Gourmand campaign "Which do you want to eat? #Dai Nagoya Building Gourmand Voting] [Sweets]



For about a month from February 2th (Monday), a gourmet campaign "Which do you want to eat?" #Dai Nagoya Building Gourmand Voting ”will be held.To participate in the campaign, just follow the official Instagram of Dai Nagoya Building and leave a comment about which one you want to eat!You will win a "free meal coupon" where you can eat the menu selected by voting.The comment (voting) period for each post is one week from the date of posting.Don't miss the "Oishii" menu that appears every day!
In this article, we will introduce 25 "sweets" from the entry menu of 50 items from 8 stores. * The selected menu will be announced in this article from February 2th (Monday).

How to participate is the official of Dai Nagoya BuildingInstagramJust follow and comment!

【way to participate】

① Follow the official Instagram of Dai Nagoya Building


* Please be careful about spoofing accounts.

② "Which do you want to eat? Vote in the comment on the "#Dai Nagoya Recommended Gourmand Voting" post

* The comment acceptance period varies from post to post.

* You can post comments to multiple posts.

③ Contact the winners by DM after the campaign ends

* The winners will be announced by DM.

④ Winners will be presented with a "free meal coupon" to eat the selected menu.

* Registration (free) on the Dai Nagoya Coupon dedicated site is required to receive the "Free Meal Coupon".

* Store information is subject to change without notice.

* The listed products may be out of stock.

* In addition to the charge, service charge and seat charge may be required.

* The contents of the "Free Meal Coupon" are subject to change without notice.

[La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie] "Seasonal Fruit Tart" or "Strawberry and Pavé Chocolate Tart"

XNUMX piece of seasonal fruit tart 730Yen (Hall 7,300Circle)

Custard cream and whipped cream are layered on a fragrant almond tart that is kneaded with four grains.6Various kinds of fruits are colorfully decorated.Enjoy the fresh taste of sweet strawberries mixed with the acidity of oranges and kiwis.

Strawberry and pavé chocolate tart 1piece 890Yen (Hall 8,900Circle)

The chocolate-based tart is combined with rich ganache cream and melty pavé chocolate to decorate the juicy strawberries.The crispy texture of caramel nuts is an accent.

Voting period:2Month7Sun (Monday) ~2Month13Sun (Sun)

Result announcement: February 2 (Monday)

"Fruit Daifuku Amaou" or "Fruit Daifuku Beni Hoppe" from [Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten]

Fruit Daifuku Amaou 650Yen ~

"Akai, round, big, delicious" fruit Daifuku using Fukuoka brand strawberry "Amaou", which is characterized by its rich taste.The mellow aroma and the rich sweetness that fills the mouth are attractive.

Fruit Daifuku Beni Hoppe 480Yen ~

The name comes from the strawberry "Red Cheeks", which has a bright crimson color up to the center and is so delicious that the cheeks fall off when eaten.Fruit Daifuku is a popular product born in Shizuoka prefecture where you can enjoy the sweet and sour taste of strawberries.

Voting period:2Month8Sun (Tue) ~2Month14Sun (Monday)

Result announcement: Tuesday, April 2

[YURT] "Strawberry and Berry Souffle Pancake" or "Salt Maple and Hokkaido Fermented Butter Souffle Pancake"

Strawberry and berry souffle pancakes 1,000Yen

A fluffy souffle pancake made by steaming rice flour-based dough with plenty of meringue.Strawberries and mixed berries were decorated with a light whipped cream.Moist and fluffy, you can enjoy a chewy feeling when you chew [DORM] It is a unique pancake.

Souffle pancakes with salt maple and fermented butter from Hokkaido 750Yen

Approximately the same amount of meringue mixed with a strong base kneaded with rice flour.15Pancakes that are carefully baked on an iron plate with fermented butter from Hokkaido over a minute.The accent of the taste is salt maple that matches sweetness and saltiness.You can enjoy the simple taste of the ingredients.

Voting period:2Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~2Month15Sun (Tue)

Result announcement: Wednesday, February 2

[Swallow] "Golden bracken" or "Swallow yokan"

Golden bracken 10Pieces included1,080Yen

Warabimochi is a hide-and-seek in golden soybean flour, a specialty of Tsubameya.Please enjoy the harmony between the soft and moderately chewy warabi mochi with pure brown sugar and the rich flavor of Hokkaido soybeans and special roasted soybean flour.

Swallow yokan 3Book896Yen

"Anko", a red bean paste that uses only azuki beans, raw sugar, and agar, "Oimo" that makes use of the natural flavor of the sweet potato "Tomi no Kawagoe Imo" from Saitama Prefecture, and "Cacao" that you can enjoy the rich aroma of organic cacao.3Assorted types.It is a small yokan that seems to be [Tsubameya] that values ​​the original taste of the material.

Voting period:2Month10Sunday (Thursday) ~2Month16Sunday (Wednesday)

Result announcement: Thursday, February 2

[Annon tea house] "Ultimate hot cake" or "Kochaya-san's strawberry parfait ~ Strawberry Royal Milk Tea ~"

The ultimate pancake 1,320Yen

A dream-like pancake that appears in a picture book, carefully baked one by one on a special copper plate.Sprinkle a generous amount of special tea sauce on the soft, moist and smooth dough.The gentle sweetness that fills your mouth spreads out, and you should be able to smile involuntarily.

Kochaya-san's Strawberry Parfait ~ Strawberry Royal Milk Tea ~ 1,760Yen

We decorated the large strawberry "Mino Musume" in Ibigawa Town, Gifu Prefecture.Homemade royal milk tea, pistachio, chocolate ice cream, tea sauce and berry sauce are layered in a luxurious harmony.A "happy strawberry parfait" accented with mellow cream and fragrant pistachios.

Voting period:2Month11Sunday (Friday / holiday) ~2Month17Sun (Thursday)

Result announcement: February 2 (Friday)

[Apple pie of custard cream] or "Apple pie of famous store Sea Castle" of [Appurupai Kotaro]

Custard cream apple pie 588Yen (Hall4,704Circle)

Puff pastry with a moist texture is covered with a generous amount of custard cream with a plump texture, and it is confined with sweet and soft boiled apples.It is a taste that adults and children can enjoy because it is boiled down with sugar only, without using spices such as alcohol, raisins, and cinnamon.

Apple pie from the famous Sea Castle 628Yen (Hall5,024Circle)

Collaboration sweets with the famous Kamakura store "Sea Castle", which is famous as a long-established German restaurant.Domestic apples boiled down with cinnamon, cream and butter are wrapped in homemade puff pastry and baked.Enjoy crispy and juicy apples with a moist puff pastry.

Voting period:2Month12Sunday (Sat) -2Month18Sunday (Friday)

Result announcement: February 2 (Monday)

"Matcha Basque Cheesecake" or "Matcha Gateau Chocolate" from [Saijoen Matcha Cafe]

Matcha Basque Cheesecake 1piece400Yen (Hall1,960Circle)

A sweet that you can enjoy the luxurious taste of matcha and cheese, where the savory charcoal with a firm brown color, the refreshing sourness of cheese, and the cocoa-flavored cookie dough with a light texture mix in your mouth.It is a dish created in pursuit of a combination of matcha that feels more delicious than bitter.

Matcha Gateau Chocolate 1piece450Yen (Hall2,160Circle)

"Matcha Gateau Chocolat" is carefully baked with a good balance between white chocolate and matcha.With an exquisite balance that does not spoil the original taste and flavor of matcha, it also has a good mouthfeel.The sweets recommended by the staff are only available at the Dai Nagoya Building store.

Voting period:2Month13Sun (Sun) ~2Month19(Sat)

Result announcement: February 2 (Monday)

[Pubble] "Chicken Wings Lollipop" or "Nagoya Limited Mix"

Chicken wings lollipop 660Yen

"Lollipop" is an artistic candy that looks and tastes like real chicken wings and is full of humor.A sweet and spicy taste made by kneading salt, pepper and chicken powder with a candy limited to Dai Nagoya Building to commemorate the first foray into Nagoya.Next to the spicy mouthfeel, the taste of chicken spreads.

Nagoya limited mix bag640Yen (bottle2,530Circle)

Dai Nagoya Building limited candy that encloses the masterpieces unique to Nagoya in candy. Ogura taste with the characters "Dera delicious Gaya", golden butterscotch that you can enjoy the taste change, coffee taste of coffee shop master pattern, etc.5A set of different flavors.

Voting period:2Month14Sun (Monday) ~2Month20Sun (Sun)

Result announcement: February 2 (Monday)

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