If you want a casual Italian lunch at Nagoya Station, we recommend [Roma Sanchome] where you can enjoy lunch



On weekdays, you can get a good deal with a lunch set centered on pasta.On holidays, you can enjoy a luxurious time with a wide variety of a la carte dishes in addition to the set menu, and alcoholic beverages.An Italian restaurant in Nagoya Station [Roma Sanchome] can be used in such a flexible way.The rich lineup of Italian wines that can only be imported in-house is also attractive.This time, we picked up three menus that are popular for lunch.

Black Angus beef loin and vegetables are moist!Lunch-only "Teppan Steak Lunch"

Lunch at [Rome XNUMX-chome] is on weekdays1,080A great value set from the yen, a style that you can enjoy by combining the same a la carte as dinner in addition to the set on holidays.If you want to taste the restaurant's theme, "Italian cuisine of a deep man," we recommend the Italian-style steak, which is eaten with plenty of Italian ingredients such as arugula, fresh tomatoes, and fragrant olive oil from Tuscany.

"Teppan steak lunch".On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, organic vegetable salad and prosciutto are included.2,620Circle.With baguette on weekdays2,180Circle.

"Teppan Steak Lunch" is a dish where you can enjoy the taste of soft beef loin by finishing the Angus beef that is rarely baked in chunks on a hot iron plate.Also, if you ask for a lunch set, it's usually660If a glass of wine in a circle is lunch440There is also a service that you can drink at a reasonable price.Please try it with red wine.

"Pasta" with exquisite sauce made from Italian tradition, Aichi ingredients, and seasonal carefully selected ingredients

The pasta that can be selected in the "pasta set" includes the classic popularity such as the traditional Roman "Carbonara" and the "Bolognese" that eats homemade minced meat with the raw pasta "Pappardelle" in addition to the monthly and daily changes.7kinds.A set of "organic vegetable salad" and "bucket" with a strong taste sent directly from the contract farmer.

Pasta set1,080~1,740Circle.The photo shows the pasta recommended for this season, "Sakura Shrimp Ario Orio Peperoncino" (set on Saturdays and Sundays)1,980Circle).

The fresh pasta used in [Rome XNUMX-chome] has a chewy texture using domestic wheat made on Awaji Island, which has a climate close to the Mediterranean.The sauce easily enters the pasta and realizes a deep taste.And when ordering a lunch set, "espresso" (330Half price for cafe menus such as yen)160It will be a yen, so please have it after a meal.

Plenty of garlic!A fragrant "Ajillo" that is perfect for boosting immunity

An à la carte menu "Ahijo of shrimp and eringi" that heats and finishes plump shrimp and eringi with olive oil that brings out the scent of garlic.Lunchtime orders are also available on weekdays and holidaysOKSo, add "baguette" and enjoy the taste of the ingredients.

"Ahijo of shrimp and eringi" (1,100Circle).Baguette1Individual110Circle.

This dish includes "Bianco Rubicone" (glass) from Emilia Romagna.1,080Yen) is perfect!A thick, dry white wine with citrus and herbs that is as strong as garlic and olive oil.

A lineup of rare Italian wines that you can meet because they are imported in-house

The wines handled at [Rome XNUMX-chome] are all carefully selected wines imported from Italy.There are also brands with an Italian taste that can only be drunk here, so tell your taste and choose.The glass is660Yen ~, bottle3,580Yen ~, always in total50The types are lined up in the cellar in the store.

Sparkling from the left "Gutturnius(Gutturnio) "(5,630Yen), mineral-rich Tuscan wine "Bolgheri Vermentino(Bolgheri Vermentino) "(7,300Yen), Sicilian red wine "Nerello Masscalese(Nerello Mascalese) "(5,630Yen), "" that goes well with white fishCLAIRE CHARDONNAY(Cryle Chardonnay) "(4,950Yen), fruity and easy to drink "Franciacorta Brut(Franciacorta Brut) "(8,900Circle).We have wines that go well with food. * Both bottle prices

A casual atmosphere with the image of an Italian bar, with chandeliers on the red walls.There is also a white space with counter seats on the other side.

You can enjoy casually with friends and business associates who are not careful, or spend a relaxing time on a date [Rome XNUMX-chome].In addition to chewy fresh pasta and steak that is grilled vigorously, you can enjoy Italian royal road menu such as prosciutto and salami cut with an antique hand-cranked slicer, Italian cheese that is perfect for snacks, and pizza that fills your stomach.

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