Find the "back" popular lunch menu hidden behind the signboard menu!



Check the lunch menu of each Dai Nagoya DINING store.Of course, there is a lunch on the signboard menu where each specialty dish is the main character, but in fact, there is a popular "back" lunch that you want to eat once, hidden behind the signboard menu!We will teach you "standard candidates" that you will want to incorporate into your lunch rotation.

For those who want to eat fish, a "high collar" bowl is also on standby.

"Tuna high collar bowl set meal" that includes miso soup, small bowls, and pickles (1,400Circle).The bowl is already1Kind, "pork miso roasted rice bowl set meal" (1,100Yen) is also available.

The lunch at the izakaya "Yamatora", where you can enjoy local sake with "Miso Oden" and "Miso Kushikatsu", which are the back menus of popular local dishes, is the "Miso Oden Set Meal" (1,000Yen)1Most popular.However, "Yamatora" is a restaurant that is particular about local fish from Mikawa, so it is casual for lunch and has a lineup of fish menus.The name is "Tuna high collar bowl".This bowl with red tuna is sprinkled with tamari soy sauce to break the yolk of the egg in the middle, and the fried balls and green onions are often entwined.One of the lunch menus that fish people should remember.

A beef cutlet specializing in deep-fried skewers that is particular about bringing out the flavor.

Limited quantity of "Beef Cutlet Luxury Set" (1,760Circle).Even if you come to the store to eat Kushiage, you will surely be attracted to it when you see the menu.

"Tokyo Ebisu Kushitei" offers fried skewers that you can enjoy not only the taste but also the visuals, from classic to creative.Of course, the lunch menu is also fried skewers.7Book·6Book·5A set meal with a book and each recommended deep-fried skewer is prepared.If you look closely at the menu table, you can see that the name "Beef Cutlet Luxury Gozen" uses only the delicious characters of "limited quantity" and the delicious lean meat of beef.Beef cutlet, not pork cutlet.This is a first-come-first-served limited menu where you can enjoy a rich feeling from the sound of words.In order to maximize the taste, the offer is medium rare. The beef cutlet, which is a bit different from the specialty store for "fried", is worth a meal.

If you get lost, you can eat and compare. Taste 4 kinds of brand beef at once.

"4Part steak prime lunch "(4,950Circle).4Have a special time to taste the seed brand beef at lunch, which is hard to experience.

Year50"Meat and Daizen" is a designated store for Matsusaka, Kobe, Maezawa, Mikawa, Hida, and Miyazaki beef, with the above branded beef from all over the country.The lunch menu unique to the Japanese black beef specialty store is a bowl, hamburger steak, yakiniku, and so on.Introducing this time is "" which gives off a special presence among them.4Part steak prime lunch ".Carefully selected4I am satisfied with the difference in the taste that can be understood only by "eating and comparing" the branded beef. On the day when you decide to "eat steak for lunch! Luxury!", Please try to taste the special feeling just by eating and comparing.

An "irregular" parent-child set meal that is made from specially made fried chicken and finished with the proud egg binding.

Nagoya Cochin Dashi Mugimeshi Rice, Soup, Salad Set "Chicken to Parent and Child Set Meal" (1,130Circle).+190Fried chicken in a circle2You can add one.

As the name of the restaurant says, "Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon", the main character of lunch is "Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon".If you take a closer look at the menu, you will see the words "Chicken to parent and child set meal".Introducing a dish that does not betray the imagination of "egg binding" of specially made karaage made by a famous Oyakodon restaurant, just like Oyakodon.Put it in a special pot with a handle and put it in front of you in a hot state.It's more satisfying to eat than Oyakodon, so it will satisfy your cravings.Nagoya Cochin Dashi Along with barley rice, the deliciousness of Nagoya Cochin is fully preserved.

Pay attention to "Takikomi gohan" which is secretly popular in the plus menu!

"Kamo Nanban Soba" (Kamo Nanban Soba), which has a high order rate in the soba menu1,700Yen), "Takikomi gohan" (+300Circle).Soba+220It also supports large servings in yen.

"Ishigetsu" is a soba noodle that is made by carefully grinding buckwheat with a stone mill every morning to make the traditional Edo people's XNUMX buckwheat noodles.The shop here has a common menu day and night, so there is no such thing as lunch, but it seems that there is a popular menu where orders suddenly increase at lunch time.It's on the soba menu+300"Takikomi gohan" that can be set in a circle.Consideration of changing the ingredients according to the season is nice, so when shooting, use "rice cooked with sakura shrimp".Soba alone will be a strong ally when you are a little unsatisfied with your stomach.

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