Gourmand campaign "Which do you want to eat? #Dai Nagoya Building Gourmand Voting] [Date Edition]



For about a month from February 2th (Monday), a gourmet campaign "Which do you want to eat?" #Dai Nagoya Building Gourmand Voting ”will be held.To participate in the campaign, just follow the official Instagram of Dai Nagoya Building and leave a comment about which one you want to eat!You will win a "free meal coupon" where you can eat the menu selected by voting.The comment (voting) period for each post is one week from the date of posting.Don't miss the "Oishii" menu that appears every day!
In this article, we will introduce 25 recommended stores for "date" from the entry menu of 50 items from 8 stores. * The selected menu will be announced in this article from February 2th (Monday).

How to participate is the official of Dai Nagoya BuildingInstagramJust follow and comment!

【way to participate】

① Follow the official Instagram of Dai Nagoya Building


* Please be careful about spoofing accounts.

② "Which do you want to eat? Vote in the comment on the "#Dai Nagoya Recommended Gourmand Voting" post

* The comment acceptance period varies from post to post.

* You can post comments to multiple posts.

③ Contact the winners by DM after the campaign ends

* The winners will be announced by DM.

④ Winners will be presented with a "free meal coupon" to eat the selected menu.

* Registration (free) on the Dai Nagoya Coupon dedicated site is required to receive the "Free Meal Coupon".

* Store information is subject to change without notice.

* The listed products may be out of stock.

* In addition to the charge, service charge and seat charge may be required.

* The contents of the "Free Meal Coupon" are subject to change without notice.

[RHU BARBE] "Super Complet" or "Atlantic"

Super Complet 1,650Yen

A classic galette with half-boiled eggs, ham, and cheese topped with potato gratin sliced ​​into thin slices and layered in a mille-feuille shape.Divide the yolk of the egg and entwin the flowing "yolk sauce" with the dough.

Atlantic 1,760Yen

A salad-like galette with a definite combination of salmon marinade and avocado.I also added a sauce made from cheese fromage blanc here.Please enjoy the refreshing taste and photogenic galette.

Voting period:2Month19Sunday (Sat) -2Month25Sunday (Friday)

Result announcement:2Month28Sun (Monday)

[TRATTORIA FRATELLI GALLURA] "Tagliatelle" or "Scialatelli kneaded with squid ink"

"Tagliatelle" Egg carbonara Brown mushroom and espuma foam truffle scent 2,000Yen

A special carbonara made from Okayama prefecture's "specialized eggs", fragrant truffle oil, salted pork cheeks "Guanciale", and salted pork roses "Pancetta".Serve with whipped cream, egg espuma and slices of fresh brown mushrooms. * Ingredients vary depending on the season. * A la carte price for dinner on weekdays.You can also select from the course menu.

"Scialatelli kneaded with squid ink" Tomato sauce of scampi and seafood from Mikawa 3,000Yen

Wide handmade pasta kneaded with squid ink is finished with a sauce that combines delicious seafood such as crab, shrimp, scallops, squid, sea bass, and lajonkairia lajonii with tomatoes.A classic and luxurious dish that has been popular since its opening, with sautéed scampi on pasta. * A la carte price for dinner on weekdays.You can also select from the course menu.

Voting period:2Month26Sunday (Sat) -3Month4Sunday (Friday)

Result announcement:3Month7Sun (Monday)

[SOLO PIZZA Napoletana] "Margherita Extra" or "Pashquare"

Margherita Extra 1,078Yen

Plenty of tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil1Most popular, "World ChampionshipSTGDepartment "2010Year-winning pizza.Naples Caputo flour100%use,24The time-aged dough has a natural sweetness and umami, and you can eat deliciously up to the ears.

Pashquare 1,430Yen

"World Championship" with Italian turnip leaves, smoked mozzarella and sausageclassicalDepartment "2014Year-winning pizza.In Naples during the winter season, it is as popular as Margherita.It goes well with beer.You can fully enjoy the taste of the dough that feels the original sweetness of wheat flour and the flavor of smoked mozzarella cheese.

Voting period:2Month27Sun (Sun) ~3Month5(Sat)

Result announcement:3Month7Sun (Monday)

"Daizen Yakiniku Course" or "Daizen Steak Course" of [Meat and Daizen]

Daizen Yakiniku Course 11,000Yen

Fresh meat of branded beef such as fillet and sirloin6A set that mainly includes seeds, tongue, hormones, kimchi, salad, rice, soup, dessert, and coffee.The types and parts of branded beef vary depending on the purchase, and that day1You can enjoy the most delicious meat.

Daizen Steak Course 11,000Yen

Two types of brand beef steak, appetizer, salad, riceorA set with garlic rice, soup, dessert, and coffee.You should be impressed by the exquisite degree of grilling that you can feel the original taste of the meat and the softness that allows you to bite through the thick sliced ​​meat.In addition to steak sauce, please add salt and wasabi.

Voting period:2Month28Sun (Monday) ~3Month6Sun (Sun)

Result announcement:3Month7Sun (Monday)

"Authentic German style triple grilled sausage" or "Grilled sirloin steak king of meat" at [World Beer Museum]

Authentic German triple grilled sausage 2,400Yen

A hearty sausage platter that is popular with meat lovers, using the finest herbs and spices.about200Excellent compatibility with a wide variety of beers from around the world!You can enjoy the authentic German atmosphere of beer.

Grilled sirloin steak king of meat 2,180Yen

The King of England, who was so impressed with the deliciousness, was named "Knight".sirThere is a myth that "(sir)" is added, and the sirloin that is perfect for steak is grilled vigorously. It has a good balance of lean and fat, and it is a dish that you want to combine not only red wine but also rich and bitter beer.

Voting period:3Month1Sun (Tue) ~3Month7Sun (Monday)

Result announcement:3Month8Sun (Tue)

"Gyunta Yakisoba" or "Gyunta Yakisoba" from [Kobe Rokkomichi / Gyunta]

Gyunta-yaki 1,408Yen

"Gyunta" original okonomiyaki, which is made by carefully baking domestic vegetables such as Japanese flying squid, beef chin, oil residue, cabbage and green onions on a unique dough.You can eat deliciously with the selected sauce, green laver, and dried bonito, but be sure to add the "Yang Nin Jiang" on the table.

Gyunta Yakisoba 1,408Yen

We fried domestic vegetables such as carefully selected Japanese flying squid, beef chin, oil residue, and cabbage that are sent directly from the market, and then steamed them to bring out the flavor.Combine it with the special steamed noodles, and top it with a generous amount of green onions entwined with the special sauce. We also recommend changing the taste with "Yang Nin Jiang".

Voting period:3Month2Sunday (Wednesday) ~3Month8Sun (Tue)

Result announcement:3Month9Sunday (Wednesday)

[Real grande] "Tori fried chicken" or "Torofu Atsuage"

Deep-fried chicken 5Individual509Yen

A special fried chicken that is a mixture of carefully selected chicken thighs and breasts and fried crispy.In addition to the normal taste, you can arrange it with toppings such as rough black pepper, garlic, tartar sauce, balsamic sauce, and grated radish ponzu sauce.

Torofu Atsuage 633Yen

Showa28"Torofu Atsuage" is a deep-fried "Torofu" from Nagakute "Tomita Tofu", which was founded in XNUMX.Domestic soybeans and underground150m"Torofu", which is prepared with underground water pumped from the river, is made of starch instead of bittern, and has a crispy outside and a crunchy texture inside.

Voting period:3Month3Sun (Thursday) ~3Month9Sunday (Wednesday)

Result announcement:3Month10Sun (Thursday)

"Chicken Nanban" or "Charcoal-grilled young chicken" from [Miyazaki Cuisine Mansaku]

Chicken Nanban 900Yen dinner only

 "witch hazel"1The most popular "Chicken Nanban".The thick and juicy breast fried in egg garment is entwined with the original Nanban vinegar and sprinkled with plenty of tartar sauce.A specialty dish originating in Miyazaki that stimulates your appetite, with a refreshing nanban vinegar flavor and a mellow tartar sauce.

Charcoal-grilled young chicken 1,350Yen dinner only

We purchase "Kirishima chicken", which is only female and carefully raised by a designated farmer, directly from Miyazaki.The bite-sized meat is smoked with charcoal flame and smoke to bring out the chewy and deep flavor of Kirishima chicken.It is a taste that promotes alcoholic beverages such as shochu and beer.

Voting period:3Month4Sunday (Friday) ~3Month10Sun (Thursday)

Result announcement: February 3 (Friday)

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