Nagoya Station's little-known spot recommended lunch, taste the world travel mood at [World Beer Museum]



Good news for those looking for lunch at Nagoya Station.At the [World Beer Museum] on the 3rd floor of the Dai-Nagoya Building, you can enjoy dishes from all over the world from lunchtime, making you feel like you are traveling around the world.More than 100 seats are available.It is a hot spot for lunch at Nagoya Station.Here is a recommended lunch menu that you can enjoy along with about 200 kinds of beer from around the world.

Pay attention to the 6th anniversary limited special lunch where the chef presses the taiko stamp "I want you to eat it once"

Lunch at the [World Beer Museum], which is based on the concept of "dishes that make you feel like you've been to a country in the world," such as grilled dishes and plate menus that you can enjoy with the flavors of each country.Currently6To commemorate the anniversary, we offer a limited-time menu where you can enjoy Italian and French regional cuisine.

"Fricasse" is a French home-cooked dish that is baked once and then simmered in cream to trap the flavor of the meat. "Beef Fricassee Homemade Cream Sauce" (1,780Circle).riceorBread is set. *4Limited menu until the end of the month

The spiciness of chili peppers and the umami of bacon go well with sake."Penne Arrabiata his cheese gratin tailoring" finished in the oven with tomato sauce and cheese1,180Circle). *4Limited menu until the end of the month

Beer goes on!The most popular lunch is the Dai Nagoya Building limited "Sirloin steak" King of beef ""

For lunch1The most popular dish is the "Sirloin Steak" King of Beef "", which serves Austrian sirloin steak with an exquisite balance of lean and fat on a special iron plate.The heat of the iron plate gives off the aroma of onion sauce and garlic, and it is a classic and popular menu that is sure to appeal to your appetite.

11:00~15 : 00Lunch limited "Sirloin steak" King of beef ""150g"(150g 1,650Circle).

Bread that is a set only on weekdaysorRice, salads, soups, drinks.

[World Beer Museum] is full of liveliness!Spacious interior with outstanding entertainment

18Semi-private room that can be used up to the name, and about150It has a large floor with seats [World Beer Museum].The cellar with wine bottles lined up to the ceiling, the counter with beer servers, the walls with beer signs such as mirrors and tins, and the walls with coasters are full of fun atmosphere.

The interior of the store with a large floor is the largest in the Dai Nagoya Building.

As the name suggests, beer from each country is displayed in the store like a "museum".

In addition to directly imported barrel craft beer, we also have craft beers from all over the world.

1cup580Craft beer from the [World Beer Museum] that you can easily drink from a circle.If you want to combine various beers and dishes, "World beer barrel draft beer"5Seed drinking comparison set "(3,250Yen) is recommended.Please enjoy "World Travel Lunch" in a lively and cheerful space!

[World Beer Museum] online reservation (Hitosara) here

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