Gourmand campaign "Which do you want to eat? #Dai Nagoya Building Gourmand Voting] [For One Person]



For about a month from February 2th (Monday), a gourmet campaign "Which do you want to eat?" #Dai Nagoya Building Gourmand Voting ”will be held.To participate in the campaign, just follow the official Instagram of Dai Nagoya Building and leave a comment about which one you want to eat!You will win a "free meal coupon" where you can eat the menu selected by voting.The comment (voting) period for each post is one week from the date of posting.Don't miss the "Oishii" menu that appears every day!
In this article, we will introduce 25 recommended restaurants for "one person's rice" from the entry menu of 50 items from 9 restaurants. * The selected menu will be announced in this article from February 2th (Thursday).

How to participate is the official of Dai Nagoya BuildingInstagramJust follow and comment!

【way to participate】

① Follow the official Instagram of Dai Nagoya Building


* Please be careful about spoofing accounts.

② "Which do you want to eat? Vote in the comment on the "#Dai Nagoya Recommended Gourmand Voting" post

* The comment acceptance period varies from post to post.

* You can post comments to multiple posts.

③ Contact the winners by DM after the campaign ends

* The winners will be announced by DM.

④ Winners will be presented with a "free meal coupon" to eat the selected menu.

* Registration (free) on the Dai Nagoya Coupon dedicated site is required to receive the "Free Meal Coupon".

* Store information is subject to change without notice.

* The listed products may be out of stock.

* In addition to the charge, service charge and seat charge may be required.

* The contents of the "Free Meal Coupon" are subject to change without notice.

[Metzgerei Inoue] "Soup with plenty of ingredients for crispy cartilage bacon" or "Spicy soup with plenty of sausage"

Crispy cartilage bacon soup with plenty of ingredients 648Yen

Dream Pork1From the head2A soup full of ingredients that has the flavor of cartilage bacon made from rare parts that can only be taken from books.With plenty of cabbage and corn, the gentle thickness of the mouth and the sweetness of the vegetables will surely warm your body and mind on a cold day.

Spicy soup with plenty of sausage 648Yen

The main soup is beer wiener, which is proud of its coarsely ground black pepper.It is a dish created for this project with plenty of potato salad and cabbage.Recommended for those who like spicy foods with spices such as pepper and curry.

Voting period:2Month16Sunday (Wednesday) ~2Month22Sun (Tue)

Result announcement: Thursday, February 2

[MOLNODA] "No.41" or "No.21"

No.41 1,500Yen

Based on spinach, vegetables include carrot trape, onion slices, sweet corn, and cucumber.In addition, beef thigh100g, Avocado, boiled egg, radish sprouts, cut bacon, and original rice toppings, this is a "hoodie bowl" that you want to enjoy on a gourmet day.

No.21 1,500Yen

Mix cherry tomatoes, olives and cashew nuts in a base that combines spinach and romaine lettuce.In addition, beef thigh meat100g, Avocado, boiled egg, broccoli, sprout topping, "Trainer bowl" aiming for an excellent body with dietary control.

Voting period:2Month17Sunday (Thursday) ~2Month23Sun (Wednesday / holiday)

Result announcement:2Month24Sun (Thursday)

"Good Thick Bread" "Good Thick Sliced ​​An Butter Toast" or "Good Thick Sliced ​​Peanut Butter Toast"

Good thick-sliced ​​bean paste butter toast 389Yen

"Yoikotopan", which is sweetened with mirin and tasted with sesame oil and baked with domestic wheat, is topped with mashed bean paste, which is made by carefully cooking Hokkaido Tokachi azuki beans, and carpis butter.A special bean paste toast made only from safe and secure materials that do not use preservatives or coloring agents.

Good thick sliced ​​peanut butter toast 368Yen

"Yoikotopan" made from domestic wheat that does not use preservatives or colorings is luxuriously coated with peanut butter made from simple ingredients such as peanuts from Chiba prefecture, tensai sugar, and salt.The large peanut grains give it a luxurious taste the more you chew it.

Voting period:2Month18Sunday (Friday) ~2Month24Sun (Thursday)

Result announcement:2Month25Sunday (Friday)

[NEW OLD STYLE Meat Soba Keisuke] "Meat Soba Soy Sauce" or "Meat Tsukemen"

Meat soba soy sauce 830Yen

A standard menu of "Meat Soba Keisuke" with pork shoulder loin char siu spread all over on top of flavored soup using special soy sauce sauce and medium-thick noodles.Mix chopped onions with a crispy texture and grated ginger for a refreshing taste.

Tsukemen with meat 950Yen

A dish of pork ribs and onions fried in a special sauce, served with thick noodles that are satisfying to eat.Although the sauce is rich, it has a refreshing aftertaste with a sour taste.A large serving of noodles is free, so it is recommended for those who want to eat solidly.

Voting period:2Month20Sun (Sun) ~2Month26(Sat)

Result announcement:2Month28Sun (Monday)

[Korean rice / liquor house Daidai] "Sundubu set" or "Stone-grilled bibimbap set"

Sundubu set 990Yen (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays1,100Circle)

1 Sweat from spicy3"Sundubu" where you can choose even spicy.The main ingredients are pork, chicken, lajonkairia, and mushrooms, and the soup is miso or salt.2You can choose from the types.You can take soy isoflavones and collagen, which help women's beauty, and capsaicin, which boosts metabolism, all at once.With rice and namul.

Stone-grilled bibimbap set 990Yen (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays1,100Circle)

A classic Korean dish that is eaten by mixing rice and vegetables in a hot stone pot.Meat miso, bean sprout namul, spinach namul, radish namul, kimchi, and eggs are included, and the color, texture, and nutritional balance are ◎.In addition, "Ishiyaki Cheese Bibimbap" and "Ishiyaki Mentaiko Bibimbap" are available.Served with soup.

Voting period:2Month21Sun (Monday) ~2Month27Sun (Sun)

Result announcement:2Month28Sun (Monday)

[Misen] "Taiwan ramen" or "stir-fried green vegetables"

Taiwan ramen 700Yen

A representative menu of Nagoya where you can feel the taste even in the spiciness, topped with plenty of special minced meat with a large amount of coarsely chopped chili peppers and garlic.Garlic chives and special minced meat are placed on top of the noodles, and then chicken glass soup is poured to create an appetizing aroma.

Stir-fried vegetables 750Yen

Using fresh seasonal leafy vegetables such as bok choy and Japanese mustard spinach, stir-fry them in a chicken glass soup to remove the lye and create a refreshing taste.By using plenty of garlic, it is a perfect dish to serve as a snack for sake or as a companion to rice.

Voting period:2Month22Sun (Tue) ~2Month28Sun (Monday)

Result announcement:3Month1Sun (Tue)

[Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon Oyakodon] "Gokuboiled Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon" or "Nagoya Cochin Minchi Don"

Gokuboiled Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon 1,480Yen

Oyakodon with chicken tsukudani made with Nagoya Cochin and special miso spicy sauce made with Nagoya's specialty Hatcho Miso.The rice is cooked in Nagoya Cochin's dashi stock, and the eggs are also made from Nagoya Cochin's soup stock.Soup and salad are a set.

Nagoya Cochin Minced Rice Bowl 1,280Yen

Using minced meat of Nagoya Cochin with firm taste and elasticity, entwined with eggs to make it fluffy, and put on top of rice cooked with Nagoya Cochin's dashi stock.Please entwin with the thick egg that melts the taste of Nagoya Cochin.Soup and salad are included in the set.

Voting period:2Month23Sun (Wednesday / holiday) ~3Month1Sun (Tue)

Result announcement:3Month2Sunday (Wednesday)

[Kyushu Hakata Cuisine Motsunabe Sachi] "Special Motsunabe" or "Tonchan Yaki"

Selectable hot pot set (special motsunabe) 1,900Yen lunch only

A dish in which beef offal and vegetables are exquisitely entwined in a refreshing taste that combines a well-dashi soup with a secret soy sauce sauce.Beef tendon crispy salad, small bowl, and porridge (Champon ball or porridge) are included in the set.The beef offal that is unique to "Sachi" that has been thoroughly removed is exquisite.

Selectable hot pot set (Tonchan-yaki) 1,900Yen lunch only

A specialty dish of Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, where fresh beef offal that has been boiled once to remove acrid and excess fat, and plenty of vegetables such as cabbage and bean sprouts are grilled and simmered in spicy miso sauce.Beef tendon crispy salad, small bowl, and 〆 food (Champon ball or kimchi rice) are included in the set.

Voting period:2Month24Sunday (Thursday) ~3Month2Sunday (Wednesday)

Result announcement:3Month3Sun (Thursday)

[Kurobuta Shabu-Shabu Ginza Rabuta] "Fish Gozen" or "Aji Fry Gozen"

Fish set 1,000Yen lunch only

Among the "fish set", which mainly serves monthly fish dishes, the most popular is "Kuromutsu no Saikyo Yaki".The sweetness peculiar to white miso matches the taste of black gnomefish and the chewy texture.A set of thick roasted egg, rice, pork soup, pickles, and salad that is baked with green onions and pork soboro.

Aji fry set 1,000Yen lunch only

Aji fry that crispy fried thick horse mackerel3A popular menu with a lot of volume and inevitable sold out.It's a weekly lunch now, but if you win, you may enter the grand menu.!? A set of sour homemade tartar sauce, rice, pork soup, small bowls, and pickles.

Voting period:2Month25Sunday (Friday) ~3Month3Sun (Thursday)

Result announcement:3Month4Sunday (Friday)

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