There will be lots of fun and delicious food in the future! "Dai Nagoya Marche" HAPPY 1st Anniversary



The B1F "Dai Nagoya Marche", which celebrated its 1st anniversary, is full of delicious things to see and eat!Introducing items recommended at this time, as well as an anniversary menu that is unique to Dai Nagoya Building.

[La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie] "Melon and Strawberry Shortcake Tart" & "Colorful Fruit Raw Jurepafe"

Melon and strawberry shortcake tart 1piece 960Yen

Sandwich sweet and sour strawberries and fresh melon on custard tart.A tart limited to the Dai Nagoya Building store, layered with fluffy sponge and whipped cream. *4Month25Sun (Monday) ~5Month31Limited to Sunday (Tuesday)

Raw julepafe of colorful fruits 690Yen

Colorful fruits such as strawberries, kiwis, oranges, pineapples and grapefruits are trapped in a refreshing lemon jelly.A refreshingly edible mini-pafe with jelly and juicy fresh fruits entwined with each other. *4Month25Sun (Monday) ~5Month31Limited to Sunday (Tuesday)

"Caramel pudding" from [Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten]

Caramel pudding 380Yen

"Caramel pudding" from [Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten], which is sold only at some stores and has many hidden fans.Dai Nagoya Marche1To commemorate the anniversary, we will sell it for a limited time and in a limited quantity.The unique hardness of old-fashioned pudding and the bitter caramel are the taste for adults. *4Month25Sun (Monday) ~5Month31Limited to Sunday (Tuesday)

[Cum Tart] "Dai Nagoya Marche XNUMXst Anniversary Gift Box"

Dai Nagoya Marche XNUMXst Anniversary Gift Box 1,405Yen

Dai Nagoya Marche1To commemorate the anniversary, we will sell a special gift box that combines classic popularity and seasonal products.Orange pistachio, lemon curd, honey and citrus cheese3Contains pieces. *4Month25Sun (Monday) ~5Month31Limited to Sunday (Tuesday)

[Annon tea house] "Trio Ice Cream Rhombus Sanren" & "Tea Cream Soda-Earl Gray"

Trio ice cream rhombus triplet 888Yen

Dai Nagoya Marche on a triple rhombus plate1Red and white celebrating the anniversary+α special ice cream3Special menu with various types. It is a luxurious plate that you can eat "Dark Strawberry", "Vanilla", "White Peach Earl Gray" ice cream, and chewy white balls & original cookies at the same time. *4Month25Sun (Monday) ~5Month31Limited to Sunday (Tuesday)

Black tea cream soda-Earl Gray (with more tea free)1,760Yen

MLESNA TEA> Earl Gray tea leaves are simmered luxuriously in a homemade tea sauce, soda is poured, and "White Peach Earl Gray" ice cream is added.An adult cream soda that melts refreshing soda and rich ice cream.Enjoy with several types of hot tea. *4Month25Sun (Monday) ~5Month31Limited to Sunday (Tuesday)

"Earl Gray Tea Sauce" (1,100Yen) is sold separately.

MLESNA TEA>40thCommemorative can (7Included) Each1,404Yen

Dai Nagoya Marche1At the same time as the anniversary40Celebrated the anniversary <MLESNA TEA(Mlesna Tea)> commemorative can.Red is "4"Red fruit", pink is "melon caramel", green is "tea that goes well with scones" flavored tea.The pop and cute package is perfect for gifts. *4Month25Sun (Monday) ~5Month31Limited to Sunday (Tuesday)

[Pubble] "1st Anniversary Limited Nagoya Mix" & "Chocolate Mint Rocky Road"

1st Anniversary Limited Nagoya Mix 640Yen

Earl melon, Kokura, Nishio matcha, coffee, butterscotch5It was decided by a customer's vote in the "Nagoya limited mix" with a Nagoya-like motif that has a variety of flavors.1Sold with limited edition designs and flavors to commemorate the anniversary.It will end as soon as it runs out, so be quick! *4Month28Sun (Thursday) ~ * Ends as soon as it runs out

Chocolate Mint Rocky Road Mini399Circle, hall797Yen

A popular confectionery made with chocolate mint chocolate, mint marshmallows and cocoa biscuits.Fans continue to enjoy a new texture that mixes the refreshing color and flavor that catches the eye, and the crunchy and chewy texture!It is a popular chocolate mint product that is sold only in early summer every year.This time in Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo3It will be released in advance at the store. *4Month28Sunday (Thursday) ~5Month31Limited to Sunday (Tuesday)


[EVENT] Your dreams can be turned into candy by craftsmen on the spot.Business trip candy performance

A live candy manufacturing performance will be held in parallel with the art exhibition that reuses discarded candy.Large candy chunks with various designs such as fruits by skilled craftsmen, diameter XNUMXcmYou can enjoy how it transforms into a candy.In addition, each time first-come-first-served basis50Limited sale of freshly made candy to people.15Time and17At times, we will improvise candy from the images that come to mind in response to requests from customers at the venue.

Time & Date

5Month3Sunday (Tuesday / holiday) 12 : 00~ /15 : 00~ /17 : 00~

5Month4Sun (Wednesday / holiday) 12 : 00~ /15 : 00~ /17 : 00~



[Metzgerei Inoue] "XNUMXst Anniversary Gorgeous Burger"

Gorgeous burger commemorating the XNUMXst anniversary of opening 10,800Yen

After eating around many famous restaurants, Patty10Pattern, buns6Developed by repeating more than one type of prototype.The double patty of Japanese black beef corned beef and domestic beef brisket of the world gold award was sandwiched between custom-made buns and sprinkled with gold powder ordered from Kanazawa.With champagne and pickle fritters. *4Month25Sun (Monday) ~5Month31Limited to Sunday (Tuesday) *1Day3Food only


[OHAGI3] "Standard 6 Boxes" & "Matcha Warabimochi"

Classic6Individual box 1,080Yen

Classics such as "Full Moon" where you can enjoy the texture of Kyoto Kinako and brown sugar walnuts, "Evening Moon" which uses rubbing, roasting, and kneaded sesame, and "Half Moon" which has citrus peel on fragrant organic matcha and accents.6A set of assorted types of rice cakes.A special package with chopsticks, perfect for souvenirs.

Matcha Warabimochi 1Individual550Yen

Warabimochi is made by blending a thick dough made from genuine warabi powder and sugar with matcha and sugar from Shimada and Kawane, Shizuoka prefecture, which is completely organically grown.The rich aroma of matcha, the smooth texture and the good texture of the matcha make it a popular product among repeaters.

[Saijoen Matcha Cafe] "Yogurt Smoothie" & "Scented Hojicha Soft" & "Scented Hojicha Milk Tea"

Yogurt smoothie plain 540Yen (left), strawberry, mango, pine590Yen

A luxurious smoothie that mixes frozen fruit and yogurt and puts a rich matcha espuma that is typical of [Saijoen Matcha Cafe] on top.Nata de coco and aloe are hidden inside, and you can enjoy the difference in texture that they combine.From the left, plain, strawberry, mango, pine. *4Month25Sun (Monday) ~5Month31Limited to Sunday (Tuesday)

Fragrant roasted green tea soft 540Yen, fragrant roasted green tea milk tea 490Yen

Soft serve ice cream that feels roasted green tea more firmly than it looks, and milk tea with a refreshing aftertaste.Both use roasted green tea boiled from tea leaves instead of powder to stick to the aroma, so you can enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed tea. *4Month25Sun (Monday) ~5Month31Limited to Sunday (Tuesday)

[Apurupai Kotaro]'s "Basque Cheese Apple Pie"

Basque cheese apple pie 1piece 598Circle, hall 4,784Yen

A rich-tasting apple pie made by mixing apples with a rich cheese dough that combines brown sugar and Hokkaido cream cheese to create a Basque-like finish.The fragrance of the surface like Basque cheesecake, the rich flavor that the pie and creamy cheese dough melt together. *4Month20Sunday (Wednesday) ~5Month31Limited to Sunday (Tuesday)

"Good thing bread" & "Freshly picked tomato cube" of [Good thing bread / Kazoku croutons]

Good thing bread 1jin590Yen

The popular "Yoikotopan" is baked using only delicious and reliable ingredients such as domestic wheat, mirin, and sesame oil without using sugar or shortening.By adding brown rice, the flavor and response will be improved!You can enjoy it from children to seniors.

Freshly picked tomato cube eur-lex.europa.eu627Yen

A tasty crouton that brings out the sweetness, sourness, and umami of tomatoes that have been bathed in the blessings of the sun.Perfect for liquor snacks and accents for dishes such as salads and soups. It is a classic and popular crouton that has gained a reputation for "unstoppable deliciousness" starting with "I am also a little bit".

[MOLNODA] Recommended Gourmand Bowl No-021

No-021 1,500Yen

Beef thigh based on leafy vegetables mixed with romaine lettuce and spinach100g, Egg, avocado, broccoli, olives, cherry tomatoes, cashew nuts, sprout added.This gourmet bowl is recommended for those who pursue an excellent body by controlling their eating habits.

[Creative Chinese Hua Star] "Tantanmen" & "Gome Sanma Noodles"

Front / Tantanmen, Back / Gomoku Sanma Noodles902Yen

The spicy "Tantanmen" with plenty of special minced meat and chopped green onions, and the "Gome Sanmamen", a full-bodied version of Yokohama's famous ankake ramen "Sanmamen".All of them have a lot of volume and are perfect for eating!plus165Dumplings in a circle3Individual or fried chicken2You can attach individual pieces.

[Seijo Ishii] "30 Mile Riesling" & "30 Mile Pinot Noir" & "Seijo Ishii desica Uji Matcha Porbolone"

30 Mile Riesling (750 ml1,309Yen

The balance between the refreshing scent reminiscent of apples and citrus fruits and the sharp acidity peculiar to Riesling is exquisite.It features a fruity yet firm and dry taste.

30 miles Pinot Noir (750 ml1,309Yen

The balance between the pure fruit flavor and the refreshing acidity peculiar to Pinot Noir is exquisite.It has a fruity yet transparent mouthfeel and is easy to match with meals.

Seijo Ishiidesica Uji Matcha Porbolone (100g530Yen

"Porbolone" originated in Spain using Uji matcha from Kyoto.A cookie with a fluffy texture that allows you to enjoy the rich aroma and bitterness of matcha.It features a rich and rich flavor that is made by adding butter to the limit of molding in French flour that goes well with baked goods.

[Heart-up Vision Square] carries out "Brand frame up to 50% OFF" & "Clip-on sunglasses all 50% OFF" SALE

Brand frame maximum50%OFF /All clip-on sunglasses50%OFF

Ray-Ban(Ray-Ban)> and <Kate spade(Kate Spade)>, <agne b.(Agnès b)> and other popular brands have the largest frames50%OFF!!At the same time, all the "clip-on sunglasses series" that are sure to be a big success in the coming season are all50%OFFWe will also hold a fair to become. *4Month25Sun (Monday) ~6Month5Limited to Sundays

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