Soy sauce, salt, miso, backfat soy sauce. [Niku Soba Keisuke] Comparing 4 types of Niku Soba and predicting their ranking



[NEW OLD STYLE Niku Soba Keisuke]'s signature menu item, ``Niku Soba,'' is the trademark char siu spread all over the bowl. Actually, this ``Niku Soba'' comes in four types: soy sauce, salt, miso, and back fat soy sauce. A simple question here. Which of these four types is popular? So this time, I took my ramen girls with me and tried to compare four types of ``Niku Soba'' and try to predict their popularity rankings. Which “meat soba” do you like?

After all, the basic menu of “Niku Soba”, “soy sauce”, is popular? Nagoya-only “miso” has an addictive taste

It's no exaggeration to say that it's ``ramen for enjoying chashu pork.''The overwhelming appearance and volume are exactly like ``Niku Soba.'' first,1The second cup starts with soy sauce. As you can see from looking inside the store, the basic menu for Niku Soba Keisuke is soy sauce. When you look at the color of the soup, you might think it's dark, but the soup is surprisingly light, refreshing, and crisp. Combined with just the right amount of fat from the char siew, it creates the unique flavor of [Meat Soba Keisuke]. Also, the grated ginger and chopped onion add to the timeless flavor. The accent of this flavor is unique to [Niku Soba Keisuke]. next2Miso appears in the second cup. This miso is said to be a limited menu that can only be tasted at the Dai Nagoya Building store, which uses the local seasoning Hatcho miso. Unlike regular miso ramen, it is characterized by an addictive flavor that brings out the unique flavor and aroma of Hatcho miso, which will be addictive to those who are addicted to it.

"Meat soba soy sauce" (930circle). Speaking of the standard of [Niku Soba Keisuke], this is it. Dissolve the ginger in the center into the soup and adjust to your taste. The texture of the onion is also a great accent.

"Meat soba miso" (980circle). Hatcho misoLOVERis a must-see. This is a miso ramen that you can only taste here. Dai Nagoya Building store limited menu.

The presence of “salt” that confuses predictions. It's hard to resist the temptation of back fat, which adds richness.

The third cup is salt. Previous2A complete change from the cup, the clear and rich salt of the soup caused a great deal of confusion. The light taste that the chopsticks naturally give off and the umami that accumulates rapidly makes me think, ``Salt seems to be surprisingly popular,'' and I finished the last dish.4To the cup. Come here, back fat soy sauce. As expected, the back fat is quite heavy, but when I took a sip of the soup, I realized that the flavor of the meat won out over the richness, and that it had the potential for a flavor that was completely different from that of soy sauce. [Niku Soba Keisuke]'s ``Niku Soba'' is an iconic flavor that anyone who has eaten it will immediately recognize as [Niku Soba Keisuke]. “I want to eat it so much”1This is what a cup is.4Predicting the ranking after tasting the cup:1Starting with soy sauce, back fat soy sauce, miso, and salt. After all, the most standard soy sauce is1I expected it to be the most popular, followed by back fat soy sauce, which I read is gaining support from people who like a stronger flavor. Next up was miso, which I thought was really strong as a ``limited item.'' What is the correct answer? (The correct answer will be announced at the end of the article)

``Niku Soba Shio'' has a clear soup that stands out with the char siu topping (930Circle).

If you're going to eat ramen, the temptation of backfat is for those of you who prefer a strong flavor. “Meat soba back fat soy sauce” (980Circle).

The prediction was a big mistake. “Soy sauce” has overwhelming support from all generations. Next is “salt” which is popular among women.

202311The monthly “Niku Soba” popularity ranking is as follows:1The place is soy sauce. The “main product” is strong.2~4Although there is a slight difference in rank,2The place is salt. It seems that it is gaining support from women and elderly people who like simple things.3Ranked with backfat soy sauce,4The place is miso. The back fat soy sauce is overwhelmingly popular with students, and the miso is due to "limited demand" due to the fact that it is a Dai Nagoya Building store. As expected, [Niku Soba Keisuke] is made with soy sauce. Especially when you visit for the first time, you can definitely choose soy sauce without hesitation. Be sure to try the ``meat soba'' that you'll be hooked on once you try it.

<Meat soba popularity ranking>*2023Years11Month

1st place…Soy sauce

2nd place…Salt

3rd place…backfat soy sauce

4th place…Miso

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