUBARBE] "Aichi beef rump steak" (200g 4,200 yen)


Enjoy authentic French bistro cuisine centered on galettes and crepes【RHUBARBE] is also a stand-by steak as a specialty.Aichi beef rump is grilled to perfection to bring out the original flavor of the meat.First of all, check the taste of the meat as it is, and then add an accent to the taste with grainy mustard like a bistro.Because it is a simple dish, you can fully experience the beef-likeness of beef.It's red wine for your opponent.

"Aichi beef rump steak" (200g 4,200circle). [RHUBARBE] is one of the most popular menus, so we offer a course meal with all-you-can-drink “Party Plan” (1people 6,000Yen ~) can also be tasted.

[World Beer Museum] "Grilled Sirloin Steak King of Meat" (180g 3,580 yen)

3F | World Beer Museum

Of course, the [World Beer Museum], where you can taste representative brands of beer from all over the world, including Belgium and Germany, also has a steak menu.Beef steak is a must even with beer. A sirloin steak worthy of being called the “King of Meat” is included in the menu.Dynamically enjoyed with soy sauce-based sauce and garlic familiar to Japanese people.After eating a bite of steak, pouring down a glass of beer will fill you with a sense of happiness.

"Grilled Sirloin Steak Meat King" (180g 3,580circle).Everyone knows that meat dishes and beer go well together.In particular, the steak, which is directly overflowing with the deliciousness of beef, is one of the top-ranked menus.

[Roma 3,520-chome] "Black Angus Beef Jack Daniel's Grill" (XNUMX yen)

3F | Rome XNUMX-chome

The Italian restaurant [Roma XNUMX-chome] has a solid lineup of beef steaks on its menu.The recent “red meat boom” has changed from a trend to a classic.It's no exaggeration to say that the black Angus beef that sparked the lean meat boom is grilled while being coated with barbecue sauce made with American premium whiskey "Jack Daniel".The juicy and wild finish makes it a perfect “steak-like steak”.

"Black Angus Beef Grilled with Jack Daniel's" (3,520circle).Red meat with little fat allows you to enjoy the original taste of beef.Seasoning of barbecue sauce is also fresh.Steak is one of the standard menus in Italy.

<Extra edition> “OKAZAKI Meat Candy” by [Papabubure] (Paulownia box for gifts 1,800 yen, bag for home use 670 yen)

B1F | Pub blur

The beef handled by the art candy specialty store [Papabubure] is not a steak, but is eaten raw as it is.Released exclusively at the Okazaki store "OKAZAKI Meat candy” is a sweet and salty taste that uses Hatcho miso powder specially made by the long-established Okazaki store “Kakukyu”.First and foremost, it impresses with its faithful appearance.Also available in a “paulownia box for gifts” just like high-grade beef.Currently, it can be purchased at the Dai Nagoya Building store.

"OKAZAKI Meat candy" (paulownia box for gifts) 1,800Yen, for home use670 bagcircle).Since its release, it has been a popular item that has been sold out as soon as it arrives.If you find it at a store, buy it without hesitation.

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  • When you want to eat steak, go to Dai Nagoya Building.There are beef steaks that you can choose according to your budget and mood