Blissful gourmet food you want to eat right now at Nagoya Station [Adult's Great Nagoya Building vol.1]



Dai Nagoya Building is full of high-quality shops that will satisfy your autumn appetite.Would you like to enjoy carefully selected gourmet food made with carefully selected ingredients and craftsmanship?Here we will introduce some famous restaurants that you should visit for lunch or dinner.

The ultimate combination of Edomae sushi and sake prepared by skilled craftsmen [Tsukiji Aozora Third Generation]

B1F|Tsukiji Aozora Third Generation

If you want to taste the true essence of sushi at this famous Edomae sushi restaurant whose main store is in the Tsukiji Outer Market, you should definitely try the ``Tsukiji's Strongest Nigiri 11 Pieces''.You can enjoy 11 pieces of exquisite kanji prepared with meticulous Edomae techniques, such as changing the preparation and knife insertion method depending on the ingredients.They also have a wide selection of special sake that is hard to find, so you'll have to wait until you visit to see what they have.It is also stylish to enjoy the marriage of sushi and sake that can be found at any given time.

The delicious balance of sushi and toppings made with a blend of 3-year-aged red vinegar and rice vinegar is overwhelming.The first thing you want to order is "Tsukiji's Strongest Nigiri 11 Pieces" (9,900 yen).

Enjoy the melting texture and creamy taste of the sea urchin. An example of "Tsukiji's Strongest Nigiri 11 Pieces".

A blissful pairing of talented Edomae sushi and hard-to-find sake that can only be enjoyed here.

A gorgeously grilled steak served with natural wine from South Africa [RHUBARBE]


[RHUBARBE] is famous for its galettes, French local cuisine, and natural wine.Not only do you want to try the signature buckwheat galette, but if you're a wine lover, be sure to try the sumptuously grilled beef rump steak.The more you bite into the steak, the richer the taste of the meat, the more you can taste it, it pairs well with natural red wine.

"Chita beef rump steak" (200g 4,500 yen) is accompanied by "Journey's End Cabernet Franc", a precious red wine made 100% from South Africa's red wine grape variety "Cabernet Franc" (glass 1,300 yen, bottle 7,200). yen) is recommended.

``Forestiere'' (1,800 yen) is a galette filled with autumn flavors such as mushrooms.Crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, filling.

``Bretonne'' (1,500 yen) is a crepe filled with the charm of Brittany, the birthplace of crepes and salted caramel.A dish made with apple caramel compote, salted caramel ice cream, and sauce.

The finest cutlet that melts in your mouth created by a French chef [Cutlet MATUMURA]


The secret behind the delicious specialty of [Cutlets MATUMURA] is the "low temperature cooking" that brings out the maximum flavor of the meat.Carefully selected fillet meat is slowly cooked in low-temperature lard, resulting in a crispy batter and moist, tender meat.Enjoy a dish made with techniques unique to French chefs.

"Today's carefully selected pork fillet cutlet at low temperature" (150g, 3,080 yen).The cutlets made by a French chef are exquisitely soft and melt like snow.

``MATUMURA's minced meat cutlets'' (550 yen each) are full of flavor and the meat juices overflow in your mouth.A glass of wine (880 yen) carefully selected by a sommelier according to the season.

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