<Breaking News> Three highly anticipated stores have newly joined the group. "Dainagoya Marche" is refreshed and open!



On Wednesday, April 2024, 4, "Dainagoya Marche" on the B24F of Dainagoya Building, where popular sweets and food stores are gathered, will reopen with a refresh! Three new stores will be joining the group, including a much-talked-about shop that will be appearing for the first time in the Tokai area. Here, we will be releasing the store list as soon as possible. We can't wait for the opening of the increasingly crowded "Dainagoya Marche"!

<Open on Wednesday, April 4> canelé de CHIANTI

[First store in Tokai area]

Canelé specialty store from Niigata [canelé de CHIANTI(Canelé de Chianti)] is making its first appearance in the Tokai area. The specialty items created by the owner-chef, who used to be a pastry chef, are unique."sticky"A new type of canelé with a distinctive texture. The dough is aged at ultra-low temperatures for a long time, and then baked slowly and carefully. Max18You can also enjoy choosing and combining your favorite flavors from a wide variety of flavors.

<Open on Wednesday, April 4> Buttery

A baked confectionery specialty store that was born in Nagoya and is particular about butter [Buttery(Battery)]. We offer a wide range of fragrant sweets made with carefully selected butter, including our signature product ``Canelé,'' which is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, and ``Buttery Sand,'' which is light and crunchy. In addition to a wide range of products that are perfect for gift-giving occasions, there are also plans to develop limited edition products only available at the Dai Nagoya Building store.

<Open on Wednesday, May 5st> Shisei/YATA

[New business format]

[Sissei] is a restaurant specializing in egg-cooked rice made by a Japanese sake professional, and a standing bar that only serves pure rice sake and Namazake [Namazake].YATA] Collaboration shop. At lunchtime, you can enjoy special egg-cooked rice made with carefully selected rice and eggs from Aichi Prefecture, and it also serves as a "visitable" bar where you can thoroughly enjoy raw sake such as Namajuku and Namakan. .

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