Toast with fried skewers at Nagoya Station. Today's "Omakase Kushiage" simulation at [Tokyo Ebisu Kushitei]



[Tokyo Ebisu Kushi-tei] is gaining popularity for its elaborate and unique skewers. The most standard menu at dinner time is the ``Omakase'' (deep-fried skewers). From around 25 types of skewers that change depending on the season, they are served one by one until you stop, allowing you to experience new skewers in a truly ``omakase'' style. This time, I actually experienced the ``Omakase'' kushiage.

The charm of ``Omakase'' is the unexpected encounter with deep-fried skewers. What's next? Enjoy it in style

Kushiage at the Kushiage specialty store [Tokyo Ebisu Kushitei] is always available.26There are various kinds of toppings available, and about half of them change depending on the season. Just looking at the menu list will get you excited, from standard dishes that you can imagine by the name to creative skewers that are inspired by the craftsman's ideas. For dinner, there is an ``Okimari'' course where the contents of the fried skewers are predetermined, but if you have the chance, we recommend that you choose ``Omakase'' and enjoy trying out toppings that you wouldn't normally order. So, today I ordered "Omakase".

First of all, it should be commemorated1The real meal started with "Japanese Black Beef Sirloin". “Beef skewers” ​​can be said to be the standard for deep-fried skewers. [Tokyo Ebisu Kushitei]'s deep-fried skewers are100The use of sunflower vegetable oil gives it a crispy and light batter. This makes me feel like I can eat as many as I want. next2The real name is "angel shrimp",3The real name is “Sawara Soy Sauce Koji”,4The main dish continues with ``Tosaage radish boiled with radish''. Highlights include ``Sawara Soy Sauce Koji,'' which is fried mackerel marinated in soy sauce koji, and ``Tosaage,'' which is daikon radish simmered in dashi stock sprinkled with bonito flakes and fried. This effortless idea is one of the reasons why [Tokyo Ebisu Kushitei] is so popular.

The dipping sauces prepared for skewering are, from the left, miso, kabosu, soy sauce, salt, mustard sauce, and sauce. I love that they serve a platter of raw vegetables as an appetizer.

The chef waits at the right moment to finish eating, and then waits for the skewers to arrive over the counter.1They provide each book individually. Listen carefully to the explanation of the topic. All Kushiage1Our330Circle.

When serving Kushiage, the chef will announce the recommended way to eat it. For example, this time1We recommend dipping the authentic Kuroge Wagyu beef sirloin with sauce.

1 ~4Here is the real deep-fried skewer. Clockwise from the top left of the photo: ``Kuroge Wagyu beef sirloin,'' ``Angel shrimp,'' ``Sawara soy sauce malt,'' and ``Tosaage radish.''

Japanese food menus such as shrimp shinjo and nigiri sushi are expressed in the world of skewered frying.

continue5The real name is "snow crab",6The real thing is “Seri chicken fillet rolls”,7The real one is ``Yuzu-scented Shiitake Shrimp Shinjo''. Among the winter skewers currently being offered, ``Yuzu-scented Shiitake Shrimp Shinjo'' is said to be one of the most popular dishes. What is it like to be able to enjoy the classic Japanese cuisine “Shinjo” on a skewer? ! This was the item I was most interested in since I saw the menu. next8The main dish is ``broiled beef tongue and garlic sprouts.''9The real dish is ``Kujo Negi Pork Roll.'' After all, the combination of vegetables and meat is the essence of kushiage, and the synergistic effect doubles the flavor.

After eating the 10th bottle of “komochi konnyaku”,2Order a stop with a book. The food is fried in order so that there is no waiting time, so please stop at the latest.2It is good manners to tell them upfront.11Seriously, "salted straw-grilled bluefin tuna nigiri sushi"12The main dish was ``Salmon Ikura'' seafood skewers, and today's ``Omakase'' ended. ``Salt-grilled straw-grilled bluefin tuna nigiri sushi'' is a skewered skewer with only the sushi on the skewer being deep-fried and topped with straw-grilled bluefin tuna fillets, giving it a ``sushi-like'' appearance. . In addition, ``Salmon Ikura'' is one of the signature dishes of [Tokyo Ebisu Kushi-tei] that never goes out of style. A photogenic dish filled with overflowing salmon roe that will whet your appetite.1It's a book. The average number of “Omakase” is12It seems to be a book. Inside you will find the entire menu.1book by book1There are also customers passing by. Kushiage is a dish with endless possibilities: enjoy it as if it were your own course, enjoy the combination of ingredients and seasoning.

The highly creative skewers are especially interesting. The photo is "Seri chicken fillet roll." There was plenty of seri packed inside the chicken breasts. The interesting combination of ingredients is also appealing.

This time's finale1The book was "Sake Ikura", a skewered deep-fried dish representing [Tokyo Ebisu Kushitei].

5 ~8Here is the real deep-fried skewer. Clockwise from the top left of the photo: ``Snow Crab,'' ``Chicken Tender Roll,'' ``Yuzu-Scented Shiitake Shrimp Shinjo,'' and ``Roasted Beef Tongue and Garlic Sprouts.''

9 ~12Here is the real deep-fried skewer. Clockwise from the top left of the photo: ``Kujo green onion pork roll,'' ``Konnyaku with roe,'' ``Salted straw-grilled bluefin tuna nigiri sushi,'' and ``Salmon ikura.''

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