If you have lunch at Nagoya Station, try the Nagoya specialty.Dai-Nagoya Building Nagoya Meal Lunch Information



Of course, guests from other prefectures request that they want to eat Nagoya-meshi, but don't forget to try the "Nagoya specialties" when eating lunch at Nagoya Station.Dai Nagoya Building also has a lineup of recommended gourmet foods that represent Nagoya, such as hitsumabushi, chicken wings, and miso dishes. The Dai Nagoya Building is a convenient spot for sightseeing in Nagoya after enjoying a “Nagoyashi lunch”.

Enjoy the rich flavor of Nagoya Cochin x Hatcho Miso! [Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon Oyakodon] Oyakodon

[Nagoya Cochin Parent and Child Bowl Rooster Shimizu]1The most popular dishes are the chicken simmered in Nagoya Cochin, the eggs of Nagoya Cochin, and the special miso spicy sauce made with Hatcho Miso, a specialty of Nagoya.Based on Hatchō Miso on the table2Various types of sauce are prepared, and you can adjust the taste to your liking.You can also order chicken wings, which are perfect as snacks for sake, all day long.The thick chicken wings, which are entwined with a sweet and spicy sauce after being crispy, are crispy and juicy and have a addictive taste.

"Gokuboiled Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon" (Gokuboiled Nagoya Cochin Oyakodon) with soup and salad1,480Yen) and "Chicken Wings" (2Our330circle).Also supports take-out.

Information on Hitosara (external site) here

"Hitsumabushi" from [Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bicho] using Tamari soy sauce peculiar to Nagoya

The eel of [Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bicho], which is cooked by craftsmen with exquisite heat, is characterized by its crispy surface, crispy skin, and fluffy, savory and appetizing taste.The sauce uses tamari soy sauce peculiar to Nagoya and mirin from Aichi prefecture.In addition, "Shiroyaki" (Shiroyaki), which is eaten with white soy sauce and wasabi from Aichi prefecture3,280"Kaiseki" (kaiseki cuisine), which is a course of eel-filled dishes (yen)6,380There is also (from yen), and it is recommended to use the banquet.

"Hitsumabushi" with soup and pickles (3,740Circle).

Information on Hitosara (external site) here

"Nishiki refreshing miso katsu" from the rare and luxurious lunch-only menu [Namihana Robata Octagon]

Miso-katsu, which [Namihana Robata Hakaku] offers only for lunch, is a special menu using the brand chicken "Nishiki Sodori" raised by a company that produces Nagoya Cochin with its know-how.It is a dish of crispy fried chicken cutlet, entwined with rich sweet and spicy miso sauce, and sprinkled with sesame seeds.Because it uses breast meat, you can easily eat even a thick sauce.

Lunch-only "Nishiki Sodori Miso Katsu Don" with small bowls, pickles, and miso soup (950Circle). 

For reservation and store details here

"Miso oden" with a rich aroma of [Yamatora] stewed in red miso and beef tendon soup stock

We have a large selection of "Nagoya Meshi" such as miso kushikatsu using only the soft part of pork, stewed beef tendon bank, and dishes using fish caught in Mikawa Bay [Yamatora].Among them, the most popular "Miso Oden" is a specialty of the restaurant, which is made by slowly boiling the special red miso prepared by adding sesame, eggs, sugar, etc. and the dashi stock of beef tendon in a large copper pot. We serve rice, miso soup, small bowls, and set meals with pickles.

Radish, egg, chikuwa, konjac4"Miso oden set meal" with a wide variety of dishes (1,000Circle).

Information on Hitosara (external site) here

Needless to say, the royal road of Nagoya food!"Taiwan ramen" of [Misen] that feels delicious in spiciness

"Taiwan ramen", which is topped with a large amount of coarsely chopped chili peppers, special minced meat with garlic, and crispy garlic, is a representative menu of Nagoya where you can feel the taste even in the spiciness.You can order it day or night, and it is recommended not only for lunch but also for drinking.There is no doubt that the chopsticks will not stop at the taste of the chicken glass soup that enhances the aroma.

"Taiwan ramen" (700Circle)

Information on Hitosara (external site) here

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  • If you have lunch at Nagoya Station, try the Nagoya specialty.Dai-Nagoya Building Nagoya Meal Lunch Information