I tried comparing "Deep-fried chicken" of Dai Nagoya Building.This is the standard lunch set meal!



A favorite of children and adults alike, "chicken karaage" is now a classic Japanese dining table.Of course, the Dai Nagoya Building also has a variety of "chicken karaage".As a standard lunch set meal, we compared the "fried chicken" that you can definitely order as a snack for a night drink.Some restaurants offer take-out, so we recommend adding one to your lunch box or making it the main dish for dinner at home.

Tori Shimizu's unique deep-fried chicken using special spices for deep-frying

B1F | Nagoya Cochin Parent-Child Bowl Rooster Shimizu

Nagoya Cochin's oyakodon is the signature menu [Torishimizu], so the same chicken menu fried chicken is also handy.We use a custom-ordered “fried chicken spice” that is a mixture of more than XNUMX kinds of spices to create a unique deep-fried chicken without adding anything.Exquisite flavor and taste of spices that bring out the flavor of the meat.It goes without saying that it goes well with rice cooked in Nagoya Cochin soup stock.

"Karaage set meal" (980Circle).Fried chicken6Each piece comes with Nagoya Cochin barley rice, soup, and salad.Fried chicken can also be taken out (6Individual620Circle).

The deep-fried chicken at a Chinese restaurant has a thick batter and is large enough to fill you up.

B1F | Creative Chinese Flower Star

There is no Chinese restaurant without fried chicken. [Souzou Chuka Kasei]'s fried chicken is dressed in a crunchy batter typical of a Chinese restaurant, and is large in size and filling. "Saury Noodles" (825Yen) and other noodles and “Tianjin Don” (880Yen) plus a single bowl165Yen fried chicken2You can make a set of pieces, so it will satisfy the demand for a little bit.“THE Deep-fried chicken at a Chinese restaurant is here.

"Gyoza deep-fried set meal" (825Circle).Fried chicken3Dumplings per piece1Served with rice, soup and zha cai.Fried chicken can also be taken out (5Individual486Circle).

Teppanyaki x mustard sauce, [World Beer Museum] style fried chicken

3F | World Beer Museum

[Beer Museum of the World] boasts "Beer chicken" (fried domestically-produced herb chicken), which is available in 5 different flavors, as a specialty dish.The deep-fried chicken that can be enjoyed only at lunchtime on weekdays is a Western-style dish served on a piping hot iron plate.Deep-fried domestic herb chicken is dipped in a special mustard sauce and eaten with a knife and fork.It would be nice to have a good compatibility with overseas beer.While eating, beer suddenly comes to mind.

"Deep-fried herb chicken ~special mustard sauce~" (1,280Circle).Fried chicken served on an iron plate4Each comes with rice or bread, salad, soup, and a drink bar.

Along with grilled thighs and chicken nanban, [Miyazaki cuisine Mansaku] deep-fried chicken

3F | Miyazaki Cuisine Mansaku

The fried chicken of [Miyazaki Cuisine Mansaku], which has Miyazaki's specialty "Grilled Chicken Thigh", is, as the name suggests, a dish that they are proud of.Tender chicken thighs are boldly cut into large pieces and marinated in a secret sauce to create deep-fried chicken that has a strong presence both in appearance and taste.If you take a bite, the meat will be juicy.For lunch, there are many chicken dishes such as "Kirishima Chicken Thigh Gozen" and "Miyazaki Specialty Chicken Nanban Gozen", but you should definitely try the fried chicken, which is said to be "our specialty".

"Mansaku's prided fried chicken meal" (1,100Circle).Fried chicken4Each comes with rice, miso soup, and pickles.

Fried chicken from a yakitori restaurant that keeps the main role at lunchtime

3F | Real great

Garlic, ginger, pickled in original sauce based on soy sauce,24time.Yakitori restaurant [real greatThe secret to the deliciousness of the deep-fried chicken is the firm seasoning.Despite being a yakitori restaurant, the fried chicken is the overwhelming star at lunchtime.In addition to the "Yamitsuki Karaage Set Meal" in the photo, there are menus where you can eat fried chicken such as "Thigh Grilled Karaage Real Set Meal", "Karaage Omori Set Meal", and "Makanai Karaage Donburi".4types are also available.We also propose how to enjoy “taste change” with toppings for fried chicken.

"Addictive fried chicken set meal" (1,000Circle).Fried chicken4Each comes with rice, salad, miso soup, grated yam, and pickles.For fried chicken, use coarsely ground black pepper (+44yen) and tartar sauce (+110Yen) and other toppings are also available.Fried chicken can also be taken out (5Individual500Circle).

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