I want to eat curry with plenty of spices in summer!5 Recommended Curries



A spice that has a positive effect on the body, such as nourishing tonic and increasing appetite.Curry with plenty of them is a summer iron plate dish.Here are some recommended curries that you can eat at Dai Nagoya Building.

By completion2Gluten-free curry of "Mouyan Curry" that takes a week

An example of serving."Pork curry" where you can feel the sweetness of vegetables and fruits from the front, "Kyushu spinach curry" with garlic, and spicy "spicy charred chickpea curry" with chickpeas.

1997"Mouyan Curry" was founded in Nishi-Shinjuku in XNUMX.A large amount of flavored vegetables and fruits with extra virgin olive oil only2Stir fry slowly for a day, put together with the original aged spices of Chinese herbal medicine, and then about2It features a mellow and tasty curry that is completed after a weekly aging period.It looks the same as ordinary curry eaten at home, but it is gluten-free and low in calories because it is not thickened with flour and oil.About normal European curry3Since it uses twice as many vegetables, it also has the effect of improving physical condition and bowel movements.The curry that the founder created when he was a sports trainer was designed for the body, and is perfect for preventing heat fatigue.

Lunch buffet70Minute 1,100Circle.4~5With kind of curry2All-you-can-eat rice, spiced side dishes and fresh salad perfect for chopsticks rest.

"Mouyan Curry" curry is made by blending several kinds of spices such as cumin, star anise, all spices, and Chinese spices.After a meal6"Spice chocolate gelato" with an adult taste with a variety of spices and orange peel400Yen) is recommended.You can also take out.

In addition, as meals to match with curry, "Florida rice" cooked with chicken soup and spiced, gluten-free domestic germ glutinous wheat rice, and "Mouyan udon" made to match curry, etc. Several types are available.It is also attractive that you can enjoy different tastes by combining the same curry roux.In the 25th year in Tokyo, the special project of "Mouyan Curry" has a good quality food despite the "all-you-can-eat buffet" format.If you haven't experienced it yet, please give it a try.

"Currywurst" at the German soul food "World Beer Museum" where beer is advancing

Perfect to accompany beer!"Currywurst" served on a hot iron plate (1,080Circle). 

German soul food "Currywurst" sprinkled with sweet ketchup and spicy curry powder on German sausage.It has a strong taste and is an appetizing dish, and fried potatoes are also served, so please dip plenty of sauce with sausages that are baked fragrantly.By serving it on a hot iron plate, it gives off a more savory aroma of curry.Coupled with the taste of juicy sausage, it is guaranteed that beer will go on.Also, only in the summerBBQ"Summer Teppan Plancha-Spice Curry Tailoring-" to taste grilled vegetables with curry sauce (1,000Yen) is available for lunch, so be sure to check it out as well.

It may also appear at a weekly lunch. "Kurobuta Keema Curry" from "Kurobuta Shabu-Shabu Ginza Rabuta"

Supper limited "Kurobuta Keema Curry" (880Circle).When it appears at the weekly lunch, it comes with hot spring eggs and salad1,000Circle.

"Kurobuta Shabu-shabu Ginza Rabuta" is a signature menu of shabu-shabu, where you can eat Kirishima black pork, which is particular about meat quality, with plenty of bamboo onions and secret soba soup."Kurobuta Keema Curry" is a standard dinner menu and can be eaten irregularly at lunch.This curry is made by slowly boiling minced meat of Kirishima black pork with onions and carrots. By using pineapple juice as a secret ingredient, the acidity and sweetness unique to fruits add depth to the taste. Soba is the standard shabu-shabu of "Rabuta", but there are many fans of this curry secretly.

If you want a solid volume, "Katsudon Curry" from "Namihana Robata Octagon" is ◎

Lunch-only "Katsudon Curry" (900Circle).You can also enjoy it on takeout.

The "Katsudon Curry" offered at lunch by the Osaka-born donkey-yaki restaurant "Namihana Robata Hakaku", which roasts fresh seasonal ingredients in front of you, was actually born from the staff's meals.It is a hearty dish with plenty of simple-tasting curry with flavored vegetables mixed in "Katsudon", which is made from thick pork cutlet that is carefully soaked in soup stock every morning.Further plus150You can set mini udon noodles in a circle, and in addition to a large serving of rice for lunch only, you can eat all-you-can-eat spicy pickles, which is gaining popularity mainly among office workers.Enjoy the "Katsudon Curry" with a slightly Japanese flavor, entwined with crispy green onions.

Pay attention to "Yannin Curry" of "Kobe Rokkodo Gyunta" that can be eaten for a limited time

The spicy "Yangnyeom Curry" (980 yen), which is based on the Korean all-purpose seasoning, Yangnyeom, is8Month4Sunday (Wednesday) ~31Limited sale on Sunday (Tuesday).

"Kobe Rokkomichi Gyunta", which was born in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture and has an original teppanyaki polished in Kobe Rokkomichi, will be on sale for a limited time at the popular "Yannin Curry" at the Kobe store.A pork curry based on Yangnyeom, a Korean miso-like seasoning made by mixing chili peppers, garlic, flavored vegetables, sesame seeds, etc. , Served with sesame seeds for resting chopsticks. You can also order from the official website of "Kobe Rokkodo Gyunta", so please try it at the store first and then enjoy it at home.

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