A gourmet that you want to eat in winter.5 popular lunches to eat in Nagoya



Introducing a "warm lunch" that warms your body and soul, which you want to eat in the colder season.Introducing hot and hot recommended lunches such as hot pot, ramen, and Korean food.

気 人 気No.1!! "Ishiyaki Cheese Bibimbap" from [Korean Rice / Sake House Daidai]

The signature menu "Sundubu" set and "Karaage and Yangnyeom chicken set meal" (1,100Korean specialties such as (yen) are available [Korean rice / liquor store Daidai].Among them, "Ishiyaki Cheese Bibimbap" is gaining support from women.A nutritious stone-grilled bibimbap with plenty of bean sprouts, spinach, and radish namul. It is a hot rice that is entwined with delicious meat miso and kimchi, and mellow egg yolk and cheese.

Stone-grilled cheese bibimbap

"Ishiyaki Cheese Bibimbap" (Stone-grilled cheese bibimbap) with soup at lunch1,210Circle).


It contains several kinds of namul and you can eat plenty of vegetables.

Besides, the normal "Ishiyaki Bibimbap" (1,100Yen) and "Ishiyaki Mentaiko Bibimbap" (1,210Yen) is a lineup.A large serving of rice is free, so I want to eat a lot!It is also perfect at that time.Also, it is a nice point that you can get 100 yen off on weekdays.Check out the other menus and visit.

An article about the popular menu of [Korean rice / liquor daidai] Click here for more information.

1"Choice of hot pot set" of [Kyushu Hakata Cuisine Motsunabe Sachi] that can be ordered from the public

A "special motsunabe" where fluffy beef offal and vegetables are exquisitely entwined with a refreshing taste that combines a secret soup sauce with a well-dashi soup, or a spicy miso sauce with fresh beef offal and plenty of vegetables "Choice of hot pot set" that you can choose either "Tonchan-yaki" to bake in.At dinner2Both are ordered from the public and at lunch1Order from publicOK..Perfect for lunch when you have time to relax.

Hakata Motsunabe

"Choice of pot set" (1,900"Special motsunabe" (in the photo)2public).Beef tendon crispy salad, small bowl, porridge (Champon ball or porridge) set.

Beef offal

Fresh and odorless beef offal that has been blanched once to remove lye and excess fat is delicious.

At lunch, you can add beef offal and vegetables as well as dinner.In addition, it is said that champon balls sent directly from Hakata for lunch, and porridge with beef offal and vegetables soaked in at dinner are popular, but porridge is porridge after champon balls. "It's like that.Please arrange it to your liking and taste it.

"Miso tonkotsu ramen" and "hand-wrapped gravy dumplings" from [Aged pork bone ramen specialty, Dai Nagoya Ichibanken]

The popular [Aged Tonkotsu Ramen Specialty Dai Nagoya Ichibanken] is a rich soup made by cooking only fresh tonkotsu with an ultra-high heat of 45,000 kcal.The best choice for winter is "Miso Spicy Pork Bone Ramen" where you can choose from 3 levels of spiciness.There is no doubt that you will be addicted to the special homemade noodles entwined with the rich soup that is spicy and mellow!The set is a new standard of "Ichibanken", "Hand-wrapped gravy dumplings" featuring thick skin like rice cake.A new form of homemade dumplings that everyone will be surprised by, challenged by "Ichibanken" who is particular about the taste, and is a dish full of delicious bean paste and hot gravy.

Miso spicy ramen

You can choose the spiciness from a little spicy, orthodox medium spicy, and a large spicy sweat. "Miso spicy pork bone ramen hand-wrapped gravy dumpling set" (1,120Circle).

Hakata noodles

You can choose from Hakata noodles such as Harigane, Bali, Katamen, Normal, Yawame, and Chinese noodles, Kane, Normal, and Yawame.The photo is Hakata noodles.

Spicy oil, kelp vinegar, special pickled ginger and mustard pickles are on standby on the table.You can enjoy the "taste change" by adding it to the soup while you are eating.As for other tonkotsu ramen, you can fully feel the taste of the "aged tonkotsu" soup unique to [Aged tonkotsu ramen specialty Dai Nagoya Ichibanken], so I definitely like it.1Warm your body with a cup.

Dai NagoyaLOVER'SThe article about pork bone ramen by [Aged pork bone ramen specialty Dai Nagoya Ichibanken] Click here for more information.

"Soup spaghetti grilled cabbage" from [Asakusa Kitchen Omiya] that makes the spicy flavor addictive

A long-established Western restaurant [Asakusa Kitchen Omiya] born in Asakusa, Tokyo."Pure white omelet rice" with a big impact on the white appearance for lunch(1,540Yen)A luxurious "Omiya special hamburger steak" with several types of omelet rice, including carefully stewed beef steak (1,980The royal road menu of Western restaurants such as (yen) is available.The soup spaghetti introduced this time is actually a hidden popular menu.A spicy soup spaghetti that mixes the aroma of cabbage with a strong brown color, juicy thick-sliced ​​bacon, and the flavor of fragrant mushrooms.

Soup spaghetti

Lunch menu "Soup spaghetti grilled cabbage" (1,210Circle).

Soup spaghetti

The soup, which is a mixture of the flavor of vegetables and garlic and chili peppers, warms the body.

The soup spaghetti is also a "threaded cheese tomato" based on the tomato soup using the chef's proud bouillon (1,210Yen), Cream spaghetti "Menta Cream" using mentaiko from "Kanefuku" in Fukuoka Prefecture (Menta Cream)1,320Yen) is a lineup.If you don't like spiciness, check out this soup spaghetti.

[Asakusa Kitchen Omiya]'s hot menu "Pate de Campagne of roasted cheese" Click here for more information.

[Yamatora]'s "Miso Oden Set Meal" made by adding special red miso and ingredients 

Miso oden and miso kushikatsu, which are unique to Nagoya, are famous [Yamatora]."Miso Oden Set Meal" (Miso Oden Set Meal) is popular among several types of lunch.1,000Yen).It features a special red miso prepared by adding sesame, eggs, sugar, etc., and a deep taste made by slowly boiling it while adding dashi stock of beef tendon. In fact, it has a refreshing aftertaste.It goes well with the strong-tasting sake "Chochin".

Miso oden set meal

Radish, egg, hanpen, konjac4"Miso Oden Lunch" (Miso Oden Lunch) with various types of oden1,000circle).A set of rice, miso soup, small bowls, and pickles.

Miso Oden

Miso oden made from a copper pot that gives off a big presence at the counter.In addition to oden that can be eaten as a set meal, "chikuwa" and "atsuage" (each250Yen) is also popular.

In addition to the "miso oden set meal", you can also enjoy the daily assortment of obanzai and your favorite oden.2IndividualorChopsticks2Book and quail skewers1"Obanzai set meal" with a book (1,100Yen) is also popular.[Yamatora] miso oden, which combines the flavor of oden ingredients with the richness of beef tendon by adding it, is sure to become a mess once you eat it.

[Yamatora]'s other lunch menu, "Tuna High Collar Bowl Set Meal" Click here for more information.

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