[April 2023] We have gathered interesting information for this month.Shop news & topics [4/4 update]



This month's "interesting" news and topics have been collected from each store in the Dai Nagoya Building.We will deliver a lot of information that you need to check, such as new product releases, campaigns, great discount services, and recommended items.Don't miss out on the limited-time content!

Friday is "Men's Time Sale".Men's products are 5% off at the cash register

B1F |tabio

every friday17~20by the time3We hold "men's time sale" only for time.1,100Any men's product priced at yen (tax included) or more can be purchased at the cash register.5%OFFwill beFor men's products, even if you add up multiple itemsOK.Check out the great men's items on your way home from work on Friday.

<Date> Every Friday 17:00~20:00

A retro classic view of the world to socks. "Pure cafe collaboration" series released!

B1F |tabio

Nostalgic yet new, the world view of the booming "pure cafe" is made into socks.Popular net cafes in various parts of Japan <tabio> and collaboration.4Month13on Thursday1Following the collaboration socks with "Cafe Soiree" in Kawaramachi, Kyoto, which was released as a bullet,4Month27On Sundays (Thursdays)2As a bullet, collaboration socks with "Cafe Bonbon" in Takaoka, Nagoya will be released. [tabio] Limited to West Japan, purchasers will receive an original coaster as a novelty.Accent your usual outfit with these retro-classic socks.

Collaboration socks with “Cafe Soiree” (each1,430circle).Both socks and novelties will end as soon as they are gone.

First2as a bullet2023Years4Month27Collaboration socks with “Cafe Bonbon” to be released on Sunday (Thursday) (each1,430circle).Both socks and novelties will end as soon as they are gone.

Win coupons on the spot! “Bread & Dessert Festival” held

B1F | Seijo Ishii

If you flip the sticker attached to the target product and read the XNUMXD barcode with your smartphone, you will receive an app coupon on the spot! Held the "Bread & Dessert Festival". First prize is50YenOFF,2Etc.20YenOFF, Stamp on the stamp card in the app as a challenge award even if you lose1Individual stamp.the stamp5When you save15YenOFFThe coupon isGETAvailable

<Period>2023Years4Month7Sunday (Friday) ~5Month31Sun (Wed) *Scheduled

▶For more information about the above campaign Click here for more information.

▶ [Seijo Ishii] To download the official app,iOSIs Click here for more information.,AndroidIs Click here for more information.

*The campaign may end without notice.

Buy contact lenses and glasses at the same time!

B1F | Heart Up Vision Square

During the period, customers who purchased contact lenses and glasses at the same time at [Heart Up Vision Square] will receive30%OFFI will assume.In the case of purchase at the same time, the contact lens1Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu1,971Yen ~, a set of glasses3,850yen.For example, if you buy new glasses at the same time you buy your regular contact lenses, you can save money on both.

<Period>2023Years4Month1Sunday (Sat) -4Month23Sun (Sun)

Get your sunglasses ready for summer. “Prescription Sunglasses Fair” held

B1F | Heart Up Vision Square

During the period, those who selected lens color option, photochromic lens, polarized lens when purchasing glasses, glasses set30%OFFTo.Prepare for summer with strong UV rays1Why don't you make a new pair of "prescription sunglasses" that are convenient to have around?30%OFFIn adaptation, prescription sunglasses6,160Yen ~.

<Period>2023Years4Month1Sunday (Sat) -4Month23Sun (Sun)

A chance to get 3 or 2 times more stamps than usual "Stamp Fair"!


41"Stamp Fair" will be held from Sunday (Saturday).During the period,5,500For those who purchase more than yen (tax included), the purchase points of the Five Fox Member's Card are normal3times, or2I will double.4Month1Sunday (Sat) -4Month4Stamp until Sunday (Tuesday)3Double,4Month5Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month11Date (Tuesday) is a stamp2Double.Don't miss this opportunity to check out spring and summer items that can be used immediately.

<Period>2023Years4Month1Sunday (Sat) -4Month11Sun (Tue)

[GINZA Global Style] Get great deals on custom-made suits at all stores!

2F |GINZA Global Style COMFORT

GINZA Global Style】 To commemorate the addition of a new store, an “order suit fair” will be held at all stores.order suit2Get a coupon without exception by purchasing at the same time!with coupon2In the case of purchase at the time of arrival51,700Yen ~ (1,000YenOFF),3in case of wearing1,500YenOFF,4more if you wear2,000YenOFFwill beAt this timing when new spring fabrics are arriving one after another,2023Why don't you make a "one piece just for you" that will be very active in the spring and summer of this year.

<Period>2023Years4Month3Sun (Monday) ~5Month7Sun (Sun)

*To use the coupon, [GINZA Global StyleLINEFriend registration is required for the official account.

▶For more information about the "Order Suit Fair" Click here for more information.

Introducing April's birthstone, diamond antique jewelry

3F | Arts & Antiques Miarka

From antique specialty store [Arts & Antiques Miaruka],4Introducing special products using diamonds, which are also the birthstone of the moon.The brooch in the lower left of the photo is19It was made in France in the middle of the XNUMXth century, and is crafted with a technique known as trembling, in which a coiled spring is placed under the rose flower, and the vibration causes the flower to sway and make the diamond shine even brighter. .The ring on the upper right of the photo is also made in France, and is a splendid work with blue and white enamel (Western cloisonne, glass-like baking). [Arts & Antiques Miaruka] collects antiques that are beautiful to wear.Please visit the store where you can try out the brilliance unique to antiques.It will be a beautiful first experience in your life.

"Diamond Tremblant Brooch [Silver/Gold]" (1,320,000yen), “Enamel & Diamond Gold Ring” (1,298,000Circle)

A new spring/summer 2023 model using punching leather is released!


414Sunday (Friday),2023A second bag and shoulder bag using punching leather will be released as new spring/summer models. 〈PELLE MORBIDAThis series is made of full leather with punching processing on the surface of the shrink leather, which is synonymous with the brand, and has a light and stylish impression.This item is suitable for discerning adults who want to casually stand out from the crowd.

The unique texture of the punching process stands out when exposed to outside light. "Second bag [PMO-MB028P]”(36,300yen), shoulder bags [PMO-MB057P]”(39,600Circle).

Introducing a new neoprene material in the neoprene series


421On Sunday (Friday), items using a new neoprene material will be added to the neoprene series.Representative of synthetic rubberSBRThe new material, which is made by laminating polyester smooth fabric on both sides of the rubber, is highly waterproof enough to be used for wet suits, and prevents water from entering from the surface of the bag. 〈PELLE MORBIDA> It is a hot item that is perfect for summer in pursuit of functional beauty.

If the bag is waterproof, it will come in handy in case of emergency. "tote bag[PMO-CT010]”(39,600yen), “mini tote [PMO-TE011]”(28,600circle), “pouch [PMO-CT011]”(6,600Circle).

Do you have "jeans" that you gave up wearing because the zipper was broken?

2F|Form eye & Riche

I gave up because the zipper broke.1Do you have "books" sleeping in your closet? Clothes, bags, and shoes repair specialty store [form eye] & Rich] is also good at replacing and repairing zippers for jeans and other items.Estimates and measurements are free, so bring those pants and skirts you've given up on and feel free to ask for advice.

The photo on the left is before repair, and the photo on the right is after repair.zipper replacement5,500yen.The replacement will be a commercially available fastener.In addition to jeans, please feel free to contact us for various pants, skirts, bags and blousons.

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