[October 2023] Dai Nagoya Building Event & New Open Shop



Event & New Open Shop

Check out the hot events of Dai Nagoya Building! We will deliver the latest information such as the event to be held in December and the New Open Limited Shop!Please use it as a reference when you go out.

[EVENT] Pre-registration for participation in “Sakura Sky Garden” “pre-release” limited to official Instagram followers has started!

"Sakura Sky Garden" will start on March 3th (Thursday) at the Dai Nagoya Building 9F Sky Garden.This year too, it will be decorated with gorgeous cherry blossoms, and you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing earlier than usual. On March 5rd (Friday) and 3th (Saturday), prior to the public release, a pre-release will be held exclusively for followers of Dai Nagoya Building's official Instagram.springPlease take a picture in advance and upload it to Instagram etc.In addition, the first 1,000 groups who applied in advance will receive a "Dai-Nagoya Coupon" that gives 1,000 yen off for purchases of 500 yen or more including tax!pleaseContactPlease feel free to apply.
[Date and time] November 3th (Friday) and 3th (Saturday) 4: 14-00: 20 on both days
[Place] Dai Nagoya Building 5F Sky Garden

[Participation conditions]

Dai Nagoya Building Official InstagramFollow

2023. Add the hashtag “#Sakura Sky Garden XNUMX” and post the photos taken at the pre-release on your Instagram account.

【way to participate】Dedicated application formApply from *Application deadline: Tuesday, February 2

[Advance application benefits]Receive a “Dai-Nagoya Coupon” that gives you 1,000 yen off for purchases of 500 yen or more including tax

*Limited to the first 1,000 pairs.Applications will be closed as soon as the number of applicants reaches the capacity.

* Applicants and companions can also come to the event. (You can bring as many companions as you want, but please be sure to come with the number of people you applied for.)

*To enter, the companion must also be an Instagram follower.

* To use the Dai Nagoya Coupon, you need to register as a member (free of charge) on the site dedicated to the Dai Nagoya Coupon.

*Priority will be given to those who have applied in advance during times of congestion.

*You can enter at any time from 14:00 to 19:45 each day.

* In case of stormy weather, it may be canceled.

*The event schedule is subject to change.

[NEW OPEN] Sumai no Johokan Da Vinci / Monday, February 2

Since its founding in 1996, "Sumai no Jouhou Kan Da Vinci" has been a driving force in relocation (rental management of homes for people who are away from work).Our highly specialized staff with a long history in the industry will answer your questions from a “manager’s perspective”.Based on the results we have cultivated so far, we are developing a “reliable and reliable” service that can prepare for all kinds of risks in housing.

[Place] Dai Nagoya Building Shops & Restaurants 3F

[EVENT] 21th Glitter Art Concours Excellence Award Exhibition

The "Glittering Art Contest" started in XNUMX with the desire to support the potential of children with disabilities.With this competition as an opportunity, we aim to create a competition in which children become more and more fond of drawing, develop smiles and self-confidence, and expand their talents and possibilities.During the period, the 1th excellent works will be exhibited at the Dai Nagoya Building B21F Atrium.

[Period] February 2023, 2 (Thursday / holiday) to February 23 (Sunday)

[Time] 11: 00 ~ 21: 00

[Location] Dai Nagoya Building B1F Atrium (Admission free)

▶For more information about the "Kirakira Art Contest"Click here for more information.

[REPORT] We dedicated the heart-shaped ema that everyone filled out to "Takamu Shrine"

At the Sky Garden on the 5th floor of the Dai Nagoya Building, we held the event "Make your wishes and thoughts come true for your loved ones" held until February 2023, 2 (Tuesday).Thank you to everyone who participated in [Wish on Heart Ema].you enteredApproximately 5,000 ema will be sent to Chikusa Ward, Nagoya City on February 2023, 2 (Wednesday)At "Takamu Shrine"I prayed for you and made a donation.everyone'sMay your wishes come true.

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All prices include tax. 
* The posted information is as of the date of information disclosure.
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