What is different about the mapo tofu at [Chin Mapo Tofu]? I will teach you the rules of the “birthplace store”. Eating guide included



Founded in 1862 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. [Chen Mapo Tofu] is a restaurant specializing in Sichuan cuisine that is extremely well known as the birthplace of mapo tofu. So, what is the difference between “Chen” mapo tofu and other mapo tofu? Do you all know? We learned about the rules of ``Chen Mapo Tofu,'' which is not only spicy but also delicious. This time, we will also introduce a delicious way to eat ``Chin Mapo Tofu'', which is also listed in the menu book.

The custom-made tofu, garlic leaves instead of green onions, and pepper are all native to Sichuan and Han. Faithful to the original taste

What is “Chen Mapo Tofu”? This is clearly stated in the menu book on the table. one"1865We use tofu from the long-established Tomitsuka Tofu Store, which was founded in 2007. The firm tofu, which is made only from domestic whole soybeans and natural bittern, has a strong soybean flavor that rivals the strong flavor of mapo tofu, and is a custom-made product made by the long-established tofu shop Tomitsuka Tofu Store in Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Fine adjustments are made from time to time depending on the season, temperature, etc., to create the perfect firmness that is neither too hard nor too soft, perfect for mapo tofu. Two: ``Use garlic leaves instead of green onions as an ingredient.'' Garlic leaves are commonly eaten in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, where they originated. It is an essential ingredient in traditional mapo tofu. 3. Pepper is native to Sichuan and Han. The pepper milled pepper that is also placed on the table is a type of Japanese pepper that has a refreshing aroma and a numbing spiciness. Pepper is produced all over China, but we use the highest quality pepper, which originates from Han in Sichuan province.

This is the taste of the store that originated mapo tofu, ``Chen Mapo Tofu'' (1,199circle). The chili pepper mark indicating spiciness is “3"One." If you come to [Chen Mapo Tofu], you can't start without trying this.

Top-ranked bean sauce and minced beef. Because there are only a few ingredients, we are particular about one thing.

Four: ``The key to the taste is the Wexian douban''. The production base for doubanjiang, which determines the taste of mapo tofu, is in Pixian County, located on the outskirts of Chengdu City. At [Chen Mapo Tofu], we use a blend of the highest-grade, highly fermented and aged Wenxian tofu and young, bright red tofu sauce. The last five items are ``Soboro is ground beef.'' "Sui" is one of the "eight flavors" that make up mapo tofu. The traditional minced beef is what gives the dish its crunchy texture, which is described in Japanese as a crunchy texture. The above five conditions are what makes “Chen Mapo Tofu” “Chin”. Based on these rules, mapo tofu, which can only be found here, is made.

We carefully select each and every ingredient used in our Mapo Tofu, and continue to maintain the original taste since our founding.

Start by eating it as is, enjoy the aroma, then put it on top of rice. “Incorporate” without attracting attention

Here, I will teach you the correct way to eat "Chen Mapo Tofu". When ordering, don't forget to include white rice with your ``Chen Mapo Tofu.'' When it is brought to your table, take a sip. Check out the taste of the simple "Chen Mapo Tofu". Next, sprinkle some ground pepper on the table. As you do so, the pungent aroma of pepper wafts through the air. The scent is also a feast. Then, put this mapo tofu on top of white rice! Stir in the mapo tofu and rice without worrying about the white rice turning bright red. This boldness is the best secret to enjoying "Chin Mapo Tofu".

Lastly, [Chen Mapo Tofu] is a restaurant where you can enjoy the taste of traditional Sichuan cuisine just like the real thing. The menu book is lined with the names of Sichuan dishes that are familiar to Japanese people, such as ``Drool Chicken,'' which is tender and moist chicken with a spicy sauce that will whet your appetite, and ``Authentic Sichuan Hoiko Lo.'' Enjoy the dynamic and profound flavor of Sichuan cuisine to the fullest with ``Chen Mapo Tofu''. Check the chili pepper symbol on the menu for an indicator of spiciness.

First, take a bite and check out the taste of the standard "Chen Mapo Tofu". It's definitely spicy, but the flavor is even stronger.

We use a pepper mill so that you can enjoy freshly ground, fragrant pepper. Enjoy the aroma that wafts through the air.

Mapo tofu goes well with white rice. At lunchtime, you can also enjoy ``Chen Mapo Tofu'' as a set meal that includes white rice and soup.

Once you start eating, you can't stop! Enjoy "Chen Mapo Tofu" to your heart's content. Enjoy the traditional taste that you will become addicted to.

One of the famous dishes of [Chin Mapo Tofu] is "Drool Chicken" (649circle). Uses domestic chicken. The chili pepper mark indicating spiciness is “2"One."

[Chen Mapo Tofu] also uses leaf garlic for the Chinese classic, Hoiko Lo. “Authentic Sichuan hoiko lo” (1,023circle). The chili pepper mark indicating spiciness is “1"One."

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