If you want to enjoy a buffet at Nagoya Station, we recommend the lunch buffet of [Mouyan Curry Nagoya].



A lunch buffet of [Mouyan Curry Nagoya] where you can eat gluten-free curry that takes two weeks to complete and various delicacies that go well with curry.This time, we will introduce the recommended menus that are especially popular and their particulars.

3Lunch buffet where you can enjoy a combination of various types of curry and various delicacies

The curry that can be eaten at [Mouyan Curry Nagoya] includes "pork curry" that feels the sweetness of vegetables and fruits, "Kyushu spinach curry" that uses garlic and Kyushu spinach, and Indian curry that Japanese people like. "Spicy charred Himalayan curry" arranged in "Mouyan style"3kinds.All are made with plenty of vegetables and only healthy foods such as olive oil for cooking.

A large amount of flavored vegetables and fruits with extra virgin olive oil only2Stir fry slowly for a day, put together with the original aged spices of Chinese herbal medicine, and then about2A mellow and tasty "pork curry" that is completed after a weekly aging period.

"Kyushu spinach curry" made from Kyushu spinach and chopped lotus root to improve the eating response.

"Spicy charred Himalayan curry" that is rich with chickpeas and finished with a slightly spicy seasoning.

Although it looks the same as ordinary curry, it is not thickened with flour and oil, so it is gluten-free and low in calories.Also, about the usual European curry3It uses twice as many vegetables and can be expected to have the effect of improving physical condition and bowel movements.

Lunch buffet70Minute 1,100Circle.3With kind of curry2All-you-can-eat rice, spiced delicatessen, and fresh salad perfect for chopsticks rest.Separate cheese topping (+220Arrangements such as yen) are also possible.

Among the wide variety of delicacies, "Nishi-Shinjuku style tandoori chicken" and "Mouyan udon" are popular!

Not only does it go well with curry, but it is also delicious when eaten alone, and it is said that inquiries about seasoning are flooding from all over the country.Among them, the most popular two-tops are "Nishi-Shinjuku style tandoori chicken" and "Mouyan udon", which are made by cutting large pieces of chicken with rich seasoning.Neither of them dared to use Hatcho Miso, but made it a sweet miso taste that Nagoya people are crazy about.

The juicy "Nishi-Shinjuku style tandoori chicken" and the chewy texture "Mouyan Udon".In both cases, the special sauce is appetizing.

The "Mouyan-style green onion vermicelli", which accentuates the texture, is also popular.

For a refreshing flavor, we recommend the "Salsa Hat Veggie", which is a mixture of various vegetables, the "Masara Lape", which is spiced with carrots, and the "Mouyan-style Bean Sprout Namul", which is punched with garlic.

Other side dishes include fresh vegetable salad, pineapple, smoked takuan, and onion pickles.You are free to substitute, so please enjoy it in various combinations.

An example of a buffet corner.

"The limit of spiciness that you feel delicious" that the regular customers decided on the taste20Change the taste with "spicy sauce"

Curry made by blending several kinds of spices such as cumin, star anise, all spices, and Chinese spices is spicy enough as it is, but if you like spicy dishes, "20We also recommend the "taste change" that is finished by mixing "spicy sauce".

"Spicy Mashimashi" can be eaten "20Spicy sauce ".

"20"Spicy sauce" is a sauce developed by incorporating the opinions of women who are regular customers, and is characterized by the spiciness that makes you feel the taste, not the simple spiciness.The arrangement is endless, such as mixing it with curry or serving it as a side dish!If you suddenly mix a lot, you will regret it (laughs), so try it little by little.

"Florida rice" and "germ glutinous wheat rice".

The rice to match the curry is "Florida Rice" cooked with chicken soup and spiced, and "Embryo Mochi Mugi Rice" which is gluten-free and uses low-pesticide domestic germ.2kinds.Even with the same curry roux, you can enjoy different tastes with the combined rice.

1997Founded in Nishi-Shinjuku in XNUMX, "Mouyan Curry" is loved in Shinjuku, Tokyo, which is a fierce battleground for curry.The curry that the founder created when he was a sports trainer is perfect for preventing heat fatigue in the coming season when it gets hot.

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  • If you want to enjoy a buffet at Nagoya Station, we recommend the lunch buffet of [Mouyan Curry Nagoya].