The summer sale "Dai Nagoya SALE", which will be up to 50% off, will start on June 6th (Friday)!



The long-awaited summer sale!"Dai Nagoya SALE", which offers up to 50% off, will start on June 6th (Friday).This year, restaurants, cafes and food will also offer special discounts and services only during this period.In addition, you can get a "24 yen off coupon" that can be used for sale items just by registering as a friend on the Dai Nagoya Coupon dedicated site or the LINE official account of Dai Nagoya Building.Check out all the great deals and delicious information, and enjoy the summer of Dai Nagoya Building!

We are delivering "2 types" of coupons that can be used for sale items and can be used together with advantageous services!

During the "Dai Nagoya SALE" period starting from June 6th (Friday), we are preparing "24 types" of advantageous coupons. The "Summer Shopping Coupon" (2 yen OFF), which can be used immediately by registering as a member on the "Dai Nagoya Coupon Dedicated Site", is limited to 1,000 people on a first-come, first-served basis (one time per person).Furthermore, if you register for the LINE official account of Dai Nagoya Building, you will see "LINE friends onlyCan be used after 17:XNUMXGourmand coupon"(1,000 yen OFF) will be available.For details on coupons, please check the coupon face after completing membership registration and friend registration.

* Coupons will end as soon as the specified number is reached.In addition, it may end without notice.

▶ To register as a member of the "Dai Nagoya Coupon Site" Click here for more information.

▶ To register as a friend of "Dai Nagoya Building LINE Official Account" Click here for more information.

[Heart Up Vision Square] Up to 50% off eyeglass frames!

<SALE content> Maximum eyeglass frame50%OFF,Maximum contact lenses (* excluding color contact lenses)30%OFF

[World Beer Museum] Up to 50% OFF!

<SALE content> Largest product sales50%OFF, "Craft beer3This set "1,980Sold in yen

[Pressurized Beauty Terrace] First-time experience for a limited time (women only, advance reservation required)50%OFF

<SALE contents> During the period, there are 3 menus (XNUMX) Kaatsu training + pelvic slim60Minutes, ② Kaatsu training + cavitation esthetics60Minutes, ③ Kaatsu training + stretching60Minutes) First experience price (each)7,500Yen → each3,750You can receive it in yen). * Women only, advance reservation required

[Β LADIES & MEN] Some products30~50%OFF

<SALE content> 30-50% off some products *7Month1It will start from Sunday (Friday).

[Tabio] Some products30~50%OFF

<SALE content>

(30) 50-7% off some products * The period is from July 1st (Friday) to 18th (Monday / holiday).

(10) 6% off all products for app members * The period is from June 24th (Friday) to 30th (Thursday). * Admission is possible on the day

[Pubble] Morning set30~50%OFF

<SALE contents> Morning set30~50%OFF * Includes products that are not cracked, out of season, or are nearing the expiration date.

[GINZA Global Style COMFORT] Order Suit Early Bird Combi Fair 2Arrived52,800Yen ~ →51,700Yen ~

<SALE contents> Order suit early discount combination fair 2nd place 52,800 yen ~ → 51,700 yen ~

1,000YenOFF& With luxurious benefits!Cool and comfortable "Ultra Cool Tailoring" upgrade for freeOK * Applicable to new autumn / winter fabrics and spring / summer fabrics * The period is from July 7st (Friday) to 1st (Sunday).

[DESCENTE BLANC] Some products 30%OFF~

<SALE content> 30% off some products ~

[DENHAM] Some products 30%OFF~

<SALE contents> Some products 30%OFF~ *7Month1It will start from Sunday (Friday).

[Callaway Apparel | TravisMathew] Some products30%OFF

<SALE contents> Some products30%OFF 7Month1Sunday (Friday) ~8Month28It will be the period until the day (Sun).

[Wine shop Enoteca] Recommended popular white wine in summer10Book set 10,978Circle(34%OFF

<SALE contents> Recommended popular white wine in summer10Book set 10,978Circle(34%OFF

[Annon tea house]7daysDaily tea (set of 7 cube boxes to choose from)15%OFF

<SALE content>7daysDaily tea (set of 7 cube boxes to choose from)15%OFF

[OHAGI3] Hail Konpeito (Yuzu, Azuki, Matcha)5%OFF

<SALE contents> Hail Konpeito (Yuzu, Azuki, Matcha)5%OFF

[Chen Mapo Tofu] All take-out items20%OFF

[World Beer Museum] Luxury Paella10%OFF(Regular price1,630Yen →1,482Circle)

[Korean rice / liquor store Daidai] All take-out items10%OFF

[YURT] Take-out drink10%OFF

[Asakusa Kitchen Omiya] All take-out items10%OFF

[Saijoen Matcha Cafe] Saijoen Matcha Kakigori (3 point of your favorite shaved ice from 1 types) 5%OFF

[Namihana Robata Octagon] Ichiban Shibori (Middle Mug)520Yen + Aji fry from Matsuura, Nagasaki550Yen = set780Yen

[Kyushu Hakata Cuisine Motsunabe Sachi] Stir-fried Hormone Miso100YenOFF (OFFLunch starts from the set meal price100YenOFF)

[Annon tea house] Summer limited menu "AdultsSWEET'2~3With service tea of ​​kind (regular price 2,480Yen)500Yen OFF

[Kobe Rokkomichi / Gyunta] First drink service for meal users

[Salt Water by David Myers] Drink service for meal users

The summer feature of Dai Nagoya Building, "Sunflower Sky Garden," is also being held!

<Holding period> June 6th (Friday) -September 24th (Sunday)

<Place> 5F Sky Garden

▶ For more information on the 2022 "Sunflower Sky Garden" Click here for more information.

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