For some reason, I miss it when winter comes. [Asakusa Kitchen Omiya] Rediscover the charm of Western food from 3 major menus



It's time to skip over autumn and feel the full-fledged winter.If there's one gourmet food that you really miss in winter, it's probably Western food.Western food culture is well-suited to the Japanese diet, with a wide variety of menu items that both adults and children love, such as omelet rice, hamburgers, stews, and fried shrimp. Let's take a look back at the charm of Western cuisine from the three major menu items at [Asakusa Kitchen Omiya].

[Asakusa Kitchen Omiya]'s iconic ``Pure White Omelet Rice'' has pure white rice.

At the famous restaurant “Restaurant Omiya” in Asakusa, Tokyo30At Dai Nagoya Building's [Asakusa Kitchen Omiya], you can enjoy the same taste that has been loved for years.Here, you can enjoy the "standard" quality of Western food, as well as the menu that shines with the creativity typical of "Restaurant Omiya."Its signature menu is the ``Pure White Omelet Rice,'' which has now become the icon of [Asakusa Kitchen Omiya].By using "white eggs" laid by chickens that grew up eating rice, we have achieved pure white eggs, and by combining a special sauce with a rich milky white sauce mixed with plenty of cheese, we have achieved "pure white" eggs. To.When you cut it open, you can see that the chef is particular about making sure that even the chicken rice inside is white.The traditional omelet rice with demi-glace sauce is good, but if you come to [Asakusa Kitchen Omiya], this is the dish you should try.

"Pure white omelet rice" (1,595circle).Lunch time comes with soup1,738Circle.

When you put beef stew on the king of Western food, hamburger, it's a special "feast"

As the menu of [Asakusa Kitchen Omiya] uses the phrase "King of Western food," hamburgers have a special presence in Western food menus. At [Asakusa Kitchen Omiya], the hamburger steaks come in a variety of flavors, including demi-glace sauce and Japanese-style grated sauce, but their signature menu is the ``Omiya Special Hamburger Steak,'' which bears the name ``Omiya Special.''For the sauce, we also use beef stew, which is a typical Western food menu item, creating a dream collaboration between classic and classic.The ideal hamburger steak, where the meat juices overflow when you insert a knife into it, is mixed with the slightly bitter and nostalgic beef stew, giving you the ultimate sense of luxury.Truly a king.

“Omiya special hamburger steak” (1,870circle).Lunch time includes bread or rice and soup.2,068Circle.

The “fried shrimp” served with aurora sauce has an eye-catching “headed” visual.

``Fried shrimp'' is considered a Nagoya meal and is a favorite dish for people in Nagoya. [Asakusa Kitchen Omiya]'s ``Fried Shrimp'' is characterized by the appearance of a Western restaurant, consisting of deep-fried shrimp with a head full of meat.Omiya's sauce is Aurora sauce.The scene where you eat fried shrimp with a knife and fork gives you the feeling of being in a Western restaurant.In addition, we also have a ``Children's Lunch for Adults'' (only available at lunchtime).2,618yen) also2"Fried Shrimp & Half Omelette Rice Combo" which includes shrimp tail and is available only at dinner time (1,980The popularity of [Asakusa Kitchen Omiya's] Fried Shrimp can be seen from the fact that it is available in Japanese yen.

One of the great appeals of Western food is that there is a wide range of menu options depending on the sauce and seasoning, and it is fun to choose.Omelet rice, hamburger steak, and fried shrimp all have different charms that make it difficult to choose.3Put [Asakusa Kitchen Omiya] on your list as your go-to restaurant for Western food, with a large menu at the top, for lunch or dinner, or with whomever you want to go with.

"Fried shrimp" (1,848circle).At lunchtime, you can order additional items from the lunch menu (1tail638yen).

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