Natural wine at Dai Nagoya Building. A special dinner that sticks to "wine"



“Natural wine” (Vin Nature), which is made with a naturally derived brewing method, is a wine that is attracting attention, especially among health-conscious “gourmands”.This article features restaurants that offer natural wines to accompany your meals.Enjoy wine while knowing the commitment put into the wine by the maker.Delicious wine will make your meal more gorgeous.

Select Spanish "orange wine".Natural wine that goes well with Japanese food

3F|Grilled Uo Ishikawa

We want you to drink [Yakiuoi Ishikawa], which only sells “natural wine” at the Nagoya store.1The book is "Tragoralgo Blanco" from Spain. 2021”. It is an easy drink that you can drink for a long time without getting tired of it.1It's a book. There is also a unique aspect of labeling an ostrich with a “long” connection and a long neck.It features a cloudy bright orange color, juicy fruit flavors centered on citrus, and a faint saltiness and bitterness that comes from the influence of the Mediterranean.It brings out the flavor of the seasonable, fatty “Kamasu” and gives it a refreshing summery aftertaste.

"Kamasu" (550yen), Trago Largo Blanco 2021"(glass 1,100Circle).

As soon as it is gone, the brand will be changed immediately. [Real grande] “Today’s natural wine”

3F | Real great

I want you to drink now carefully selected by the owner1If you want to taste a book, [Real great] Then, without hesitation, choose from "Today's natural wine".The white wine at the time of shooting was "Domaine Elizabeth Elizabeth Cuvée Vin Nu 2022”. Named "vin nu", which means "naked wine with almost nothing added", it is full of natural wine.1It's a book.It features a citrus refreshing feeling like grapefruit and a pleasant bitterness like herbs.Umami, then bitterness.We recommend a marriage where you can taste the depth of flavor of the ingredients, which is somewhat similar to the taste of grilled asparagus.

"Grilled asparagus" (694Yen), "Domaine Elizabeth Elizabeth Cuvée Vin Nu 2022"(glass 858Circle).

A dry summery white wine from a South African natural winery that is currently attracting attention.


Bistro & Creperie [RHUBARBE] has a good reputation this summer, and I would like to recommend it, although the selection of wine is mainly from France1The book is a natural wine from South Africa. "Journey's End" is a South African wine guidebook.5This winery has been awarded a star and has won numerous awards at wine competitions around the world.A fruity flavor reminiscent of pears and peaches and a sharp French oak barrels9It has been aged for months, so it has a relaxing barrel scent.The rich flavor of burrata cheese and the freshness of seasonal fruits are pleasantly synchronized.

"Burrata Cheese, Tomatoes, and Seasonal Fruits" (2,100yen), Journey's End Chardonnay (glass 1,300circle, bottle 7,200Circle).

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