[October 2024] Dai Nagoya Building Event & New Open Shop



Check out the hot events of Dai Nagoya Building! We will deliver the latest information such as the event to be held in December and the New Open Limited Shop!Please use it as a reference when you go out.

[NEW OPEN] Ball & Chain/Thursday, May 2024, 5

[Ball & Chain] was born with the hope that it would be the first step towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. The shopping bag, which is a representative item, is attractive for its high design power, which is made of thick polyester fabric with embroidered designs. We have a rich lineup, including collaboration items with artists. A portion of the sales is donated to the activities of the Japanese Red Cross Society.

<Place > Dai Nagoya Building Shops & Restaurants B1F Dinard

EVENTS】open1Anniversary<K&D MARKET.〉Workshop held!


[BEAMS GOLF] is open1A workshop event was held to commemorate the anniversary. We produce accessories and miscellaneous goods using brass in Nagoya.K&D MARKET.On the day of the event, you can have your own personal engraving on brass markers, name tags, and green forks at the store. Adds a rich expression to an inorganic metal, giving a sense of warmth.K&D MARKET.> A chance to get your own golf goods through the filter! Please take advantage of this opportunity.


<Date held>2024Years5Month10Sunday (Friday)11Sun (Sat)・12Sun (Sun)

<How to participate>

Workshops will be held in groups based on time. For reservations and details, please contact[Beams Golf Dai Nagoya Building Store]Please contact us directly.

*Advance reservations will be given priority, but if there is space on the day, reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.

<Participation fee>

For more information,[Beams Golf Dai Nagoya Building Store]Please contact us directly.


〇Brass material may oxidize and darken. In addition, brass products tend to have a characteristic brass smell when used. Please note that this is a characteristic of metal.

〇This workshop product cannot be returned or exchanged after it has been engraved (excluding initial defects). For inquiries regarding repairs, etc., please contact the store staff.

〇There are restrictions on the characters and sentences that can be engraved. Please do not include anything that could identify a third party other than the user (user), anything that may violate trademark registration or copyright, or anything that would blaspheme or insult a third party. can not. In addition, the products engraved in the workshopSocial MediaWe cannot be held responsible for the handling.



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