Great Nagoya Building 2023 Special content to enjoy autumn [Fashion & Beauty edition]



At Dai Nagoya Building, we enter full-fledged autumn from September 1st (Friday).New fall/winter fashion items are starting to appear, making it the perfect season to enjoy shopping.Dai Nagoya Building also has many beauty stores, so be sure to pay attention to their health care and body care menus.If you register as a LINE friend now, you will receive an “Autumn Shopping Coupon 2023” that can be used on the beauty and service menu!Autumn special content will be available until November 11th (Tuesday).

<MAURICE LACROIX> Pontus S Diver (284,900 yen)

2F | JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison

The dial has a design that makes the indexes and minute mark stand out more clearly, and is both functionally beautiful and luxurious.Not only is it perfect for underwater exploration, but it's also an irreplaceable companion for city life.

*20239Month18Until the day (Monday)266,200It will be yen. *Great Nagoya coupons cannot be used at [JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison].

<CITIZEN>xC (60,500 yen)

2F | JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison

As a new color for the long-selling model that is easy to match with any style, an eternal platinum x black dial has been introduced that adds an intellectual shine to your wrist.World timeTYO(+9) The gold-colored heart mark at the ``'' position is a cute accent.

*Great Nagoya coupons cannot be used at [JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison].

<IL BISONTE> Combination leather gloves (14,300 yen)

2F|Il Bisonte

These leather gloves are also popular as gifts.The texture of high-quality leather and the modern design of the casually embroidered logo in the same color will brighten up your hands during the cold season.The inside has a warm boa design, so it has excellent cold protection.

*20239Month15Limited quantities will be sold from Sunday (Friday).

<IL BISONTE> Fleece muffler (8,800 yen each)

2F|Il Bisonte

The fleece scarf, which is popular every year, is available in gray, brown, green, and black this season.4Available in a variety of colors.The lining is colored in a color that allows you to enjoy the contrast with the outer fabric, which has a gentle and warm texture.This item is recommended as a gift or as a pair.

*XNUMX9Month15Limited quantities will be sold from Sunday (Friday).

<IL BISONTE> Key case (16,500 yen)

2F|Il Bisonte

Carefully processed original tanned leather is designed with a combination color, and the logo is casually placed on it.The hook part is a functional specification that can be removed with a hook.The more you use the original vachetta leather, the more you can enjoy the change over time.

*Limited quantity sales

<Kaneko Megane> Eyewear (KMP-16 BKAS/79,200 yen)


Comfortable to wear, with craftsmanship down to each and every detail.1Book.silver925I am also attracted to the luxury design using.Elegance, Classical, Rustic1This item is filled with the charm of current Kaneko glasses, as if expressed in a book.

<βMEN> Meryl nylon fake layered jacket (from 53,900 yen) [MEN]


Made from Meryl microfiber, which is characterized by its fine texture and comfortable fit when tailored.A removable nylon hood layered on the inner layer gives it a playful feel.1I'm wearing it.The slightly loose box silhouette pattern is also fashionable.

<βMEN> Neoprene one-shoulder bag (25,300 yen)


Easy to use daily11LA one-shoulder bag of the same size.It uses DuPont's synthetic rubber, which is also used in diving wetsuits, and boasts excellent strength.Easy to access contents2The mouth zipper makes it highly functional.

<PELLE MORBIDA> Boston bag (MB068WI/99,000 yen) [MEN]


Inspired by Vienna, the capital of Austria, the design incorporates gorgeousness.23New items for fall/winter.The size is convenient for everyday use, making it useful for any occasion, from private trips to business trips.

<nest Robe> Naturally dyed ruffle smock dress (34,100 yen)

3F|nest Robe / CONFECT

A dress inspired by vintage ruffled shirts. "OFF WHITE” is coconut, “C.GREY” uses acorns as dye, and is characterized by the gentle texture of natural dyeing.Since it has a skipper design, we recommend wearing it without the collar for a mature look.

<DENHAM> Denim jacket (104,500 yen) [MEN]


A new denim jacket using Denham's original fabric.Inspired by vintage pieces, they are heavily processed and repaired.The chest pocket has the brand's signature detail,7POINT POCKETI am designing.

Gold in quartz & gold brooch (808,500 yen)

3F | Arts & Antiques Miarka

A brooch with an intellectual and romantic motif of an ancient lyre entwined with grapes, a symbol of abundance.Items using gold in quartz are very rare.19Probably made in America in the late XNUMXth century.

*Limited to 1 item

Order jacket + order pants (from 44,550 yen)


using imported fabric1A custom-made jacket and pants set that is carefully tailored each piece.A smart design that goes with various dress codes.1You can make your clothes come true.

Custom suits (2 suits starting from 52,800 yen)


We have a wide variety of fabrics available for business and occasion styles, including new items for fall/winter 2023.2It's a good deal to mix and match, so you can mix and match with your family and friends.1It is also recommended to buy each item individually.

<AYURA> Rhythm Concentrate Water (4,400 yen), Rhythm Concentrate α (8,800 yen)


The ``Rhythm Concentrate'' series prevents skin problems caused by various factors such as UV rays and dryness, and improves skin condition.Double use of lotion and serum will lead to fresh and smooth skin.The beautiful gradation packaging is also recommended as a gift.

You can choose from 11 locations on the whole body!Hair removal experience course (1,000 yen)


Did you know that autumn is the best season to start hair removal when your skin is less exposed??TBCThen, the whole body, such as armpits and under the knees.11I like it from several places1Hair removal experience where you can choose the location is usually available.13,900For yen, only for first time users1,000You can receive it in yen.Don't miss this great opportunity to try it out.

*For women only *TBCFirst-timers only,1any person1places1Limited to one time *Please contact the salon for details.

*Dainagaya coupons cannot be used at [Aesthetic TBC].

Beauty and health support!First time limited half price campaign ① Training 30 minutes first experience (half price 1,750 yen) / ② Training + beauty salon 60 minutes first experience (half price 3,750 yen)

3F|Pressure beauty terrace

A special first-time experience course where you can combine delicious menu items to build a healthy body.We aim to achieve your ideal beauty by combining unique personal training such as pressure training and aerial Pilates with the popular ``Myofascial Release'' and ``Intestinal Training'' that activates the function of the intestines.Let's try the best course while consulting with the staff.

*For women only, advance reservation required *Please contact the salon for details.

Autumn is a great season for shopping. "LINE friends limited autumn shopping coupon 2023" is now available!

At the Dai Nagoya Building, we offer “Autumn Shopping Coupons” so that customers can enjoy shopping in autumn even more.2023” is being distributed.Dai Nagoya BuildingLINEIf you register the official account as a friend,3,000YenOFFCoupon available.Of course, it can also be used for the items introduced above.In addition, "Autumn shopping coupon2023”, you can also use the “Autumn Shopping Coupon2023<Already1times >” as a gift.You should be able to enjoy shopping at the Dai Nagoya Building to your heart's content.

※"Autumn shopping coupon2023& autumn shopping coupons2023<Already1times>” will be provided as a Dai-Nagoya coupon (electronic coupon).

※"Autumn shopping coupon2023& autumn shopping coupons2023<Already1times>” is limited to use at product sales and service stores.1per accounting30,000For yen (tax included) or more1Can be used multiple times.1people1one time only.

*FamilyMart, JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison, EstheticTBC, Dai Nagoya coupons cannot be used at Da Vinci, the housing information center.

※"Autumn shopping coupon2023” is first-come, first-served500Limited to first name.

※"Autumn shopping coupon2023<Already1Times>” is in order of use on a first-come, first-served basis200Limited to first name.

* To use the Dai Nagoya Coupon, you need to register as a member (free of charge) on the site dedicated to the Dai Nagoya Coupon.

*Coupons may end without notice.

*Please read the notes carefully before using the coupon.

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