Izakaya, Hashigozake at Nagoya Station. With the Dai Nagoya Building, you can conveniently “hop on the ladder” [Updated on 5/30]



Another one, I feel like drinking another one today.If you want to have ladder sake at Nagoya Station, the Dai Nagoya Building is convenient because you can cut down on travel time. The first is beer, the second is sake, the first is Korean food, and the second is a bistro.Flexible ladder sake according to the mood of the day and the partner.Here are three recommended examples of hashigozake.

Ladder sake with “Izakaya Tsukasa” in the restaurant area on B1F ①

B1F|Wine Shop Enoteca → Asakusa Kitchen Omiya

Wine Shop Enoteca, one of Japan's leading wine specialty stores, has a bar counter attached. Did you know that you can actually drink a glass of wine here? You can casually drink several types of wine carefully selected by [Wine Shop Enoteca]. The menu includes several types of red, white, and sparkling that change each month, as well as a snack menu, so be sure to stop by here before heading out for a full-fledged drinking experience.1Just a cup. This kind of usage is both casual and stylish. Today is1Choose ``rosé'' from the sparkling wines that go well with your cup. If you like it, you can buy a bottle, so you can enjoy it as if it were a “tasting” experience, which is unique to Wine Shop Enoteca. I like it only on weekdays3Brand (1cup100 ml).CHOICE3"(3,300There is also a menu called yen).

From sparkling wine "Rouanne Brut Nature Rosé"/"Château de Rouanne" (Glass)990yen), "White truffle mixed nuts" from the snack menu (660Circle).

After getting in the mood with some sparkling wine, we headed to Asakusa Kitchen Omiya, which is arguably one of Japan's leading Western restaurants.2Emane is drinking "Western food" with wine. As expected, I wanted to choose snacks typical of a Western restaurant, so I chose ``Roasted Cheese Pâté de Campagne'' and ``Fried Oysters.'' ``Roasted Cheese Pâté de Campagne'' is a specialty made with a specially made country-style pâté, lots of cheese, and served in a piping hot iron skillet. Fried oysters and fried shrimp are available in snack-sized portions, which is a welcome addition for those who like to drink. For wine, choose red wine from "Today's Recommended Glass Wine". always glass385[Asakusa Kitchen Omiya] has wine that can be enjoyed for yen.1This is why it can also be used for eaves.

"Roasted cheese pâté de campagne" (913yen), "Fried Oysters" (2Individual 638yen), "Today's recommended red wine" (glass 385circle). Today's recommended wines are red, white, and sparkling.1Each type is available. all glass385Circle.

Travel time approximately 10 seconds. Smart sake for the “neighbors” ① [Izakaya is a calming place after all, isn’t it?]

3F|Miyazaki Cuisine Mansaku → Naniwa Robata Hakkaku

You like bistros, bars, and beer halls, but ultimately the place you feel most at ease is an izakaya. Dai Nagoya Building3FCoincidentally,2There are two pubs next to each other. Just like that, ladder sake.1Next up is Miyazaki Ryori Mansaku, an izakaya that mainly serves Miyazaki cuisine. The best thing about this place that satisfies the demand for drinks is that they offer ``half-size'' drinks on their signature menu. All of the most popular snack menu items, such as ``Miyazaki chicken tataki'', ``Miyazaki specialty chicken nanban'', and ``chicken thigh grill'', are all available in half-size dishes. There is also a ``three types of shochu drinking comparison'' which is irresistible for shochu lovers, further expanding the possibilities of how to enjoy it. With Miyazaki cuisine and shochu, I thought, ``After all, Izakaya is a relaxing place.'' At [Miyazaki Cuisine Mansaku], you can immerse yourself in the outstanding sense of security of an izakaya.

"Miyazaki chicken tataki" (half 780yen), “Miyazaki specialty chicken nanban” (half 450yen), “Comparison of three types of shochu drinking” (1,100circle). The drinking comparison set in the photo is sweet potato shochu (Bibi, toji Junpei, and Yamabo). Barley shochu (Gin no Mizu, Aka Kage, Ao Kage) is also available.

The second one is next door [Naniwa Robata Hakkaku]. Here, we offer snacks typical of an izakaya.2Choose your items and enjoy the “Izakaya” feeling.5The flavor of the ``Dashimaki Tamago'' is based on the first dashi stock made from various types of shaved bonito flakes, and the ``Aji Fried'' uses horse mackerel caught at Matsuura Fishing Port in Nagasaki Prefecture.The appearance of these items will make you want to drink them. The alcohol is Japanese sake. From the lineup of famous sake from all over Japan, we chose the sweet and light ``Yukichuume.'' The cold sake poured into the glass is perfect for the upcoming hot season. in a glass1A stylish way to enjoy sake is to change the brand one by one and enjoy the feeling of traveling with sake. [Naniwa Robata Hakkaku] has a wide variety of menu options and is perfect for drinking alone. If you're alone, why not choose a counter seat where the seasonal ingredients are lined up right in front of you.

"Dashi-maki egg" (630yen), “Fried horse mackerel” (1Pie 480yen), and the sake is Niigata's ``Yukichuume'' (glass). 680Circle).

Ladder sake with “Izakaya use” in the restaurant area on B1F ②

B1F|Teppanyaki Marugen→Soba made with a stone mill Ishigetsu

Dai Nagoya BuildingB1FI think the impression of the floor is that the food is stronger than the alcohol, but did you know that there are actually many shops that have the side of an izakaya for casual drinking?For example, today's1We chose [Teppanyaki Marugen], a restaurant specializing in teppanyaki set meals.The restaurant's specialty, teppanyaki yakiniku, can be ordered a la carte instead of a set meal.If so, it will naturally increase its presence as a snack for sake.The amount of grilled meat1public,1First half, double, triple4Prepare your size.In Kinshicho, Tokyo40Chamisul is good for the traditional yakiniku sauce that has been loved for years, but I really miss beer.Don't forget to melt the spicy miso placed on the table in the middle of the game to change the taste.

The first [Teppan Yakiniku Marugen]. "Teppanyaki" (1first half 1,350Yen), "Chinese cabbage kimchi" from small plate snacks (280Yen) additional order. "Medium bottle of bottled beer" (580Circle).

The second restaurant I chose was [Ishigetsu Soba Ishigetsu].In fact, there is a "choi-nomi set" that includes an assortment of tempura, obanzai, and sake (2,200Yen) is there!1Since the eaves were beer, I ordered sake next.Instead of eating soba noodles at a soba restaurant, enjoy sake with tempura and obanzai.Somehow, you can taste the feeling of becoming an adult.Of course, to finish, "Mori soba" (770Yen) and so on to finish off today's ladder sake.B1Fis a treasure trove of “small drinks”.

The second [Ishizuki Soba Ishizuki]."A little drink set" where you can enjoy tempura and obanzai at the same time (2,200circle).The sake that comes with the set is either Urakasumi or Okunomatsu.1You can choose the brand.

Go to the restaurant area on the B1F as an izakaya user ③

B1F | Aji no Gyutan Kisuke → Aged Tonkotsu Ramen Specialty Dainago Ichibanken

Width3~4mAcross the aisle10Dai-Nagoya Building with more than one restaurantB1F"Dai-Nagoya"Dining”.Your appetite will be stimulated just by walking while looking at what kind of shops there are.Today's1The eaves are [Ajino Beef Tongue Kisuke].In Sendai, it is known as the restaurant that made beef tongue a national specialty of Sendai.Then you can't help but eat beef tongue. At [Aji no Gyutan Kisuke], you can order charcoal-grilled beef tongue not only as a set meal, but also as a single item.It is also ideal as an accompaniment to sake.The beef tongue, hand-prepared by skilled craftsmen, is full of umami the more you chew it.1Pie1Looking at the inside of the store while chewing on the difference in taste, I saw the words “beef tongue offal stew” made with Sendai miso. I was attracted by the words "I want you to try it once", and I ended up ordering an additional order.

The first [Ajino Beef Tongue Kisuke]. "Charcoal-grilled beef tongue single item" (2Pie4cut 1,122Yen), “Stewed Beef Tongue Offal” (473yen's2order goods.The sake is Miyagi Prefecture's local sake ``Dry Honjozo Koganezawa'' (1Together 605Circle).

For the second restaurant, I went to [Aged Tonkotsu Ramen Specialty Dainagoya Ichibanken] for ramen to finish.If you look at the menu at the storefront before purchasing a meal ticket, you will find that the side menu is substantial, starting with dumplings and fried chicken.then1I ordered "secret fried chicken", "handmade gyoza dumplings", and "draft beer" to drink only a cup.The deep-fried chicken marinated in a secret sauce is juicy and full of umami.1Chopsticks naturally advance to each piece.You can't underestimate it as a ramen shop's side menu.Not only can it be used with ramen, but it also has the power to compete with sake, rice, or even as a set meal. Until the last ramen, I still have room in my stomach... and another bowl.

The second restaurant is [Aged Tonkotsu Ramen Specialty Dai-Nagoya Ichibanken]."Handmade pan-fried gyoza" to accompany beer (319Yen), "Secret fried chicken" (3Individual 250Circle,5Individual 350yen). "draft beer"(390Circle).

Travel time approximately 10 seconds. Smart sake for your “neighbors” ② [Hashigozake linked with wine]

3F|Roma Sanchome → Real great

Dai Nagoya Building3FThe restaurant area has a relatively large number of seats, and there are many shops where you can spend lunch and dinner slowly.3FIf you're going to hop on the ladder, it's smart to hop on the ladder to the neighbors who have almost no travel time.1The first place I chose for the eaves was [Roma XNUMX-chome].When I came here, I naturally chose wine for alcohol, and for snacks, I chose “Franco Jikiden Liver Paste” and “Spring Vegetables and Pancetta Quiche” from the appetizer menu on the blackboard.Plenty of liver paste is applied to the baguette, and the thick quiche goes well with white wine.Reconfirm the high potential of [Roma XNUMX-chome] where you can enjoy alcohol with just the appetizer menu.

The first [Rome 1-chome]. "Franco Liver Paste" (880Yen), "Spring vegetables and pancetta quiche" (660circle). "Wine by the glass" (770Yen ~).

At the second building, exit [Roma 2-chome] and turn left. great].1Since the eaves were easily summarized with appetizers, [Real great] Then, if you want to eat meat, you can leave the contents to us, from the advantageous skewer platter set menu2Book×4I ordered the "Raoul Set", which is a set of types.Until the yakitori is cooked, enjoy a toast with a glass of wine and a side dish of deep-fried Tomita tofu. [real great] selects only natural wines with a gentle taste.Accompanied by natural wine, which is said to be less likely to cause sickness, complete the wine-to-wine ladder.

The second [real great]. "Torofu fried tofu" (649yen), "Raoul Set" (8Our 1,672circle). "Natural glass wine (white)" (858Circle).

Travel time approximately 10 seconds. Wandering sake to your “neighbors” ③ [Traveling with food and sake]

3F|Korean rice and sake house Daidai→RHUBARBE

One of the attractions of the restaurants in the Dai Nagoya Building is the abundance of cuisine.For the next ladder liquor, we propose a multinational ladder liquor that makes the most of such strengths and makes you feel like you're on a short trip.first1At the eaves, go to [Korean rice / sake house Daidai].Here, the snack menu that goes well with alcohol is summarized as a "menu that comes out immediately", so order from there first.Today, it is no exaggeration to say that the representative menu of Korean cuisine is ``Yangnyeom chicken'' and ``Kimchi namul''.4A highball of Korean shochu "Chamisul" is combined with Tenmori.If you put kimchi and namul in Korean seaweed, your mouth will already be in Korea.

The first [Korean rice / sake house Daidai]. "Kimchi namul4Tenmori" (858Yen), “Yangnyeom Chicken” (583circle). "Chamisul Highball" (495Circle).

In the second house, you can enjoy French bistro cuisine [RHUBARBE】fart.She enjoys wine while snacking on prosciutto and salami. [RHUBARBE] selects the recommended brands of natural wines even by the glass.The bistro has a full appetizer menu that goes well with alcohol, so it's easy to use even if you're just drinking a little.When your stomach is still unsatisfactory, [RHUBARBEPlease order additional "Galette" which is also a specialty of ].While thinking about such a thing, when I turn over the menu, I find the next snack candidate again.Today, from Korea to France, the multinational ladder sake at the Dai-Nagoya Building is complete.

The second [RHUBARBE]. "Prosciutto and salami" (1,400yen), "chicken liver paste" (800circle). "Glass of wine (red)" (880Circle).

Travel time approximately 10 seconds. Smart sake for your “neighbors” ④ [Hashigozake bound for Nagoya via Kobe]

3F|Kobe Rokkomichi/Gyunta→Yamatora

Watching the food being grilled one after another on a large iron plate from the front of the store, I think the sound and aroma of teppanyaki will surely stimulate your appetite.Today's1The house is a creative teppanyaki restaurant [Kobe Rokkomichi Gyunta] born in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture.When I look at the menu of this restaurant, I can see that everything goes well with alcohol, so I'm worried...1I ordered "beef tendon ponzu" for the item.The rich flavor and crunchy texture of the rare part of the beef, "Agosuji", is a "starting with this" menu that will make you addicted.Next, from the teppanyaki menu, "Mikawa Pork Tonpeiyaki".The richness of the sauce and mayonnaise, the juicy Mikawa pork and the melty egg are often entwined, and the taste makes you want to drink immediately.Draft beer goes well with tonpeiyaki.cheers!

The first [Kobe Rokkomichi / Gyunta]. "Beef Tendon Ponzu" (869Yen), “Mikawa Pork Tonpeiyaki” (935circle). “Kirin Ichiban Shibori Draft Beer” (Mug 720Circle).

The second one is the "Nagoya" Izakaya [Yamatora] next door.Yes, the taste of Nagoya, miso.Without hesitation, I ordered the “Miso Oden” and “Miso Kushikatsu” Nagoya “Miso” gourmet top battle!Yamatora's original red miso paste is soaked in a beef tendon broth, and the oden has a sharp, refreshing sweetness that brings out the flavor of each ingredient. "Miso Kushikatsu" is already a snack sensation, any number.The fermented food of miso and Japanese sake goes very well together, so at this time of year, you can enjoy a cold version of Chochin, a famous sake from Aichi Prefecture.The strength of Nagoya gourmet not only when you have a good meal, but also in the alcohol scene.

The second [Yamatora]. "Miso Kushikatsu" (1Our 200Yen), "Miso Oden" (Konnyaku, Chikuwa, Hanpen, Deep-fried tofu each250Yen, Japanese radish and egg300circle). "Kushikatsu" is5This set (900Yen), "Miso Oden" is a four-kind assortment (1,000Yen), Assortment of XNUMX Kinds (1,400yen) is advantageous.Sake is Aichi's famous sake "Chochin" (150cc 900Yen ~).

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