[October 2024] Dai Nagoya Building Event & New Open Shop



Check out the hot events of Dai Nagoya Building! We will deliver the latest information such as the event to be held in December and the New Open Limited Shop!Please use it as a reference when you go out.

[NEW OPEN] Tenmusuya Kiten/Tuesday, January 2024, 1

Nagoya food is evolving! [Kiten] Tenmusu. Overturning the general concept of tempura, we are particular about making tempura with a variety of ingredients and secret rice cooked using a unique method using several types of carefully selected rice, making it easy to hold in your hands. It is recommended to eat it as is, or to eat it as if you were adding ``magic soup stock'' to taste like ochazuke. You can enjoy a new type of tempura that you have never seen before.

<Location>Dainagoya Building Shops & Restaurants B1F

[EVENT] 22th Glitter Art Concours Excellence Award Exhibition

The "Glittering Art Contest" started in XNUMX with the desire to support the potential of children with disabilities.With this competition as an opportunity, we aim to create a competition in which children become more and more fond of drawing, develop smiles and self-confidence, and expand their talents and possibilities.During the period, the 1th excellent works will be exhibited at the Dai Nagoya Building B22F Atrium.

January 2024th (Friday) to January 1st (Sunday), 19

<Time> 11: 00 to 21: 00

Dai Nagoya Building B1F Atrium (free admission)

▶For more information about the "Kirakira Art Contest" Click here for more information.

[Campaign] Get great benefits by showing your receipt! "2024 Amour du Chocolat” Happy Receipt Campaign

JR Nagoya Takashimaya's Valentine's Day Chocolate Festival2024 As a collaboration project with Amour du Chocolat,2024Years1Month18“Happy Receipt Campaign” will be held at Dai Nagoya Building from Sunday (Thursday)! During the period, if you present the receipt issued at the time of purchasing a product at each "Amour du Chocolat" venue at a participating Dai Nagoya Building store, you will receive exclusive gifts and advantageous services. Receipts are valid only on the same day. After “Amour du Chocolat”, we headed to Dai Nagoya Building.

<Period>2024Years1Month18Sunday (Thursday) ~214Sunday (Wednesday)

[Taste of Beef Tongue Kisuke] (B1F)…Drinks available upon presentation of receipt when ordering.1Cup service (draft beer, sour, soft drinks) Cannot be combined with other offers. other menus1 Limited to those who order more than 1 item.

[Maker's Shirt Kamakura] (B1F)...5,000If you purchase more than yen (tax included), you will receive an "original shirt fabric handkerchief" *The color and pattern of the handkerchief will be random. You cannot choose.

AINZ & TULPE] (B1F)...1,000If you purchase more than yen (tax included), you will receive a “cosmetic sample” *“Ainz&Tulpe/Limited to "Ayura" official app members (new registration possible on the spot). First come first served300Limited to first name.

annon tea house] (B1F)…Individually wrapped teabags available upon presentation of receipt when visiting the store.1Free bag gift (strawberry jasmine tea soda tasting)1with cup)

[Papa Buble] (B1F)...Present your receipt at checkout to receive a "Mini Mix"1gift a bag

[Form Eye&Rich] (2F)...If you show your receipt at checkout, you can have your pants shortened.100Yen (excluding tax)OFF

[Arts&Antiques Mialca】(3F)…If you present your receipt when you visit the store, you will receive a “special postcard set” as a gift.

[Kobe Rokkomichi/Gyunta] (3F)...Present your receipt when ordering and receive your favorite drink1Cup service *Please contact our staff for details on drinks. other menu1 Limited to those who order more than 1 item.

[Naniwa Robata Hakkaku] (3F)...If you present your receipt when ordering, you will receive "Today's Recommended Sashimi" service *Other menu options1 Limited to those who order more than 1 item. Dinner time only.

【cutletMATUMURA] (3F)...If you show your receipt when ordering, you can get the fragrant non-alcoholic cocktail "Fruy Strawberry" made with plenty of fresh strawberries.1cup service other menus1 Limited to those who order more than 1 item.

1Per receipt,1store1This service is provided only.1Receipts cannot be used for multiple store services. Also,1At your next visit1We will only accept receipts.

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