Lunch time is a Japanese restaurant that can be used at Nagoya station. [Black pork shabu-shabu Ginza Luo pig] What is the lineup for lunch?



[Kurobuta Shabu-Shabu Ginza Rabutu] is famous for its [Kurobuta Shabu-Shabu], which is served with bonito stock-based soba sauce and yuzu pepper.At dinner time, it's standard to spend a leisurely time enjoying shabu-shabu and Japanese a la carte dishes, but what about lunchtime?In fact, as a “useful Japanese restaurant” at Nagoya Station, it boasts a menu with so many choices that you will be spoiled for choice.From set meals made with black pork, to set meals that are carefully prepared by Japanese chefs, the menu has an excellent response to a wide range of generations and situations.Make an entry on your lunch list as a Japanese restaurant you want to remember.

Black pork is still the frontrunner of the lunch menu.Are you Ginger Yaki?Tonkatsu?Pork cutlet on rice?

As a restaurant with “Kurobuta shabu-shabu” as its signboard menu, the most eye-catching item on the lunch menu is a set meal using kurobuta pork.Everyone's favorite, "Black Pork Ginger Grilled Meal" with plenty of sweet and spicy ginger sauce, and "Black Pork Thick-sliced ​​Roast Katsuzen" (1,680Yen) and "Black Pork Fillet Katsuzen" (1,580Yen), and "Kurobuta pork loin cutlet rice bowl" (1,000yen) is on standby.What is noteworthy is that the set comes with pork soup instead of miso soup, which is characteristic of [Kurobuta Shabu Shabu Ginza Rabutu].It is no exaggeration to say that ginger-grilled pork and miso soup are the strongest combination to accompany rice.

"Black pork ginger grilled meal" (1,000Circle).The mayonnaise casually served on the plate makes you feel like you know what you're eating.A large amount of pork miso soup is also an important item that goes well with rice.

There is also a Japanese restaurant-like gozen menu that brings out the “careful work” of the craftsmen.

In addition, "Shiki Ayana Gozen" is an entry on the menu as "as expected of a Japanese restaurant".It is a set meal full of Japanese taste where you can enjoy various dishes little by little, mainly using seasonal ingredients.The richness and splendor of the appearance is also an important element that makes you feel luxurious.Also, if you prefer fish instead of meat, there are options such as the fried horse mackerel meal and the fish meal (1,000Yen) too.This clever variation is the charm of [Kurobuta Shabu Shabu Ginza Rabutu] at lunchtime.For example, when you have an elderly family member or a boss, this selectable charm should come in handy.

As the menu name suggests, "Shikisaisai Gozen" (1,650Circle).On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, sherbet is served after meals.1,800becomes a circle.

"Ajifry Zen" (1,000Circle).

You can enjoy the signature menu "Black pork shabu-shabu" even at lunchtime.

Finally, the signboard menu "Black pork shabu-shabu" is also available. "Kurobuta Tasting Meal" (2,500Yen) and “All-you-can-eat black pork shabu-shabu course” (1people 3,000Yen) is available, so first try the main character of [Kurobuta Shabu Shabu Ginza Rabutu] for lunch.In addition, "Ita Soba Seasonal Mixed Rice Set" (1,000Yen) and “Seiromushizen” (1,800Yen), etc., and it is a good lunch restaurant that can be used flexibly in various situations, not only for lunch alone, but also with friends, colleagues, and family.Inside the store, maximum70Accommodates up to XNUMX person.There are semi-private seats with a sense of privacy, so it's perfect for when you want to spend your lunch time slowly.

At the back of the store is an open glass-enclosed space facing Nagoya Station.The restaurant in the Dai Nagoya Building is a large store with a lot of seats, so it is very convenient to use.

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  • Lunch time is a Japanese restaurant that can be used at Nagoya station. [Black pork shabu-shabu Ginza Luo pig] What is the lineup for lunch?