Enjoy a special cup."Donburi lunch" packed with deliciousness



Dai Nagoya Building has a variety of Japanese, Western and Chinese gourmet foods.Here are 1 "Donburi Lunches" that you can easily eat even when you don't have time and get a high degree of satisfaction with just one cup.

"Light" that gives you the feeling of traveling to Taiwan by"Minced pork rice (Ru Rohan)" of "Taiwan Minced Pork Research Institute"

"Minced pork rice" (Minced pork rice) with plenty of umami soaked in broth1,000Circle).

"Light" in the store, which is inspired by Taiwan's popular tourist destination, Jiufen byTaiwan Product Research Institute ".Minced pork rice, a traditional Taiwanese rice that is indispensable for home use, is a bowl of pork belly stewed in a special sweet and spicy soup, sprinkled with the soup, and topped with takuan, green vegetables, takana, and half-ripe boiled eggs. "Light" is a mixture of large cut pork belly and soboro meat.When you want to eat quickly, you can buy it separately.When you want to enjoy your meal slowly, you can enjoy dumplings, jade shumai, and meat dumplings.3A set with seed dim sum, soup, and daily small bowls (1,250Yen) and plus250Enjoy it with the "Taiwanese tea set" that can be attached in a circle.

If you want to taste a luxurious bowl, "Meat and Daizen" "Branded beef sirloin steak bowl"

"Branded beef sirloin steak bowlA-5grade"(4,180Circle).A set of salad, namul, soup and dessert.

Year50"Donburi lunch" of "Meat and Daizen" with a lineup of luxurious bowls unique to Japanese black beef specialty stores that handle branded beef from all over the country."Wagyu Yakiniku Don" and "Manager Omakase Steak Don" (Omakase Steak Don), which are offered at a reasonable price only at the Dai Nagoya Building store2,500In addition to (yen), a bowl with luxurious meat such as Japanese beef harami, sirloin, Matsuzaka beef ribs and branded beef fillet is about15There are various types.Among them, "Brand beef sirloin steak bowl" isA-3grade,A-5Grade, Matsusaka beefA-5It is a special bowl that you can choose the grade, and it is recommended to eat it with a rare roast that you can enjoy the sweetness and tenderness of the meat.The finish is a bowl with a secret homemade sauce that is handmade every morning so as not to spoil the flavor of flavored vegetables and garlic, so that you can fully enjoy the deliciousness of the meat.

"Seafood Yukhoe Don" unique to "Namihana Robata Octagon" that handles fresh seasonal ingredients

"Seafood Yukhoe Don" (Seafood Yukhoe Don) with a large serving of rice and all-you-can-eat spicy pickles930Circle).

"Namihana Robata Octagon" cooks fresh ingredients directly from the production area. "Donburi lunch" is "Yakitori bowl" (830Yen) and "Katsudon" (750Yen) etc.6There are various types, and "Seafood Yukhoe Don" is gaining popularity as a luxurious bowl with several types of seafood such as salmon, scallops, tuna, squid, and Negitoro.The seasoning is Yukkedare, which has an appetizing aroma and spicy flavor of sesame oil.By entwining hot spring eggs, wasabi, green onions and brocade eggs on the way, you can enjoy the variation of taste until the end.

"Real" carefully baked with Bincho charcoal great"Yakitori bowl"

Lunch-only "Yakitori Don" that includes salad, tororo, miso soup, and pickles (960Circle).

"Real", which boasts juicy grilling and fried chicken with Bincho charcoal great(Grande) ".For lunch, we have a lineup of set meals such as fried chicken and chicken nanban, beef tongue steak bowl with plenty of stamina, and tofu bowl using "Nagakute Tomita tofu" made from domestic soybeans.The classic "Yakitori Don" is made with Bincho charcoal, which is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, and the chicken thighs are passed through a sweet and spicy yakitori sauce.

Handmade gravy sauce is the decisive factor for the taste! "CHARLIE'S"Loco Moco"

Hawaii's classic menu "Loco Moco" (880Circle).11 : 30~14 : 00 The5With drinks to choose from1,200Circle.

"A collection of discerning grocery stores collected from all over Japan"CHARLIE'S(Charlie's) ”cafe menu is centered on desserts such as cakes and pancakes such as choux pastry-style crepes“ Dutch Baby ”, as well as foods such as hamburgers and hot sandwiches.The "Donburi Lunch" and "Loco Moco" introduced this time are tender and juicy beef.100It is a proud dish that combines the hamburger steak used with% and the special gravy sauce that is handmade from scratch.The hamburger steak is savoryly baked in the oven to tightly confine the taste of the beef and goes well with the gentle-tasting sauce.The edges are crispy, and the yolks are entwined with a thick fried egg.

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