Try and compare beers at the craft beer specialty store [World Beer Museum] in Nagoya Station!



Do you like beer? As the weather gets warmer, many people will start to miss beer. At Dai Nagoya Building's craft beer specialty store [World Beer Museum], you're sure to find the beer that suits you. This time, I compared the three brands recommended by the World Beer Museum for beer lovers and those who don't like beer, and selected ``my best beer.''

Whether you like beer or just don't like it, you can discover new beers at the World Beer Museum.

The craft beer specialty store [World Beer Museum] in the Dai Nagoya Building is a beer hall restaurant with the largest number of seats in the Dai Nagoya Building. If you want to drink beer, this is definitely the place! This time, I would like to recommend beer lovers from among the many brands.3I would like to recommend the brand and people who don't like beer.3I've been researching brands. I actually try all the beers and compare them, and at the end I choose ``my best beer.''

First1Brand. “Hobfroy Original Lager” is recommended for beer lovers. The lager beer, which can be said to be the masterpiece of Hobfroeu, which has the world's largest beer hall in Munich, has fine bubbles, sweetness, a lingering bitterness, and a refreshing aroma that makes you want to drink it.1It's a cup. On the other hand, for those who don't like beer, we recommend Hobfroeu Schwarzweiss, also made by the same manufacturer. As the opposing names "Schwarz (black)" and "Weiss (white)" suggest, this is a brown "white beer" with a fusion of roast aroma and fruitiness. With its mild texture and refreshing taste, it can be said to be the representative of easy-drinking German beer.1cup.

First,1Let's start with a friendly toast! This time, the people who will be taking on the challenge of a drinking competition are Kitahara-san (left) and Taki-san (right).

I would like to recommend it to beer lovers1Brand name. "Hobfroy Original Lager" (300ml 1,100Circle,500ml 1,925Circle,1,000ml 3,300circle). Photo,500 mlMug.


Recommended for people who don't like beer1Brand name. "Hobfroy Schwarzweis" (170ml 968Circle,300ml 1,100Circle,500ml 1,925Circle,1,000ml 3,300circle). Photo,500 mlglass.

Are you surprised by the difference in taste? ! You can understand the depth of beer by comparing them. That's why beer is interesting

next2Both brands include craft beers in bottles. Recommended for beer lovers, ``Zartbier SsangYong Rich Label'' is a domestically produced craft beer that is characterized by its strong red color. This beer has a concentrated aroma of honey and raisins, a rich yet dry mouthfeel, and is full of flavor with plenty of alcohol. For those who don't like beer, try Franzeskaner Hefeweissbier, a popular German white beer. It is characterized by its cloudy color, fruity taste, and aroma reminiscent of banana.

Finally3Brand name. For beer lovers, Pike is a drink that packs a punch.IPA” is recommended.90The original American, which has been popular in Seattle, USA since the early 1990s.IPA(*1) IsIPAThe strong bitterness that makes you feel the flavor of the drink has a big impact (Mr. Taki also took a sip and was surprised by the bitterness). Next, recommended for those who don't like beer, "Jojak Šenkovny" is a premium Czech pilsner made with the world's highest quality hops, "Saaz hops." A truly “premium” drink with a fresh aroma, sharp bitterness, and glamorous malt aroma.1It's a cup.

(*1) “IPA" is a beer made using large amounts of hops, which is one of the raw materials for beer, and its official name is "India Pale Ale(India Pale Ale). Compared to regular beer, the bitterness and aroma of hops is stronger, and the alcohol content is also lower.5.5~7.5It is characterized by a slightly high rate of about %.

I would like to recommend it to beer lovers2Brand name. “Zatobia Ssangyong Rich Label” (330ml 1,210Circle).

The staff will pour the bottled beer into your glass right in front of you. You can't help but admire the beautiful pouring style with the perfect balance of bubbles.


Recommended for people who don't like beer2Brand name. "Franzeskaner Hefeweissbier" (500ml 1,480Circle).

Also note that the designs and shapes of glasses vary depending on the manufacturer. bottle1A feeling of size that fits the amount of duty.


I would like to recommend it to beer lovers3Brand name. "Pike"IPA"(170ml 990Circle,300ml 1,265Circle,500ml 2,035circle). Photo,300 mlglass.


Recommended for people who don't like beer3Brand name. "Yojak Shenkovny" (170ml 935Circle,300ml 1,100Circle,500ml 1,925circle). Photo,300 mlglass.

The two chosen were “Pike IPA” and “Franzeskaner Hefeweissbier”.

そ れ ぞ れ に3After tasting each cup, I would like to recommend one at the end.1I was asked to choose a cup. Let's start with Taki-san. ``If you like beer, I think the unique bitterness is one of the attractions. In that sense, after all3I drank my first cup of ``Pike''IPAI was surprised by the punch of bitterness. It's not the type that you can gulp down, but you can enjoy the taste of beer slowly.1I think it's a cup (Mr. Taki).'' Next is Mr. Kitahara, who is not very good at beer. ``I'm not good at the bitter taste of beer...2The ``Franzeskaner Hefeweissbier'' I drank for the first time made a very good impression. It has such a fruity taste that the more you drink it, the more you think, ``This is beer, right?'' I was satisfied with the description of the product as having a ``banana-like'' flavor (Mr. Kitahara).'' Whether you like beer or you don't like beer, please use this as a reference. When you are in line to choose a brand, feel free to ask the staff without hesitation. [World Beer Museum] is sure to guide you to your favorite beer.

Mr. Taki chose ``Pike'', believing that its strong bitterness would tickle the hearts of beer lovers.IPA. "

Mr. Kitahara chose Franzeskaner Hefeweissbier, which he felt was the least beer-like beer and the easiest to drink.

Don't assume that you don't like beer; by trying out different brands, you'll discover unexpected flavors of beer. [World Beer Museum] expands the possibilities of beer.

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