Creative workshop for the German figure "Schleich"



As an event of Golden Week, an event including a creative workshop of the realistic figure "Schleich" from Germany will be held from April 4 (Wednesday) to May 28 (Sunday).This is a must-see event for families who enjoy playing and nurturing children's imagination. © Schleich

"Diorama making workshop to create the world of animals"

Founded in Germany in 1935, last year85Celebrating the anniversary "Schleich(Schleich) ".The dynamic figures that realistically reproduce the details such as the fur, texture, and facial expressions of animals are not only for children, but also for adults who enjoy them as interior items.At the "Diorama Making Workshop to Create the World of Animals" where you can create your own world, you can select figures of creatures of various eras, from dinosaurs to wild animals, and create a diorama with a world view that matches them. I will.

"Diorama making workshop to create the world of animals" has a capacity of each day25First name, participation fee2,300Circle.

A state of the workshop held in the past.

There are various types of figures used for dioramas, from dinosaurs to wild animals.

Stamp rally to learn about custom goods sales, photo spots, and animal ecology

In addition to the "Diorama Making Workshop to Create the World of Animals", there are huge figures of "Schleich" appearing in various places in the Dai Nagoya Building, photo spots where you can enjoy taking pictures, and a stamp rally where you can get a gift by completing the stamp. (Capacity each day150Name) is also held at the same time.The stamp rally is a fun way to learn about the ecology of animals, so you'll definitely be hooked on your family between shopping and dining.Also,6With one world600We will also sell figures carefully selected from the above figures and custom goods that you can make your own items.You can experience the charm of "Schleich" that you can enjoy regardless of age12It's a day.

In "Schleich"6Two worlds "Wild life""FarmWorld"Horse Club" "bayala""恐龍""Eldorado CreaturesMore than 600 figures are available.

"Schleich" fosters children's rich creativity and imagination with discerning figures and a variety of world views.During the period, "#Schleich "and"#With the hashtag of "Dai Nagoya Building"InstagramWe will also carry out a campaign where you can win wonderful goods by posting photos to.For details, check out the venue of the "Diorama Making Workshop for Creating the World of Animals".

"Schleich" creative workshop

Date / time /4Month28Sunday (Wednesday) ~5Month9Sun (Sun) 11 : 00~18 : 00

place/3F"BoConceptLeft side space

■ Diorama making workshop to create the world of animals

Capacity / each day25Name Participation fee /2,300Yen

■ Photo spot with a huge figure of "Schleich"

Participation fee / free

■ Sale of custom goods that allow you to make "Schleich" figures and your own items

■ Stamp rally to enjoy while learning about the ecosystem of animals

Capacity / each day150Participation fee / free

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