A large-scale pop-up store will be held for a month, featuring golf wear brands making their debut in the Tokai area!



GOLFDOOR, an event that promotes the golf scene in the Tokai area, will be holding a pop-up store on the special floor on the second floor of the Dai Nagoya Building. Up-and-coming golf wear brands will gather in one place to share the latest in the golf scene. Some brands will be making their first appearance in the Tokai area. Among them, be sure to check out IRISHMAN, a brand created by Oriental Radio's Shingo Fujimori.

A large pop-up store is now available, where the "main table" changes every week!

An event that focuses on revitalizing the golf scene in the Tokai area,GOLFDOOR" is the usual venue.Aichi Sky Expo(Aichi Prefectural International Exhibition Center) to the Dai Nagoya Building2FAppearing on a special floor! A pop-up store event will be held featuring only the most popular and trendy golf wear brands. The location is【golf5Prestige】On the left side of the front desk. This "ever-changing" pop-up store changes the brands that appear on the main table in the store every week, so there's plenty to make you want to return multiple times during the period. Whether you're looking for a brand you've always had your eye on or a new brand you've never heard of before, this is the perfect chance to find out what's happening in golf wear right now! These are all brands that are sure to attract attention on the course.

<Period>2024Years6Month12Sunday (Wednesday) ~7Month9Sun (Tue)

<Location> Dai Nagoya Building Shops & Restaurants2F【golf5Prestige】Special Floor

<Main table development schedule>

20246Month12Sunday (Wednesday) ~6Month18Sunday (Tuesday)...〈FIGURE>, 〈VIOLA&ROSES>

20246Month19Sunday (Wednesday) ~6Month25Sunday (Tuesday)...〈IRISHMAN>

20246Month26Sunday (Wednesday) ~7Month2Sunday (Tuesday)...〈Twoles>

20247Month3Sunday (Wednesday) ~7Month9Sunday (Tuesday)...〈ARMOURIN>

<Participating brands>


Based on the concept of "from the course to the city", we propose stylish and sporty golf wear.FIGURE〉. The simple, streetwear-like design, unlike that of golf wear, and the adult coloring based on monotone colors truly embody the idea of ​​"from the course to the city."



<VIOLA&ROSES> | Viola and Roses

A golf wear brand born in Los Angeles.VIOLA&ROSES> has launched a new line in Japan. While maintaining the common concept of "making things that blend into everyday life beautiful and enriching," we have created a new model with updated fit and design for the Asian region.VIOLA&ROSESThe atmosphere and feel of a brand born in Los Angeles sets it apart from domestic brands.




The concept is “URBAN GOLF WEAR. "2021Years7Launched in May. The producer is Shingo Fujimori (Oriental Radio), who is known as an avid golf fan.2024For the spring/summer collection, the planning period3After many years, the night golf specialized wear "#We are proposing new challenges and cultures that have never existed in the industry before, such as our "glowing golf wear" series and suits made with original textiles.




The concept is “Enjoy golf in your own style." With the idea of ​​"playing golf in your own style," this is a new generation golf wear brand that seamlessly connects golf wear and street wear, erasing the boundaries between them. With the clothes as a starting point, you can feel closer to the sport of golf.




A golf shop founded in Los Angeles in 1983.OLYMPIC GOLF” is a golf brand launched by gathering years of know-how.ARMOURIN〉. We release items that improve the golf experience without being bound by the conventional wisdom of golf items. Among them, the golf bag, which uses a patented and strong aluminum frame structure, is a masterpiece that pursues overwhelming functionality.2024Years6This is the brand's first appearance in the Tokai area, having just arrived in Japan in March.


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