[3,000 yen] OFF coupons are being distributed! It's the season that makes you want to go golfing! Great Nagoya Building Golf Items 2024 Spring&Summer



The weather is getting warmer and golf season is in full swing. The perfect season to play golf has arrived. The Dai Nagoya Building has a wide selection of the latest golf items, from golf goods you can use right away for your next round to golf wear that will make you feel better just by wearing them. Golf is not only about equipment, but also about fashion! This summer, you'll be the center of attention on the golf course.

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<GOLF5×FOURTEEN> Golf 5 limited wedge FA-W (from 30,800 yen)


A golf club that can reduce the rough top mistakes that amateur golfers tend to make. This is a jointly developed product between Fourteen and Alpine.5Month7A “debut campaign” will be held until Sunday (Tuesday). Alpine points are uniform10In addition to a % refund, you will also receive an appraisal guarantee when replacing your purchase.

<Shot Navi> Distance measuring device [EXCEEDS] (59,950 yen)


Supporting many golfers as a GPS golf navigation/laser distance meter.Shot Navi” has released a new product that allows for even more stable distance measurement. It has a lightweight design that does not get in the way of play, and is made to maintain visibility even outdoors.

<adidas> Golf shoes [TOUR360 24 BOA] (33,000 yen) [MEN]


adidasMade using the technology ofROUND360' has undergone a full model change. "Torsion Bridge" and "7Equipped with a "cleat outsole", it combines stability when swinging and comfort when walking. Another great feature is that it is highly waterproof.

<BEAMS GOLF> Soil duck eight-half caddy bag (66,000 yen)


Among the original soil camouflage patterns, this brown caddy bag is especially popular. Not only is it stylish, but it also has many features that golfers will love, such as magnetic pockets, cold/warm pockets, and a holder that securely holds an umbrella.

*20244Scheduled to arrive in late May

<BEAMS GOLF> Big pocket cart bag [thermal/cold] (9,900 yen)


Despite its compact size, there is a pocket on the outside.3There is enough room and capacity. The front zip pocket has a heat/cold function.500 mlplastic bottle of2Can store books. Since it is a basic color, it is recommended not only for round wear but also for everyday use.

<BEAMS GOLF> One point mock neck shirt (15,400 yen) [MEN]


A mock neck shirt with an eye-catching bright yellow color. Water absorption and quick dryingUVIt is a smooth fabric with cut and stretch functions, and is characterized by a smooth texture that releases easily from your skin.1It is an excellent item that can be worn alone or as an inner item.

<BEAMS GOLF> US series stretch shorts (17,600 yen)


The new standard “USThe short pants from the series are characterized by a beautiful silhouette that spreads slightly towards the hem. Made of polyester fabric that releases easily from the skin and is easy to wear without stress even in hot weather. Stretching is also effective, so you can move actively. In addition, we are proud of the fact that the white color is not see-through.1It is a piece.

<Jun & Ropé> BIG diamond pattern slit neck dress (28,600 yen)

2F | Jun and Rope

Impressive even from a distanceBIGThe diamond pattern dress has a slit neckline that makes your face look neat. I also like the off-body, which has a clean balance but doesn't take away from your style. navy, pink, mint3It is a color development.

*Scheduled to arrive in May 2024

<Jun & Ropé> Flamingo pattern dress (28,600 yen)

2F | Jun and Rope

The delicate flamingo pattern is casual yet gorgeous. We use fabric that has just the right amount of firmness and is soft to the touch, giving it a feminine yet healthy look. A beautiful off-body design with a comfortable fit and silhouette that reduces the heat.1Sheet. Colors are black, white, and green3It is a color development.

*Scheduled to arrive in May 2024

<Jun & Ropé> Full Dal ECO Waffle Short Sleeve Mock Neck Shirt (20,900 yen) [MEN]

2F | Jun and Rope

Absorbent and quick dryingUVECOThis is a mock neck shirt made of waffle fabric. Not only is it soft and dry, it also has panels under the armpits, making it easy to swing your arms when swinging.

<Jun & Ropé> Body shell cudas short pants (19,800 yen) [MEN]

2F | Jun and Rope

These shorts are easy to use and have a simple silhouette. The fabric has firmness and elasticity,2wayIt has stretch properties and is perfect for spring and summer. black, white, green, navy, pink5It is available in different colors, so it is recommended to have it in different colors.

*Scheduled to arrive in May 2024



Urban golf style with a street feel. Coordinating a polo shirt made from a fabric that absorbs water and dries quickly with stretch properties and shorts that are breathable and water repellent is both stylish and functional.



The combination of dress shirt and dress pants creates a sporty yet luxurious look. The modern setup with white lines on the sides is perfect for a formal golf course.

 *Scheduled to arrive in mid-April 2024



Made from a breathable and cool honeycomb mesh material that was popular last season. This set-up with a simple and bold design with an eye-catching asymmetry is recommended for those who want to take their style to the next level. The monochrome striped switch is wonderful.

*Scheduled to arrive in early May 2024



Has UV protection, cool touch, and anti-wrinkle functions.4wayThe stretch material allows you to wear it stress-free for long periods of time. The well-shaped waistline is stylish and feminine. A design that combines femininity, elegance, and sophistication.

*Scheduled to arrive in early May 2024

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