A holiday lunch where you can spend a luxurious time with wine



Holidays are a little more luxurious than usual.To heal your daily fatigue, it is important to make time to eat slowly.Introducing 5 "lunch drinks" recommended for dates and rewards for yourself, where you can choose your favorite wine from the extensive wine list.

"TRATTORIA FRATELLI GALLURA" is a great lunch that combines your favorite menus

Casual trattoria "TRATTORIA FRATELLI GALLURAFor lunch, you can choose appetizers and pasta with Dolce & Cafe.Alunch(3,500Yen), and you can choose the mainBlunch(5,000Yen), the appetizers you can choose2Become a plateClunch(6,500yen's3type.You can choose any of these courses from the restaurant's specialty, "foie gras smoke and mango honey sauce."Marinated with milk or salt and pepper, foie gras left overnight is finished with cold smoke, and is popular with sweet and sour mango.1It is a product.The recommended pairing is the sweet wine "APIANAE(Apianae) "(Glass550Circle).It has a thick texture and feels the same honey nuance as the sauce, so it goes well with it.

"Foie gras smoke and mango honey sauce".We use honey from Tochigi, which has no habit.

Each wine list10With a lineup of about types4,400Circle,6,600Circle,8,800Circle,11,000Easy-to-understand price setting from yen. 

We have wines from all over Italy, and the sommelier will suggest wines that suit your taste and taste, so feel free to contact us.

"Rome XNUMX-chome" with its own imported Italian wines that can only be found here

Pasta lunch with organic vegetable salad (weekdays)1,000"Rome 1,300-chome" is popular from JPY XNUMX on Saturdays and Sundays.On Saturdays and Sundays, in addition to this lunch set, you can also order a dinner menu.OK..Perfect when you want to enjoy wine while sharing your favorite à la carte combination1It is an eaves.The chef recommends "rolled sardines with herb bread crumbs" as a dish to accompany lunch in early summer (900Circle).Raisins, pine nuts, garlic, etc. are wrapped in open sardines and baked with herbs and bread crumbs.The flavor of various ingredients enhances the taste of greasy sardines.1An elegant, mineral-rich Tuscan wine "Bolgheri Vermentino(Borgeri Vermentino) "(Bottle7,300It is recommended to have it refreshed with (yen).

Crispy and fragrant "rolled sardines with herb bread crumbs" (900Circle).

In the cellar inside the store, wine bottles are lined up with dishes and recommended comments that suit each.

In-house imported wine that the president himself bought locally is always50Lineup of types.There is also a great set of prosciutto and wine, so it seems to be useful as a "choi drink" spot.

"RHU BARBE" where you can drink natural wine mainly from France

A bistro dish that goes well with wine, such as buckwheat galettes and charcuterie that originated in Brittany, France.RHUBARBE".The lunch menu includes a salad on your favorite galetteAlunch(1,320Yen ~)7~8type,Afor lunch+660Crepes are attached in a circleBLunch5Lunch course with types, soups, galettes, desserts, and drinks (2,750Yen) and so on.And the A lunch salad+550You can change it to "Gazami crab and fish soup" or "Homemade rustic pate" with a circle.Among such many choices, the recommended combination for lunch is the "homemade country-style pate" mentioned above (1,210Yen) and Gamay in the Beaujolais nouveau area100%of"Cuvee Printemps(Cuvee Printemps) "(bottle 6,300 yen).Although it is a red wine that goes well with meat dishes, it has a light taste with fruits like cherries and framboise, so it is perfect for summer.1It is a book.

"Homemade rustic pate" (homemade rustic pate) that is made by combining coarsely ground domestic pork and fresh chicken liver and slowly heating it at a low temperature.1,210Circle).

Many brands are familiar to natural wine lovers.From the left "Vincent Tricot(Vinsan Toriko) "(Bottle9,900Circle),"patapon(Patapon) "(bottle8,580Circle),"Coeur de raisin(Cool de Leysin) "(bottle6,820Circle)".

Wines that change their tendency according to the season, such as rosé in spring, light taste in summer, and heavy weight in winter, always include bubbles.30Lineup of types.Some of them are in small quantities that are not on the wine list, so it seems good to tell your taste and order.

A wide range of wines for delicious meat "Meat and Daizen"

Annual brand beef delivered from all over the country50"Meat and Daizen" has a lineup of more than one type.For lunch, there are bowls with branded beef steak, homemade hamburger steak, beef katsuretsu, etc. If you like wine1Yakiniku lunch set that can be ordered by name (3,190Yen ~) is perfect.Yakiniku lunch is a set of salad, namul, kimchi, hormones, fresh meat, rice, seaweed soup, dessert, etc.Blunch(4,180An example of fresh meat (yen). "This yakiniku lunch has both salt and sauce, so you can drink it alone."NAPA HIGHLANDS(Napa Highlands) "(Bottle12,000It is recommended to match the yen), "said the chef.

Imported tongue, Miyazaki beef tenderloin, Kagoshima black beef fillet, Iwate beef shoulder triangle, Nozaki beef sirloin from the front. Enjoy the marriage with wine while carefully baking one by one.

Bottle4,000From yen-and affordable wines, "Barolo Sperss Gaja(Barolo Spells Gaya) "and"OPUS ONE(Opus One) ”and other fine wines from famous chateaus are also available.

"Meat and Daizen" selects wines to complement meat.Nowadays, you can find interesting wines such as popular American wines and Argentine wineries made entirely of concrete, without being particular about branded wines.Please tell us your taste and give it a try.

Casual royal road wine that is easy to drink. "Salt Water by David Myers"

Homemade fresh pasta made by an Italian chef is gaining popularity.Salt Water by David Myers".The lunch menu is4"Salad set" with salad attached to pasta that you can choose from types1,298"Desert set" with dessert (yen)1,518Yen), selectable pasta and appetizer3"Appetizer set" with seeds (with salad)1,628Yen), set salad, selectable pasta, roast beef "roast beef set" (2,398yen's4type.For early summer brunch, add "appetizer set" with prosciutto, smoked salmon, bruschetta, etc.FERRARI MAXIMUM BRUT(Ferrari Maximum Brut) ”is ◎.The gorgeous sparkling with fine and rich lather and the scent of ripe fruits and flowers will surely update your comfortable time.

"Appetizer set" (1,628Circle).The pasta in the photo is homemade ricotta cheese made with tagliolini and eggplant tomato sauce.

From the left "FRANCIA CORTA BRUT(Franciacorta Brut) "(Bottle8,415Circle),"LIBRANDI CRITONE VAL DI NETO BIANCO(Librandi Critone Valdinate Bianco) "(Bottle5,280Circle),"Advice Vin Soave Classico(Inama Vin Soave Classico) "(Bottle7,590Circle).

Other wines are sparkling glasses770Yen ~, white wine glass660Yen ~, red wine glass715Yen ~.As well as wine, pairing cocktails by an Italian chef who is a bartender and sommelier are also popular, so why not enjoy a drink that matches the food.

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