Dai Nagoya Building 2023 Special Contents for Enjoying Autumn [Golf & Sports Edition]



At the Dai Nagoya Building, autumn begins in earnest on Friday, September 1st.There are plenty of items that will create the “Autumn of Sports”, including the hottest golf gear and wear.Dai Nagoya Building will support you to enjoy sports.Now, if you register as a LINE friend, you will receive "Autumn Shopping Coupon 2023" as a gift!Autumn special content is until November 11th (Tuesday).

<CASIO> G-SQUAD (44,000 yen)

2F | JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison

Equipped with an optical sensor that can measure heart rate and a blood oxygen level measurement functionG-SHOCKis new.You can understand the load level during workouts such as walking and running, as well as the analysis of the degree of recovery from sleep.Improves quality of daily life1It is a book.

*Great Nagoya coupons cannot be used at [JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison].

<TISSOT> T-touch connect solar (159,500 yen)

2F | JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison

Calendars, weather forecasts, alarms, and other functions that are indispensable in daily life30A multifunctional tactile watch equipped with the above functions.You can get a healthy lifestyle because you can see the distance traveled and calories burned.Accented with embossed leather on the front.

*The price will be 2023 yen until Thursday, September 9, 14. *Great Nagoya coupons cannot be used at [JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison].

<BEAMS GOLF> Knit (26,400 yen) [MEN], Parker (26,400 yen) [MEN], Blouson (28,600 yen), Polo shirt (18,700 yen)


The “logo print middle gauge knit” (left photo), which expresses the “logo sweatshirt” that represents American casual, and the Mexican hoodie <BEAMS GOLF, and the “sporty Mexican hoodie” (in the photo), which is a typical interpretation of the store.Functional materials/AirshutDiverse golf wear that combines function and design, such as the “Full Zip Blouson” (photo right) using ® and the “Geometric Print Polo Shirt” (photo right) with a vintage-style all-over pattern print.

* Knitwear and blousons are scheduled to arrive in early September.Items without prices are for reference only.

Crew neck long-sleeve graphic sweater (ladies' knit 22,000 yen/men's knit 24,200 yen)

2F | Jun and Rope

Impressive with boldly placed brand logo monogram1Sheet.The gorgeous, yet not too flashy, balanced design is sure to become the focal point of your outfit.The moderately fleshy fabric is soft and comfortable to the touch.

*202310Month1It will be sold in limited quantities from Sunday (Sunday).

<BANDEL> Polo shirt (27,500 yen), pants (41,800 yen) [MEN]


A set of polo shirt and pants made of glen check material that is characterized by its warm feel and moist texture.Both have a design with side lines to improve your style.It is also a nice point that you can wear it in scenes other than golf.

9Scheduled to arrive in the middle of the month

<BANDEL> Healthcare Necklace Earth (22,000 yen)


Developed to promote blood circulation in the shoulders and neck and relieve stiffness.It is certified as a controlled medical device and has a built-in samarium-cobalt magnet that generates a strong magnetic field inside the loop.Contribute to performance improvement.The pendant top is an iconic one with the motif of "Octus".

<GARMIN> Wristwatch-type GPS measurement device (Approach S70 47mm / 99,800 yen)


Equipped with cutting-edge golf functions such as height difference information,AMOLEDA premium model that uses a high-definition display.Positional accuracy has been further improved, and the depiction of the course map has evolved beautifully into realistic graphics.It is the best masterpiece of the series that the ideal of the golfer came to fruition.


<TENTIAL> BAKUNE top and bottom set (24,200 yen)


Recovery wear equipped with "a gentle texture specialized for sleep" and "design to support turning over".By promoting blood circulation, it reduces fatigue during sleep.special fiberSELFLAME®” keeps your body temperature at a comfortable temperature and supports a comfortable sleep.

*20239Month13It will be on sale from Sunday (Wednesday).

<TENTIAL> GOLF INSOLE + Carbon (32,780 yen each)


The Cuboid Balance Theory, which improves the function of the legs, helps to improve posture and support stable and powerful shots.A highly functional material that has both shock absorption and resiliencePORON” reduces the burden on the feet.You can play comfortably even in the second half of the round.

<PELLE MORBIDA> stand caddy bag (PG001/69,300 yen)


PELLE MORBIDA> design with a sophisticated and high-quality atmosphere.Synthetic leather is used with a luxurious leather-like texture, so you can use it without hesitation even in rainy weather.The size is also thought out so that it can be easily carried in a car or carried around.It is an item excellent in both visuals and practicality.

ALLTERRAIN〉Hard shell jacket “Clairs” (48,400circle)[MEN]


Equipped with a unique dual ventilation system in the front zipper area, it discharges unpleasant heat and moisture that tends to stay inside the clothes.Specializing in functionality, it has a slim silhouette and a smart atmosphere, so it can be used as a town use.

<Carl Zeiss> Photochromic lens (from 52,800 yen)


World-famous optical equipment brand <Zeiss(Zeiss)>, a photochromic lens with unprecedented performance.The transparency is very high, and even people with strong degrees can make it without spoiling the appearance.Color development and decoloration are also fast, making it ideal for use during rounds.

*The price above does not include the frame price.

Autumn is a great season for shopping. "LINE friends limited autumn shopping coupon 2023" is now available!

At the Dai Nagoya Building, we offer “Autumn Shopping Coupons” so that customers can enjoy shopping in autumn even more.2023” is being distributed.Dai Nagoya BuildingLINEIf you register the official account as a friend,3,000YenOFFCoupon available.Of course, it can also be used for the items introduced above.In addition, "Autumn shopping coupon2023”, you can also use the “Autumn Shopping Coupon2023<Already1times >” as a gift.You should be able to enjoy shopping at the Dai Nagoya Building to your heart's content.

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*Coupons may end without notice.

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