We predicted the popularity ranking of the famous okonomiyaki restaurant [Kobe Rokkomichi/Gyunta] near Nagoya Station.



Born in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture. He is gaining support for his creative okonomiyaki and teppanyaki [Kobe Rokkomichi/Gyunta]. This time, we will be featuring ``Okonomiyaki'', which is the main reason for visiting here. Participants were given 3 items from the okonomiyaki menu, tried the 3 items and tried to sort them in order of popularity. What would you choose first when eating okonomiyaki?

The first item that appeared was ``avocado cheese butatama'', an unexpected combination for okonomiyaki.

Predicting popularity ranking3[Kobe Rokkomichi/Gyunta] leaves the selection of the items and the order in which they are served to you. first1What I started making was ``Avocado Cheese Pork Ball'', which is not a standard okonomiyaki, but a creative type of okonomiyaki. When you take a bite, the okonomiyaki sauce and cheese combine to fill your mouth with a taste that makes you feel like it's Italian! (according to the sample sample). Avocado, an ingredient that is popular with women, is also creamy and goes well with it. Then,2The second one is ``Gyuntayaki'' made with ``squid beef tendon and balls''. For [Kobe Rokkomichi/Gyunta], this "beef tendon (Agosuji)" is a characteristic and important ingredient, and is also used in the famous Teppanyaki menu "Squid kasujikon". I have a feeling that the okonomiyaki that bears the store's name will be number one in popularity. When you take a bite, it's exactly like this! The okonomiyaki I've been waiting for. The rich flavor of the beef tendon and oil cake is a nice accent.

The contents of the jar placed on the table is "Yanninjan," a seasoning unique to [Kobe Rokkomichi/Gyunta]. Add a little bit of flavor to not only okonomiyaki, but also to teppanyaki menus to add a bit of flavor.

The mellow avocado and cheese go well with okonomiyaki. "Avocado cheese pork balls" (1,580Circle).

Discovering a new okonomiyaki? ! According to the model who tried it, the ``Avocado Cheese Pork Ball'' was ``the taste of okonomiyaki that I had never experienced before.''

The chin tendon of domestic beef and the umami of Japanese squid add a nice flavor. "Gyuntayaki" (1,480Circle).

You can't help but smile at the taste that makes you think, "This is okonomiyaki." We recommend adding a little bit of ``Yanninjang'' to the dish to give it a richer taste.

Lastly, we have Gyunta Negi Kasuyaki, Gyunta's style of grilled green onions. Okonomiyaki with only “soy sauce”

The last thing they grilled in front of me was ``Gyunta Negi Kasu Yaki.'' The store name is also included here. [Kobe Rokkomichi/Gyunta] The style of green onion grill is made with simple ingredients of plenty of green onions, pork, and oil cake, and is finished with soy sauce sauce. Squeeze the lemon before eating. Full of green onion flavor and fluffy lightness. The fragrant taste of soy sauce makes your chopsticks move. By the way, the customer base of [Kobe Rokkomichi/Gyunta Dai Nagoya Building Store] is30~50Mainly the generation,3~4It seems that the main group is a small group. The male to female ratio is6:4. The conclusion reached by the tasting model is that "Avocado Cheese Pork Ball" is a classic (Gyuntayaki)+Already1It seems to be liked as a different type when choosing a piece,1Ranked ``Gyuntayaki'',2``Avocado cheese pork balls'',3Ranked ``Gyunta green onion kasuyaki''. What you should pay attention to when eating okonomiyaki at [Kobe Rokkomichi/Gyunta] is the seasoning called "Yanninjan" that is placed in a jar on each table. It is a secret Korean miso that is a blend of several types of chili peppers, garlic, and soy sauce, and it is standard to add this to give it a different flavor. A versatile seasoning that can be used not only for okonomiyaki but also for teppanyaki and yakisoba. The pleasant spiciness and deliciousness will enhance the flavor of the dish.

The only ``soy sauce-flavored'' okonomiyaki that uses sweet soy sauce from Kyushu. “Gyunta green onion kasuyaki” (1,580Circle).

``Gyunta Negi Kasu Yaki'' has a fluffy texture and is lighter than it looks. The refreshing taste of soy sauce and lemon goes well with the flavor of green onions.

Counter seats are special seats where you can watch the cooking process right in front of your eyes. Passionate about the craftsmanship.

The correct answer is "Gyuntayaki", "Gyunta green onion kasuyaki", "Avocado cheese pork ball"

also1It is no exaggeration to say that ``Gyunta-yaki'' is the representative okonomiyaki of [Kobe Rokkomichi/Gyunta]. Relatively cheap among okonomiyaki menus1,480It seems that the high cost performance of yen is also a reason for its popularity. Next is "Gyunta green onion kasuyaki",3The place is "Avocado Cheese Pork Ball".2rank and3It was a close battle for first place, with ``Gyuntayaki'' winning by a landslide. [Kobe Rokkomichi/Gyunta] has a wide variety of teppanyaki and yakisoba menus, so from teppanyaki to2~3From okonomiyaki1From Yakisoba1It seems that many people order to enjoy a wide range of menus with even combinations of items. At [Kobe Rokkomichi/Gyunta], okonomiyaki starts with "Gyuntayaki". There seems to be no doubt about this. By the way, the yakisoba is "Gyunta's Omu Soba" (1,680Yen)1It's said to be the most popular.

<Okonomiyaki popularity ranking>*2023Years11Month·12Monthly total

1 bit...Gyuntayaki

2 bit...Gyunta green onion casserole

3rd place…Avocado cheese pork balls

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