[April 2023] We have gathered interesting information for this month.Shop news & topics [10/10 update]



This month's "interesting" news and topics have been collected from each store in the Dai Nagoya Building.We will deliver a lot of information that you need to check, such as new product releases, campaigns, great discount services, and recommended items.Don't miss out on the limited-time content!

[β LADIES&MEN] Campaign information for September 2023


LADIES & MEN] Then,10Month1Sun (Sun) ~10Month11until the day (Wed)11During the day, the purchase points of the Five Fox Member's Card3times, or2A point reduction campaign will be held to double.1Accounting5,500Applies to purchases of yen (tax included) or more.Do you need to prepare winter items soon?If you have a product you are looking for, please take this opportunity.

<Period> [Points3times]2023Years10Month1Sun (Sun) ~10Month4Sun (Wednesday),10Month7Sunday (Sat) -10Month9Sundays (Mondays/Holidays), [Points]2times]2023Years10Month5Sunday (Thursday)・6Sunday (Friday)10Sun (Tue)・11Sunday (Wednesday)

Autumn matcha soft drinks are now on sale for a limited time!

B1F | Saijoen Matcha Cafe

Autumn is full of appetite! At [Saijoen Matcha Cafe], the fall-only matcha soft serve ``Saijoen Autumn Flavors Matcha Soft'' (1,050yen) is on sale.It's more like a "parfait" than a soft serve ice cream.The specialty matcha ice cream is topped with dried persimmon paste, Hokkaido Ebisu pumpkin ice cream, Kyoho sherbet, astringent skin chestnuts, Osatsu bean paste with skin, and Daigaku sweet potato sticks, making it a popular fall flavor experience.Don't miss out on Dai Nagoya Building's favorite autumn sweets!

<Sales period>~2023Years10Month31until Sunday (Tuesday)

Introducing the new tarts for September 2023

B1F | La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie

From [La Maison Ensoleil Table Patisserie], which is attracting attention for its limited-time tarts made with seasonal fruits.10Information on new tarts for the month has arrived.10The seasonal tart of the month is "Akiei and Shine Muscat Tart."As the name suggests, Akibae is10It is an apple variety that reaches its peak season in March, and is characterized by its crunchy texture and sweet and sour taste typical of apples.Compote the apples to lock in the deliciousness, and serve with Shine Muscat to create a tart with a new fruit combination.Autumn is the season for apples, so give them a try!

There is plenty of caramel cream with Gianduja hidden under the fruit. “Akiei and Shine Muscat Tart” (1piece 1,180circle).The sales period is2023Years10Month1Sun (Sun) ~10Month31until Sunday (Tuesday).

[nest Robe / CONFECT] New product released in September 2023

3F |nest Robe / CONFECT

We use an original linen wool material created with a textile manufacturer in Bishu.The ``Mixed Glen Check'' is a combination of Shetland wool yarn (light color) and linen yarn (dark color), creating a truly mature atmosphere.Light and comfortable to wear, yet has excellent heat retention.Don't miss out on the ``Wool Linen Glen Check Long Coat,'' which will become the centerpiece of your winter outfit.The release is2023Years10Scheduled for the beginning of the month.

The unevenness of the surface of the fabric is rich in expression due to the characteristics of the yarn, which allows wool to shrink while linen does not. <nest Dress〉Wool linen glen check long coat (99,000Circle).

The first collaboration between DENHAM x Ground Y using XNUMXs skaters as a resource has been realized!


DENHAMThe ruggedness of (Denham)Ground Y(GROUND Y)〉's edgy feel is fused.90This is the first collaboration using skaters from the XNUMXs as a resource. <Ground Y〉 has the familiar wide silhouette pants, and 〈DENHAMThis is a completely new collection that infuses each brand's signature products, such as the classic coach jacket, with the essence of each brand.All items are6type.10Month6On sale starts from Sunday (Friday).

DENHAM×Ground Y>cap(11,000circle),Tshirt(19,800circle), shorts (36,300yen), socks (4,400circle).Others are reference products.

DENHAM×Ground Y〉Coach jacket (64,900circle),Tshirt(19,800yen), denim pants (64,900circle).Others are reference products.

"New store open fair"

2F |GINZA Global Style COMFORT

GINZA Global Style] new to3To commemorate the store's addition, a "new store open fair" will be held at all stores.custom suit2Wearing combination (52,800yen~), custom suits+Order coat (80,300Luxury options available for orders starting from ¥XNUMX3,000Give away yen worth!moreover,1Accounting77,000If you purchase more than yen (tax included), the shipping service is free.For more information,Click here for the guidelines.Please refer to the.when you visitvisit reservation formIf you use , you can enjoy ordering even more smoothly.

<Period>2023Years10Month2Sun (Monday) ~10Month31Sun (Tue)

*To use the benefits,LINEOfficial friend registration is required.People who have already registered as friends can also use it.

Would you like to ``fix your knit'' before it gets really cold?

2F|Form eye & Riche

Clothes, bags, and shoes repair shop [form eye] & Introducing the recommended menu for this season, ``knit repair'' from [Rish]. [Form Eye & At LISH, we can not only partially re-knit the item, but also treat it to prevent fraying from spreading, so you can repair or mend your favorite knit.It can also be used to shorten the sleeve length or shorten the length.Don't give up if you have a hole, please consult us first.Estimates and measurements are free for clothing and bag repairs.

*Depending on the knitting pattern, the size of the scratch, and the repair method, repair marks may remain.Also, depending on the condition, repair may not be possible. *We do not accept stain removal services.We recommend that you bring it in after cleaning. *We do not accept pill removal services.

*Prices posted on the website are
All prices include tax. 
* The posted information is as of the date of information disclosure.
Please note.

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