[2023 Edition] A special treat for the holy night.Dai Nagoya Building Christmas Dinner & Special Menu



Dai Nagoya Building will enter the Christmas season from November 2023th (Wednesday) to December 11th (Monday), 8! In addition to illuminations on the 12th floor Sky Garden, there will be plenty of Christmas content including shopping and gourmet food.Here, in addition to the Christmas-only dinner courses, we will be introducing special menus that are a bit luxurious that you will want to try this season.

Beef braised in red wine (4,000 yen)


This is a popular menu that appears every year during this season.Beef shank meat from Aichi Prefecture is simmered in red wine and bouillon for a full day until it becomes soft and smooth.Beef shank meat, which is rich in collagen, has a strong meat flavor, and the more you chew, the more flavor spreads in your mouth.Enjoy it with a rich red wine.

Christmas dinner special course (1 yen per person)


A dinner course suitable for Christmas using luxurious ingredients such as lobster and truffles.The main course, charcoal-grilled beef, is topped with plenty of truffles.Sauteed lobster with bagna cauda sauce and basil sauce2By type.We also offer appetizers with unexpected combinations of meat and fruit, such as foie gras and mango, and duck and pear.Don't miss this special course that can only be eaten at Christmas dinner.

*Dinner only *Service charge is not included in the above price. *2023Years12Month21Sunday (Thursday) ~12Month25It will be a limited-time menu until Sunday (Monday).

Banquet course [2 drinks included] (1 yen per person), Banquet course [all-you-can-drink included] (3,850 yen per person)

1F |SOLO PIZZA Napoletana

The juicy oven-roasted chicken is made by thoroughly rubbing original herbs and slowly grilling the chicken that has been left overnight, and of course it tastes delicious.Social MediaLooks great too!This is a great value course that includes a hearty appetizer topped with ham, croquettes, salad, etc., followed by pizza, pasta, and a drink.2You can order by name, so it's perfect for couples or girls' gatherings.

*Dine-in only *Reservation required by the day before *Photos are4This is an image for each person. *The all-you-can-drink set includes:1Time30minutes.

DX plate (2,400 yen)

B1F | Asakusa Kitchen Omiya

A hearty special plate that includes omelet rice, hamburger steak, and fried shrimp.The large, crispy fried shrimp has a plump texture.The hamburger is so juicy that when you put a knife into it, the meat juices overflow.White omelet rice with butter rice can also be replaced with yellow omelet rice.

Rich and Rich Feeling ~ Penne with Gorgonzola Cheese Cream Sauce ~ (1,580 yen)

3F | World Beer Museum

The rich cheese cream made with Gorgonzola cheese goes well with the al dente penne.Gorgonzola's unique sticky, rich flavor and tangy, sharp taste make it a great choice with beer or wine.

Authentic German Stollen with ice cream (1,280 yen)

3F | World Beer Museum

A dish of Stollen, a classic German Christmas sweet, served with ice cream.Stollen, imported directly from Germany, has a rich flavor made by kneading plenty of nuts such as almonds and walnuts into dried fruit soaked in rum.

2023Years11From the end of the month12This is a limited time menu until the 25th (Monday) of the month.

Kashiwa Takanmari (1,030 yen)

3F | Kobe Rokkomichi / Gyunta

Dakkanmari served in a sundubu hotpot is a perfect winter dish served simmering.chicken bones5Chicken thighs cut into bite-sized pieces are added to the rich soup that has been simmered for several hours.200gIt's enough to eat.Also, it is best to grill onions, potatoes, chives, and tteokbokki (Korean rice cakes) on a griddle in advance.The flavor is added to the traditional takkanmari, and once you try it, you will become addicted to it.

Premium black pork shabu-shabu (1 yen per person)

3F | Ginza Love Shabu-Shabu Ginza Love

Made with carefully selected Kirishima black pork.Loin where you can enjoy the flavor of the meat, and pork belly where you can enjoy the sweetness of the fat.2You can enjoy different types of meat.We are confident in the quality of our meat, which is why we eat it by wrapping plenty of green onions in meat and dipping it in bonito-based soba soup. To finish, soba (374yen) is recommended.Yam is kneaded into the noodles to give them a chewy and elastic texture.It goes down easily and goes perfectly with soba soup.

※Photo,2This is an image for each person.

Famous chicken nanban (900 yen)

3F | Miyazaki Cuisine Mansaku

A Miyazaki specialty dish topped with plenty of original Nanban vinegar and tartar sauce with cream cheese as the secret ingredient.2Of course, the balance of sourness and sweetness of the seed sauce is irresistible, but what surprises you when you eat it is the tenderness of the chicken.The moist and juicy texture is the work of a professional.a big chicken6There are also pieces, so the volume is perfect.

* Supper only

Boiled fish [Shui Ju Yui] (1,980 yen)

3F | Chen Mapo Tofu

"Boiled fish" is one of the representative Sichuan cuisine.It is made by thoroughly massaging white fish with a mixture of egg white and potato starch, then simmering it in a spicy soup.The flavor is mild to suit the Japanese palate.The flavor of the soup soaks into the batter, and goes well with white rice and alcohol.This is a fun dish with a plump fish texture.

Cheese yangnyeom chicken set (800 yen)

3F | Korean Rice / Sake Restaurant Daidai

This is a special set that includes ``Cheese Yangnyeom'', which is made with spicy yangnyeom chicken topped with a piping hot cheese sauce containing cheddar and mozzarella cheese, along with a drink and dessert.Drinks include popular vinegar and jasmine tea.4Select from typeOK.You can also add it to main dishes such as sundubu and bibimbap.

* Supper only

Chicken dashi cheese risotto (798 yen)

3F | Real great

A risotto made with a soup made by slowly simmering chicken bones over a long period of time, and topped with plenty of cheese.When you take a bite of rice, the flavor of chicken and the aroma of parsley fills your mouth.Enjoy this special dish that combines the best of Japanese and Western cuisine to end your Christmas dinner.

* Supper only

Miyabi Kaiseki (1 yen per person)

3F | Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bicho

A special course where you can enjoy eel to your heart's content is perfect for a special occasion.In addition to bone crackers, liver dishes, and uzaku, you can also enjoy shirayaki and hitsumabushi, where you can enjoy the flavor of eel directly.Please enjoy it slowly with alcohol such as sake.

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