[October 2024] Dai Nagoya Building Event & New Open Shop



Check out the hot events of Dai Nagoya Building! We will deliver the latest information such as the event to be held in December and the New Open Limited Shop!Please use it as a reference when you go out.

[EVENT] Tenku Sake Party ~ Enjoying sake in a wine glass ~

20244Month26Sunday (Friday)27Sunday (Saturday)2Days at the Great Nagoya Building5FAn event called ``Tenku Sake Party'' will be held at Sky Garden where you can enjoy sake in a wine glass. The host is Masamori Yamamoto, the man who started the sake tachinomi boom. This time, in addition to sake, we will be introducing craft beer “Tap Marche” will also appear, and “Ise Kadoya Beer” will be visiting as a special guest. A chance to learn about beer in a fun and delicious way! Admission is free, but purchases at the venue are coin-based (3Pie1,000Circle,10Pie3,000circle). "Kikisake Course" where you can taste all brands of sake (5,000Yen/coin3Advance tickets are also available. For more information, please visit Dai Nagoya BuildingB1Fof【MOLNODA】to.

<日時>2024年4月26日(金)・27日(土) 各日19:00~22:00(LOは21:30)

<Location> Dai Nagoya Building Shops & Restaurants 5F Sky Garden

<Price> Admission free

*Purchase of sake, beer, and food is by coin system (3 pieces 1,000(¥10 for 3,000 pieces). "Kikisake Course" where you can enjoy one glass of all brands of sake (1,000Yen) is also available.

On Wednesday, April 2024, 4, we dedicated a cherry blossom votive tablet to Takamu Shrine.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the "Sakura no Ema" campaign, which was held at the Sky Garden on the 5th floor of the Dai Nagoya Building until Tuesday, April 2024, 4. Last Wednesday, April 23, 2024, the votive tablets you filled out will be delivered to Chikusa Ward, Nagoya City.We prayed and offered at Takamu Shrine. I sincerely hope that all your wishes come true.


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