[October 2022] Dai Nagoya Building Event & New Open Shop



Event & New Open Shop

Check out the hot events of Dai Nagoya Building! We will deliver the latest information such as the event to be held in December and the New Open Limited Shop!Please use it as a reference when you go out.

[NEW OPEN] ReCORE Acupuncture and Moxibustion Hospital / Wednesday, July 7

If you have stiff shoulders, low back pain, sprains, stoops, etc., go to "ReCORE Acupuncture and Moxibustion Hospital".A practitioner with a national musculoskeletal qualification will propose the optimal method according to your physical condition.Pain for which the cause is unknown is something that appears immediately once it has subsided.Let's solve the problem cleanly by receiving the treatment according to the condition.

[Place] Dai Nagoya Building Shops & Restaurants 3F

[Campaign] Seijo Ishii Dai Nagoya Building Store "Bento Side dish Fair"

Lunch boxes and side dishes recommended by [Seijo Ishii] are gathered at the Dai Nagoya Building store!Customers who purchase products from 11:14 to 200:XNUMX on weekdays during the period will receive a "XNUMX yen OFF coupon" that can be used from the next time.Take this opportunity to pay attention to [Seijo Ishii]'s proud lunch box and side dish.

* The "200 yen OFF coupon" is a coupon that can be used for purchases of 11 yen (tax included) or more, including lunch boxes and side dishes, between 14:1,000 and 1:2022 on the next weekday.The expiration date is August 8, 19 (Friday).

* Coupons will end as soon as they run out.

【period】From Tuesday, June 2022th to Tuesday, June 7rd, 19

[Time] Weekdays 11: 00-14: 00

[Place] Dai Nagoya Building Shops & Restaurants B1F / Seijo Ishii

[Campaign] "Yukata de profitable campaign" held

During the period, "wear a yukata"Target stores of Dai Nagoya Building Shops & RestaurantsIf you use it, you can receive a great deal of service at each store.Please check the following for the target stores and service contents.

[Period] -Until July 2022, 7 (Tuesday)

*Prices posted on the website are
All prices include tax. 
* The posted information is as of the date of information disclosure.
Please note.

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