[April 2024] We have gathered interesting information for this month.Shop news & topics [1/1 update]



This month's "interesting" news and topics have been collected from each store in the Dai Nagoya Building.We will deliver a lot of information that you need to check, such as new product releases, campaigns, great discount services, and recommended items.Don't miss out on the limited-time content!

Up to 50% off eyeglass frames & up to 30% off contact lenses

B1F | Heart Up Vision Square

[Heart Up Vision Square]2024Years1Month31We are holding a campaign where you can get great deals on eyeglass frames and contact lenses until Sunday (Wednesday)!eyeglass frames are the largest50%OFF, glasses set lowest price2,750Yen~.Extra charge for thin lenses for any power lens0It can be made from a circle.Also, contact lenses are up to30%OFF(excluding colored contact lenses).Don't forget to take this opportunity to buy new glasses and contact lenses.

<Period> ~2024Years1Month31Until Wednesday

*Some products are excluded from discounts.

“Popular brand custom suit fair”

2F |GINZA Global Style COMFORT

Arrived early2024You can also choose new fabrics for spring! We held a ``Popular Brand Custom Suit Fair'' targeting overseas suit brands. Early bird coupon (1,000YenOFF) is used to create a full-fledged custom-made suit.2Arrived84,700Yen~. Luxury options such as new lining and genuine buffalo buttons5,000It comes with a luxurious benefit of free yen. For more information, Click here for more information.Please refer to the.when you visitvisit reservation formIf you use , you can enjoy ordering even more smoothly.

<Period>2024Years1Month2Sun (Tue) ~1Month31Sunday (Wednesday)

*To use the benefits,LINEYou need to register as a friend of the official account.(You can also use this service if you have already registered as a friend.).

[PELLE MORBIDA] Introduction campaign


PELLE MORBIDA] of Dai Nagoya Building store and Nagoya Sakae store.2A friend introduction campaign is currently being held at the store. [PELLE MORBIDA] When a member introduces a new non-member friend, both members receive points that can be used immediately (existing members2,000points, new members1,000points) will be presented. How to participate isCampaign participation formJust fill out the necessary information. If you are an existing member, please share a screenshot of the notification screen in the app with your friends. Points will be awarded for the number of friends you introduce (maximum3name). Of course, you are also welcome to come with your friends!

<Period> ~2024Years1Month31Until Wednesday

*There is an expiration date for using points. Please note.

*For details, please contact the staff at the store.

Introducing the new tarts for September 2024

B1F | La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie

From [La Maison Ensoleil Table Patisserie],2024Years1Delivering information on new tarts.2024Years1The ``Amaou and Pistachio Cream Tart'' will be featured in the seasonal tart of the month. The tart is layered with fragrant pistachio cream and sweet and sour berry jelly, topped with plenty of juicy amaou. The main character, Amaou, is finished in a strawberry tart with an outstanding presence.

"Amaou and pistachio cream tart" (1piece 1,240circle, hole [16cm] 4,680circle).The sales period is2024Years1Month2Sun (Tue) ~1Month31Until Sunday (Wednesday).

Introducing antique jewelry using January's birthstone, garnet.

3F | Arts & Antiques Miarka

January's birthstone is garnet. There are many pieces of antique jewelry that use very deep and beautiful red garnets. This time we will introduce green garnet! This stone, called demantoid garnet, is a precious stone that can be found in small quantities in the Ural Mountains region of Russia, and it is rare that this emerald green demantoid garnet is used in antique jewelry. This brooch/pendant is set with a natural pearl that has been cut in half due to its beauty and preciousness, which has a higher light dispersion than diamonds and is different from emeralds and peridots. [Arts & Antiques Mialca] Please take a look at our store. (Arts & Antiques Mialka Owner Ito)

“Demantoid Garnet & Half Pearl Gold Brooch [UK19late century] (759,000Circle).

[Forme Eye] Recommended menu “Revival with black dyeing”

2F|Form eye & Riche

Clothes you've given up on due to dirt, stains, or sunburn can be revived with "black dyeing"! It is dyed a bright black color using a traditional technique used for making crests on kimonos. Materials that can be dyed include cotton, linen, rayon, wool, and silk. Sample products that have been dyed black are displayed at the store, so be sure to check them out. In addition, we offer free estimates and measurements for clothing and bag repairs, so feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Prices for "black dyeing" vary depending on the item, material, presence or absence of accessories, etc. Pants reference price13,200Yen~. Only items with "home wash" on the washing label.

*Please note that we may decline your request in some cases.

*The stitching thread will not be dyed and the original color may remain.

*We do not accept dyeing of leather products.

*Prices posted on the website are
All prices include tax. 
* The posted information is as of the date of information disclosure.
Please note.

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