[April 2023] We have gathered interesting information for this month.Shop news & topics [5/5 update]



This month's "interesting" news and topics have been collected from each store in the Dai Nagoya Building.We will deliver a lot of information that you need to check, such as new product releases, campaigns, great discount services, and recommended items.Don't miss out on the limited-time content!

March campaign


During the period, the Dai Nagoya Building store will open.5We offer special benefits, including anniversary gifts.Golden Week is 【β LADIES & MEN] Make the final preparations for summer coordination.

<5thAnniversary & Triple Stamp Campaign>2023Years5Month1Sun (Monday) ~5Month5Sundays (Fridays and public holidays),33,000Customers who purchase more than ¥ (tax included) will receive a cake ticket that can be used at "Cafe Comme Ca Hoshigaoka Mitsukoshi".first come first served30Name limited.In addition, the purchase points of the Five Fox Member's Card can be used as normal3I will double.

<Double stamp campaign>2023Years5Month6Sunday (Sat) -5Month12During the period of the day (Friday), the purchase points of the Five Fox Member's Card2I will double.

"Italian Wine Sale"

B1F | Wine Shop Enoteca

From daily wines to fine wines, we are holding a discount sale for almost all Italian wines!target wine2If you purchase more than one book, your bill will be20%OFFwill beWould you like to toast with Italian wine this year's Golden Week?

<Period>2023Years4Month22Sunday (Sat) -5Month7Sun (Sun)

*Some products are excluded.Please check at the store for details.

"2nd Anniversary Sale"

B1F | Heart Up Vision Square

Opening of [Heart Up Vision Square Dai-Nagoya Building]2In commemoration of the anniversary, eyeglass frames are the largest from the store regular price50%OFFTo. 〈Ray-Ban> And <POLICE>, 〈kate spade NEW YORK> frames from famous brands are also eligible.Take this opportunity to buy new glasses and aim for a summer makeover.Extra charge for thin lenses at any power0You can make it in a circle.

<Period>2023Years4Month22Sunday (Sat) -6Month4Sun (Sun)

*Some products are excluded.Please check at the store for details.


3F |nest Robe / CONFECT

During the period,MEMBER'S(Shop member) points are normal2"W POINT CAMPAIGN” was held.Hurry up and coordinate your summer outfits!

<Period>2023Years5Month12Sunday (Friday) ~5Month21Sun (Sun)

"Official app new registration campaign"


During the period,<PELLE MORBIDA〉 If you newly register with the official app, you will receive regular membership benefits1,000at the point1,500Gift points.The given points can be used from shopping on the day.

<Period>2023Years4Month28Sunday (Friday) ~5Month7Sun (Sun)

"Mother's Day Novelty Fair"

B1F |tabio

During the period,2,750We present "herbal tea" to customers who purchase more than yen (tax included).

<Period>2023Years4Month22Sunday (Sat) -5Month14Sun (Sun)

The "Food Textile Series" is a Mother's Day gift that uses traceable organic cotton that shows the face of the producer for the base of the fabric and is dyed with eco-friendly and human-friendly dyes extracted from food materials that food companies plan to discard. Recommended for.

Customers who purchase 2,750 yen (tax included) or more will receive this herbal tea.

[May only] "Order suit combination fair" with optional gifts worth 5 yen

2F |GINZA Global Style COMFORT

During period, full-scale order suit2wearing combination52,800Yen ~.2Only for those who use wearing combination,5Selectable options including “lightweight tailoring” for a limited time5,000I will give you the yen.Currently, a wide range of suit fabrics are in stock, from light spring and summer items to all-season suits.In addition to the classic navy, gray, and black, there are also trendy colors such as beige.

<Period>2023Years5Month8Sun (Monday) ~5Month31Sunday (Wednesday)

* To use optional benefits, [GINZA Global StyleLINEFriend registration is required for the official account.

<DENHAM×ATHLETA> 3rd collaboration item release!


Brazil-born football brandATHLETA> with3The second collaboration is realized!became familiarATHLETA〉A new charcoal gray cut-and-sew is added to the black that uses the original material.A cut and sew that further updates the original graphics.2type, shorts1Kata, full-length pants1mold, sandals1all of the molds5Items are available.

<Release date>2023Years4Month21Sunday (Friday)

May tart "Strawberry and black tea custard cream bouquet tart" sales start

B1F | La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie

From [La Maison Ensoleil Table Patisserie] released by tarts that use seasonal fruits luxuriously every month5Introducing the limited tart of the month.Sweet and sour strawberry cream and black tea custard cream are layered on black tea cake tart to create a chocolate crunch "Strawberry and Black Tea Custard Cream Bouquet Tart"1piece 1,100yen) will appear.It is a tart full of special feelings that is perfect for a “Mother's Day gift” decorated with carnations and strawberries as decorations.

<Period>2023Years5Month1Sun (Monday) ~5Month31Sunday (Wednesday)

*The design of the cake varies depending on the season.

Items for Mother's Day gifts are now on sale!

B1F | Pub blur

The art candy specialty store [Papabuble] has a colorful pop finish for Mother's Day gifts this year as well.The pattern with a heart carnation and a red rose motif has the meaning of respect, love and gratitude.5"Mother's Day Mix" that incorporates lychee and peach rose, which are popular among adult women, with fruit flavors (apple, acerola, apricot) that are in season from January to early summer (BAG670Circle,SJAR980Yen), flower-shaped lollipops are also available in different colors and flavors. [Papabubble] is a large standard shop for anniversary gifts.

*It will end as soon as the products are exhausted.

Introducing the May birthstone, emerald antique jewelry

3F | Arts & Antiques Miarka

Antique specialty store [Arts]&Antiques Miaruka],5Introducing products using the birthstone of the moon, emerald.in England200This butterfly brooch, made about a year ago, was popular at the time."Cantille"A gold work called is used.Its exquisite beauty makes it worthy of being called a small treasure.

"Ruby & Emerald & Diamond Gold Brooch" (1,628,000Circle)

"You can choose from 11 places on the whole body! Hair removal experience course" at a special price of 1,000 yen!


We have prepared a special course that allows you to try to remove hair on areas of concern before summer wears lightly.generally13,900Around the corner, estheticTBCSpecial price for beginners only1,000You can experience it in Yen.Why don't you get smooth skin with high-quality hair removal without self-treatment?

<Period>2023Years5Month1Sun (Monday) ~5Month31Sunday (Wednesday)

*For women only. * Limited to TBC first-timers,1any person1Location /1One time only ※Please contact us for details.

"Spring Posture & Skeleton Diet & Admission Free Campaign"

3F | Pressurized Beauty Terrace

silk suspension30Minutes, pelvic slim30Min, corrective slim bandage2duty (10minutes) set "Beauty Proportion Diet Special Course (about70minutes)" at a special price5,500You can receive it in Yen.normal now22,000Yen admission fee is free, and65For those over the age of XNUMX, the first experience price is half price2,750becomes a circle.Above all, please feel the difference in appearance after the New York-born aerial hammock Pilates “Silk Suspension” treatment, which is currently attracting attention.

<Period>2023Years5Month1Sun (Monday) ~5Month31Sunday (Wednesday)

*For women only. *Limited to first-time visitors *Advance reservation required *Please inquire for details.

"Apple pie" or "apple tart", which do you prefer?A long-awaited new product is here!

B1F|Imohana Koi, Apple Pie Kotaro

The long-awaited new product is now available at [Imohana Koi Apple Pie Kotaro], which just reopened in April!In collaboration with the popular patisserie "Patisserie High" in Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture, it is perfect for souvenirs.2A product was born.The decisive factor in the taste of both is the “potato paste” that uses sweet potato syrup, which is the pride of “Imohanakoi”.You can enjoy a unique marriage of sweet potato x almond x apple.

“Imohanakoi” is a miraculous collaboration of sweet potato and apple pie, “Imomitsu Apple Pie” (648Circle).

"Imomitsu apple tart" with layers of potato paste, almond cream, and thinly sliced ​​domestic apples (648Circle).

"Import Fair" where "delicious" from all over the world gather!

B1F | Seijo Ishii

519From Sunday (Friday), "delicious" items selected from all over the world will be gathered at [Seijo Ishii].For more information,Web flyerPlease check at

<Period>2023Years5Month19Sunday (Friday) ~6Month11Sun (Sun)

Kamakura Shirts 30th anniversary commemorative mug is now on sale!

B1F | Maker's Shirt Kamakura

This year30Commemorative items have appeared from [Maker's Shirt Kamakura], which is celebrating its anniversary.British long-established textile manufacturerLIBERTY FABRICS> has created a mug with a special feeling.By incorporating motifs such as surfers, sandy beaches, and torii, the scenery of “Kamakura” rich in nature is expressed. It is finished in an item full of originality unique to [Maker's Shirt Kamakura].

"30thLimited Liberty pattern mug” (2,420circle).black and white2color development.Ends as soon as it's gone.

Print T-shirt of "UpcycleLino" comes up from <CONFECT>!

3F |nest Robe / CONFECT

We use "cutting scraps" that inevitably come out in the process of making clothes.Upcycle Lino”, <CONFECT extension> Turn on the unique print.With the meaning of respect for the good old things, "LAV” typography is a motif.1Introducing a summer must-have item that looks just like it.

CONFECT extension>"India"“LAV”bigTshirt【MEN]”(12,100Circle).5Month19Scheduled to start selling from Sunday (Friday).

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