Yakitori at Nagoya Station. We will teach you how to enjoy [Real Grande], which is perfect for a date or a drink for two.



Yakitori is just right for a date. It's perfect for a date because there aren't many people who don't like yakitori, and because you can order your favorite skewers one by one, it's fun to choose, so it's great for a date. This time, we went to Real Grande, a yakitori restaurant in the Dai Nagoya Building, and were given an example of how to order something for a date. Pair this with your favorite alcohol. Beer is good, but if it's [Real Grande] then wine is better. Have a date that's a little stylish and doesn't make you nervous.

Which do you like? You can enjoy a natural conversation while choosing a skewer. Why Yakitori is perfect for a date

Yakitori is one of the many skewers on the menu.1Since you choose the toppings, you can easily find out what your partner likes when ordering, and you can adjust the volume according to how hungry you are, making it perfect for a date. Before trying the skewer menu, we first selected the "snacks" menu to accompany the toast. This time, I'll start with "peel vinegar". The skewers are grilled in order, so ordering in advance is essential. From homemade charcoal grilled yakitori, ``Heart'', ``Akahimo'', ``Bonbochi'', ``Tori Negima'', ``Chicken Wings'', ``Tsukune Tamago'' from homemade meatball skewers, and ``Petit Tomato'' from vegetable skewers. In addition to standard cuts such as heart, green onion, and tsukune, rare cuts of meat such as red string and bonjiri are typical parts of a yakitori restaurant, so if you come to a specialty store, be sure to order them. This is the menu I want. You can also add vegetable skewers, mushroom skewers, etc. depending on your stomach. In addition, we also have chicken fillet skewers, pork skewers, and original skewers.

"Skin vinegar" (462Circle).

"hearts"(1Our 209yen), “Akahimo ” (1Our 220circle). The skewer order is2From a book.

"Torinegima" (1Our 220Circle).

"Bonbochi" (1Our 220yen), "Petit tomato" (1Our 209Circle).

“Tsukune egg ” (1Our 264Circle).

"Chicken wings" (1Our 220Circle).

Don't miss out on Real Grande's specialties. In addition to yakitori, there are many popular menu items

After finishing all the yakitori, [Real great] Look at the carefully selected side menu. The most eye-catching thing on the menu is the words "Tomita tofu." Tomita Tofu, a tofu shop in Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture, sells domestic soybeans and sells them underground.150mYou can enjoy tofu "Torofu" made with well water pumped from the well. This time, we selected the most recommended "Torofu Atsuage". The menu says, “Crispy on the outside, melty on the inside,” but it’s more crunchy than I imagined, and full of the flavor of the soybeans. When you visit our store, please make it a “must-eat”! Lastly, we finished off with the rice dish, ``Egg Rice'', which also uses premium running eggs from Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture, which are carefully selected ingredients. Served with dashi soy sauce specially made for egg-cooked rice. In addition to yakitori, [Real] has a wide variety of side menus that you can go without yakitori. great] Features. If you pair this menu structure with carefully selected natural wines,2A drinking date is perfect. Casual and just the right amount of fashion. Yakitori is a gourmet favorite for a date, as it fulfills all of those needs at the same time.

“Torofu Atsuage” (649Circle).

"Premium egg-fried rice using Okazaki Ouhan's premium running eggs" (440Circle).

"Adult vanilla ice cream with sherry" (638circle). The total cost of the dishes introduced this time is5,313It was yen.

Location: Dai Nagoya Building3F. At lunchtime, a variety of set menus are available, centering on the famous fried chicken.

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