A new spot for solo yakiniku is born at Nagoya Station. [Teppan Yakiniku Marugen] has landed for the first time



A shop where you can enjoy yakiniku alone, which has become a standard for the past few years.[Teppan Yakiniku Marugen], which has its roots in the yakiniku bento and butcher shop Marugen, which has been loved for over 40 years in Kinshicho, Tokyo, has newly opened in the Dai-Nagoya Building.The teppanyaki style, which retains the taste of yakiniku that has fascinated the locals and is served on an iron plate, is already attracting attention.This is a restaurant where you can have a drink at night as well as daily lunch.

The taste of yakiniku, which is loved in Tokyo, has been upgraded to ``teppanyaki meat'' and set meals

Founded1981Year.In Kinshicho, Tokyo40Marugen's yakiniku bento, which has been loved by locals for over a year, has changed its appearance to 'teppanyaki yakiniku' and has landed in Nagoya for the first time.The menu is for lunch1An all-out "teppanyaki meat" that arranged the most popular "Kalhor Bento" into a teppanyaki style.1This is the final match.Beef short ribs and offal are stir-fried with plenty of cabbage and bean sprouts.When eating, leave it as it is.After eating about half, tilt the iron plate using a wooden stick placed on the table.If you add traditional spicy miso into the sauce that has accumulated in the corner, you can create a “taste change” that will further stimulate your appetite with a tangy spiciness.I miss rice even more, I don't have enough rice...

From the set menu for lunch time only, "Teppan Yakiniku for one person first half" (1,350Circle).Comes with rice and soup. "One person" (1,000yen), "double" (1,650yen), "triple" (2,000yen's4Sizes are available.

A traditional spicy miso that you must try.Thoroughly dissolve in the sauce and soak the vegetables and meat before serving. Enjoy the charm of "Teppanyaki" to the fullest.

After 17:XNUMX, it's a "small drink" izakaya style.Reasonably priced small plate snacks to accompany sake

During lunch time until 17:XNUMX, it turns into a set meal restaurant of the proud "Teppanyaki meat",17After that, it becomes an izakaya style. In addition to being able to order "Teppanyaki meat" separately,1Product200There are many small plate snacks that you can easily order from yen. "Changja cold tofu" (250Yen) and Bean sprout namul (200Yen), “Aoto Jakopi” (350Yen) and other snacks, "Chamisul" (bottle) 780yen) and makgeolli (bottle 880Yen).It feels like a Korean izakaya, and it's perfect for papa's "little drink".Of course, you are also welcome to have a hearty dinner with ``Teppanyaki meat'' and rice!Set meal restaurant and Izakaya2[Teppan Yakiniku Marugen], which has two faces, can be used flexibly.

Clockwise from the front, "Gatsuponzu" (350Yen), “Salted kelp cucumber” (350yen), “Korean seaweed” (200yen),7A variety of small plate snacks are available.

Of course, we also sell the much-talked-about “Yakiniku Bento” that inherits the familiar taste of Tokyo.

The yakiniku bento of Marugen in Tokyo, which has its roots, is also sold in the same style.Marugen's yakiniku, a collaboration of traditional yakiniku sauce and spicy miso, can be enjoyed more casually. Don't you get excited just by hearing "Yakiniku Bento"?First of all, as an introduction to "Marugen", it would be nice to start with a bento.I'm sure you'll have high expectations for eat-in "Teppanyaki meat".If you want to receive it without waiting, don't forget to make an advance phone reservation.In addition, [Light], which was in the same place before, byTaiwan sweets research institute] will continue to sell the tapioca drink menu at the adjacent store (takeout only).Popular tapioca specialty store "Bull PuluYou can continue to enjoy the taste of ".

"Yakiniku Bento" (Yakiniku Bento) that inherits the taste that has been loved in downtown Tokyo (700Circle).The tapioca drink menu cannot be ordered inside [Teppanyaki BBQ Marugen].Please use the adjacent dedicated sales booth.

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  • A new spot for solo yakiniku is born at Nagoya Station. [Teppan Yakiniku Marugen] has landed for the first time