The authentic Chinese restaurant at Nagoya Station [Souzou Chuka Kasei] offers the best cost performance for both lunch and takeout!



[Souzou Chuka Kasei] is a Chinese restaurant located in Dai Nagoya Marche where you can enjoy authentic flavors handcrafted by Chinese craftsmen one by one at a reasonable price.Since its opening, it has become a standard restaurant for lunch and takeout, mainly for business workers in the surrounding area.This time, we will introduce the basics of [Creative Chinese Kasei], the menu that you should try first.

If you want to eat at eat-in, Yokohama's specialty "Summer noodles" is recommended

"Summer noodles" is a specialty of this restaurant and is also a specialty of Yokohama.A soy sauce-based soup with plenty of bean paste made by stir-frying vegetables such as cabbage, bean sprouts, garlic chives, and carrots with pork.1It's a cup.The colorful vegetables, which are nutritionally balanced, are chopped so that they are well entwined with the noodles, and each time you chew, the flavor spreads throughout your mouth.In addition, "Gome Sammer Noodles" with shrimp, squid, Chinese cabbage, quail eggs, etc.902"Seafood sunmer noodles" (yen) and seafood such as shrimp and squid finished with salt-based soup990Yen) is a lineup.Both are plus165Dumplings in a circle3IndividualorFried chicken2You can make a set of pieces.

"Summer noodles" with a bowl full of torotoro vegetable sauce825Circle).

The lineup of bento boxes and delicatessen items lined up in stores is inevitable.

Each lunch box700Yen, delicatessen410Yen ~ sale.

It is also attractive to have a lot of take-out lunch boxes and delicatessen items.At the store, about30With kind of delicatessenA4A large lunch box5~6The types are lined up.Among the inevitable shifts, the store manager's recommended lunch box is the "Yurinchi lunch box."It comes with a separate sour sauce, so you can enjoy the crispy texture over time.In addition, the pre-prepared "shrimp chili bento" and the "black vinegar pork bento", where rice is served with the rich taste of black vinegar, are also popular.Bento5~6Even if you say the type, the side dishes that go in other than the main are slightly different, so in a sense the types are infinite! (Lol).When purchasing, check the side dishes other than the main dish and try to find your favorite combination.

"Deep-fried chicken with soy sauce" (Chinjaolose), dumplings, and spring rolls as a side dish700Circle).

In addition to shrimp chili, you can eat sweet and sour pork and stir-fried shrimp and broccoli.700Circle).

"Black sweet and sour pork bento" that includes fried chicken, dumplings, pork and stir-fried mushrooms700Circle).

"Roasted small meat buns" and "Evinira buns" are also available in individual packs, and are combined one by one in a "dim sum set" (518Yen) is also available.

Another eat-in menu is "Tantanmen" (902Yen) and "Tenshindon" (Tenshindon)770There is a circle), and all of them are full volume. "Roasted dumplings" (6Individual462Yen), "Raw Zha Cai" (330There are also small snacks such as (yen), so it is recommended to enjoy a "little drink".Enjoy the authentic taste of China at "Creative Chinese Hua Star" where you can eat in and take out.

The back on the right side facing the store12Eat-in space for seats.The store has a microwave so you can warm your lunch and take it home.

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