Between work and on the way home!Single meal at Dai Nagoya Building



At Dai Nagoya Building, there are plenty of shops where you can have a quick meal by yourself between work and on your way home.Various takeouts are also available.

Grated heavenly steamer of shrimp and seasonal vegetables of "stone milled soba Ishigetsu" (1,870Circle)

Every morning, seasonal tempura is set on XNUMX buckwheat noodles made by grinding buckwheat with a stone mill.We also boast a soup with a good balance of spiciness and sweetness.

Ishigetsu no Tenseiro

"Aji no Ushitan Kisuke" beef tan charcoal grilled set meal 3Pie6Cut set meal (1,980Circle)

A set meal with crispy and juicy baked beef tongue, tail soup, new incense, and miso nanban.Shiotare, Shiotare, Miso3You can choose from the types.

Beef Tan Kisuke's Beef Tan Charcoal Grilled Set Meal

TAKE OUTYes / Beef skirt steak, beef skirt steak, etc.

Pure white omelet rice from "Asakusa Kitchen Omiya"1,430Circle)

Uses "white eggs" produced by chickens raised on rice.Enjoy white chicken rice with a special white sauce full of cheese.

Kitchen Omiya's pure white omelet rice

TAKE OUTYes / Mini omelet rice lunch

Lunch buffet of "Moyan Curry Nagoya" (70Minute1,100Circle)

Despite the "all-you-can-eat buffet" format, we have high-quality dishes such as gluten-free curry and spiced delicacies.

Already curry lunch buffet

TAKE OUTYes / Curry lunch, spice chocolate gelato, etc.

"Tsukiji Otokozen" noon entrusts you10Kan (Kan)1,980Circle)

Random10A lunch-only menu where you can eat Kan at a great value.While inheriting the orthodox Edomae sushi, it boasts the ease of standing up and the handsome authentic sushi.

Random lunch for a man's sushi

"Chen Mapo Tofu" Chen Mapo Tofu (1,360Circle)

Using domestic whole soybeans, cotton tofu made from natural bittern, leaf garlic, and Sichuan pepper, it features a refreshing scent and numbing spiciness.Take out20%OFF.

Chen Mapo Tofu

TAKE OUTYes / Authentic Sichuan shrimp chili, Authentic Sichuan Hoikoro, etc.

"cutlet MATUMURA"Yukimuro ripe pork fillet katsuretsu (150g 3,080Circle)

Katsuretsu made by slowly frying pork fillet aged in the natural storage "Yukimuro" in low-temperature lard.1The clay pot rice cooked for each person can only be enjoyed at dinner.

Katsuretsu MATUMURA's snow room ripe pork fillet cutlet

"Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon" Extremely boiled Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon (1,430Circle)

Oyakodon that brings out the flavor with chicken tsukudani using Nagoya Cochin and special Hatcho Miso spicy sauce.Chicken nanban set meals and daily set meals are also popular.

Rooster Shimizu's Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon

TAKE OUTYes / Chicken wings of roasted chicken wings, extreme fried chicken, etc.

"Taicha Fukuno" Fukuno Taichazuke (1,150Circle)

Sea bream chazuke using aged brand sea bream "Taiichiro Kun".1Sprinkle with the rich green tea that is made by boiling over a month or the original green tea.

Taicha Fukuno pickled in Taicha

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