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This month's "interesting" news and topics have been collected from each store in the Dai Nagoya Building.We will deliver a lot of information that you need to check, such as new product releases, campaigns, great discount services, and recommended items.Don't miss out on the limited-time content!

DENHAM x goyemon's third custom-made model "unda" is now on sale


The innovative design that combines sneakers and setta is eye-catching.unda-leather soled sandals-”, a Dutch-born denim brandDENHAM〉 is specially ordered. No.3A new work that will become a bullet,4Month12It was released on Sunday (Friday). This time,<DENHAM〉's signature indigo model and a leather model with fresh studs.4Type expansion.EVAA new line with improved durability and water resistance using integrated material molding technology.unda EVAA bespoke model will also be available. Enjoy summer in Japan with a new setta that combines tradition and innovation.

From the left of the photo:DENHAM X UNDA EVA"(19,800Circle),"DENHAM X UNDA TOKYO STUDS"(39,600Circle),"DENHAM X UNDA a IN U"(39,600Circle),"DENHAM X UNDA AI V2[Online store limited model]” (36,300circle). "DENHAM X UNDA EVA” will be released at a later date.

Great deals on buying in bulk and buying more! “Order Suit Combi Fair” held

2F |GINZA Global Style COMFORT

During the period, if you use the target plan, you can get the maximum amount of luxury options.10,000We will be holding an "Order Suit Combi Fair" where you can get 100 yen worth of gifts. New lining, genuine buffalo buttons, etc. Approx.500You can choose your favorite from a variety of options and customize it to a higher-grade made-to-order suit. Target plans include: ① Custom suits2Wearing combination (52,800Luxury options starting from ¥2006,000yen,Custom suit2wear + shirt3Set of sheets (72,700Luxury options starting from ¥20010,000yen,Custom suit2Clothes + shoes1Foot set (89,100Luxury options starting from ¥20010,000Yen. For more information,please use this form.Please refer to the.when you visitvisit reservation formIf you use , you can enjoy ordering even more smoothly.

<Period>2024Years4Month1Sun (Monday) ~5Month6Sun (Monday/Shinkyu)

*To use coupons and benefits, you will need to download the "Global Style Official App" (free of registration and usage fees).

bag repair

2F|Form eye & Riche

Do you have a bag that is broken and you have given up on using it? [Form Eye & Lish] offers a variety of services to revive broken bags, such as replacing bag linings, replacing zippers, and re-dying. We will take the bag along with the customer's request, and the craftsman will1point1Check the point status. You can also repair or re-dye the torn lining to make the damage less noticeable. First of all, please feel free to consult us. [Form Eye & Estimates and measurements are free for all clothing and bag repairs.

For example, "zipper replacement"15,400Yen~. Prices vary depending on design and length.

*Depending on the condition of the bag, it may not be possible to repair it.

*For quotation1It may take about a week.

Announcement of new arrival collection

3F | Arts & Antiques Miarka

At [Arts & Antiques Mialka],4Month20Sunday (Sat) -4Month24until the day (Wed)5We will be holding an "Antique Jewelry Collection" with newly arrived items. You can see beautiful jewelry purchased in Europe and America. Once-in-a-lifetime jewelry. Please do not miss it.

<Period>2024Years4Month20Sunday (Sat) -4Month24Sunday (Wednesday)

Clockwise from the left of the photo: ``Enamel & Gold Ring''18ct[England19early century], enamel & gold brooch 18ct[France19late century], enamelongold locket pendant 18ct[France 19early century].

*Prices posted on the website are
All prices include tax. 
* The posted information is as of the date of information disclosure.
Please note.

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