Dai Nagoya Building offers "Fuku Gourmet" to celebrate the start of 2024.



Dai Nagoya Building will be holding "Fuku Gourmet" at each store from Tuesday, January 2024, 1 to Sunday, January 2, 1, with the meaning of celebrating the start of a new year. In addition to limited edition products and menus to celebrate the New Year, we also offer discount services that allow you to enjoy standard menu items at a better price than usual. Get your first “fortune” of the new year at Dai Nagoya Building.

[Yaki Uo Ishikawa Nagoya] Blissful three-colored bowl (special price 3,960 yen)

3F|Grilled Uo Ishikawa Nagoya

“Blissful Three-Colored Bowl” at special price3,960You can enjoy it in Yen.

<Period>2024Years1Month2Sun (Tue) ~1Month14Sun (Sun)

*Limited to those who order the meal menu.

*We cannot accept orders for only the "Blissful Three-Colored Bowl".

[Kobe Rokkomichi/Gyunta] Squid fish set (1,700 yen → 1,300 yen)

3F | Kobe Rokkomichi / Gyunta

“Squidfish Squid Set” at regular price1,700Special price for yen1,300You can enjoy it in Yen.

<Period>2024Years1Month2Sun (Tue) ~1Month14Sun (Sun)

*Drinks can be selected from draft beer or highball.

[World Beer Museum] Ssangyong (1,210 yen → 980 yen)

3F | World Beer Museum

Limited quantity! In-house brewed craft beer “Ssangyong (250 ml)" is the regular price1,210Special price for yen980You can enjoy it in Yen.

<Period>2024Years1Month2Sun (Tue) ~1Month14Sun (Sun)

※oh1People1As long as the cup. Cannot be used in conjunction with coupons.

[Naniwa Robata Octagon] Highball (480 yen → 188 yen)

3F | Naniwa Robata Octagon

Highball at regular price480Special price for yen188You can enjoy it in Yen.

<Period>2024Years1Month2Sun (Tue) ~1Month14Sun (Sun)

* Supper only

※oh1People1As long as the cup. Cannot be used in conjunction with coupons.

[Real Grande] Ryusei Nagomi Dry (1 yen per glass)

3F | Real great

Glass of "Ryusei Nagomi no Dry"1cup550You can enjoy it in Yen.

<Period>2024Years1Month2Sun (Tue) ~1Month14Sun (Sun)

* Supper only

*Cannot be used in conjunction with coupons.

[NEW OLD STYLE Niku Soba Keisuke] For those who order the limited-time menu "Motsunira Spicy Chige Soba (1,000 yen)", you will receive a free drink.

B1F |NEW OLD STYLE Meat soba Keisuke

Limited time menu “Motsunira delicious spicy stew soba (1,000Drinks for those who order ``Yen)''1Cup service.

<Period>2024Years1Month2Sun (Tue) ~1Month14Sun (Sun)

※oh1People1As long as the cup. Cannot be used in conjunction with coupons.

*Drinks can be selected from oolong tea or orange juice.

[Papa Bublé] Year of the Dragon mix (730 yen)

B1F | Pub blur

The “Year of the Dragon Mix” is filled with art candies related to the zodiac sign of 2024, the dragon.2024We pay close attention to each flavor, with the dragon pattern being sudachi flavored, the dragon pattern being melon soda flavored, the dragon pattern being ramune flavored, the seahorse pattern being tangerine flavored, and the pillow pattern being cola flavored.

[Papa Bubure] Kagami Mochi Candy (1,200 yen)

B1F | Pub blur

Just looking at Kagami-mochi candy, which has a cute, palm-sized appearance, will make you realize that the new year has arrived all over again. Break it up, crush it, and share it with everyone for a delicious and fun time! The flavor will be mandarin orange.

*It will end as soon as it is sold out.

[La Maison Ensoleil Table Patisserie] White strawberry and sweet potato shortcake tart (1 hole/16cm 4,980 yen, 1 piece 1,480 yen)

B1F | La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie

Sweet and gentle scent of white strawberries and large pieces of amaou,2A limited time tart luxuriously decorated with different types of strawberries. A fluffy sponge is layered on top of the custard tart, and amaou is wrapped in plenty of whipped cream.

<Period> ~2024Years1Month8Sun (Monday / holiday)

New Year’s limited package Happy Assortment (8 yen for 2,500 pieces)

B1F | La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie

A limited-time product that includes popular baked sweets such as "Moist Madeleine Cocon" and "Chocolat Sand Fruit" in a New Year's limited package. This special assortment box is perfect not only as a souvenir to greet people during the year-end and New Year holidays, but also as a gift for tea and sweets during the year-end and New Year holidays when people gather together.

<Period> ~2024Years1Day10Sunday (Wednesday)

[Kakuozan Fruit Daifuku Benzaiten] Rich Uji Matcha and Chestnut Terrine (3,300 yen in gift box)

B1F | Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten

Approx.5cmCorner cube-shaped terrine2Individual. As you can see from the cross section, there are large chestnuts packed into the rich Uji matcha terrine. Accompanied by creative sweets that are a blend of Japanese and Western styles,2024Welcome the New Year in a luxurious mood.

*Limited quantity will be sold.

[annon tea house] Fuku pancake (1,540 yen)

B1F |annon tea house

annon tea house]'s specialty ``Ultimate Pancakes'' is perfect for New Year's. ``Fuku Pancake'' is made with strawberry ice cream (red) and vanilla ice cream (white) made using Mino Musume strawberries grown in Gifu Prefecture, and is finished in a congratulatory ``red and white'' style. The dish is filled with mixed berries and white eggs.

<Period>2024Years1Month2Sun (Tue) ~1Month14Sun (Sun)

*You cannot order individual items from the food menu.TEADrinks must be ordered from the menu.

[Saijoen Matcha Cafe] Happy Matcha Soft-serve Ice Cream (690 yen)

B1F | Saijoen Matcha Cafe

[Saijoen Matcha Cafe]'s standard soft-serve ice cream, ``Koi Matcha Soft,'' is topped with ``Oiri,'' a mochi confectionery that melts in your mouth. ``Oiri'' is a traditional wedding sweet from Nishisanuki (Kagawa Prefecture). This is a very auspicious soft serve ice cream that celebrates the happiness of the new year.

<Period> ~2024Years1Month31Until Wednesday

[Tsubameya] New Year’s limited package Golden Warabi (1,393 yen)


[Tsubameya]'s signature product "Golden Warabi", which now has fans all over the country, will be available in New Year's packaging for a limited time! This classic souvenir representative of the Dai Nagoya Building is sure to please even if you bring it with you during the year-end and New Year holidays. Even better if it's a New Year's package that makes you feel good.2024In XNUMX, it was also ``Golden Warabi''.

<Period> ~2024Years1Month14until the day

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